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10 Best Android TV Remotes with WiFi Keyboard & Mouse Connectivity.

As an Android TV owner, we bet you’ve definitely felt the urge to replace your existing remote controller. These are not only remote sensing devices but also a combination of smart utility functions. These Android TV remote controls are equipped with Inertia and Gyro Sensor to support motion sensing games. These devices come in handy to everyone who spends time online as well as offline.

We’ve compiled a list of multifunctional Android TV Remote Controllers that provide you with features such as gyroscopic mouse and mini keyboard.

Wechip Android TV Remote Controller

The Wechip wireless remote controller is a 3 in 1 Air remote set. Wechip provides you with smooth navigation and you can use it as a multifunctional keyboard. This Android TV Remote comes with a portable 2.4G keyboard and mouse that can come handy with your PCs. With the Wechip remote set, you can use it as a mouse too with inbuilt gyration motion system.

This universal remote works by connecting to Android TV’s wireless connectivity technology. The remote works on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and rechargeable by USB. You can even go on with it for several weeks in a single charge. In fact, the remote controller is efficient in power management as it sleeps off itself when inactive.

Wechip Android TV remote

The TV remote can work a distance up to 10 meters. A thing to keep in mind is that you should surf through the user’s manual at least once. There are important key shifts and patterns you need to be familiar with when you use it for the first time. Apart from the basic TV sets, you can use the Wechip wireless remote controller with your PCs, projectors, gaming consoles, etc.

Compatibility: Windows/Android/Mac OS/Linux | Applicable to: Android TV Box/Mini PC/Smart TV/Projector/HTPC/All-in-one PC/TV (no ir function) | Buy from Amazon: Wechip Android TV remote

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Favormates Android TV remote Controller

The Favormates Air remote is a wireless remote controller for Android TV. It is a 2.4G wireless mouse and keyboard combo that is useful with your PCs also. This universal remote supports all major platforms. Be it the Android, iOS or the Linux, this device works like a breeze. With the Favormates Android TV remote set, you can get the benefit of a keyboard and a mouse, all in a single unit. It converts movements into digital signals with the help of the gyration sensors. Apart from that, this device comes with a decent QWERTY keyboard to get things done within a jiffy.

Favormates remote controller MX3

Coming to the remote sensing area, this universal remote controller has 5 IR learning buttons. You can configure the remote by following the instructions specified. Every configuration process has specific LED actions so that you won’t get confused. A feature worth mentioning is the new backlight system for the keyboard. It helps you type and navigate when it’s dark. The Favormates remote controller works well with most Smart TVs, Android TV boxes, and HTPCs. But still, it is not compatible with the Amazon Firestick and certain Samsung Smart TVs.

Compatibility: PC, Pad, Android Smart TV Box(MXQ pro T95m M8s gbox m9c, etc), Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV, Smart Phone(OTG), Notebook, etc | Buy from Amazon: Favormates remote controller

Pendoo Android TV Remote

The Pendoo remote controller’s a multifunctional remote sensing device that works well with the Android TV box. It is a combination of the generic 2.4G Air Fly remote, mini keyboard, and an IR remote learning mouse. Being a multifunctional device, you can control and navigate through by utilizing the mouse and remote features. The keyboard gives you the ease of typing during your online searches. It also comes with voice recognition technology and lets you navigate through without much fuss.

Pendoo Android TV remote controller

It can program up to 42 keys according to your needs. The Pendoo Android remote set works with a stable 2.4GHz RF technology. You need to connect the USB receiver, configure the smart device and you’re done. You need to be aware of certain key patterns and buttons in order to make good use of it. Hence, make sure that read the user’s manual before getting into the operational part. A thing worth noticing is that the voice control does not work with the Amazon Alexa or the Google Home.

Compatibility: Android TV Box, Mini PC, Windows, HTPC and PCTV. | Buy from Amazon: Pendoo Android TV remote controller

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Rii Android Remote Controller

The Rii wireless remote controller is a 3 in 1 smart remote controller for the Android TV boxes, windows PCs, etc. It consists of a keyboard, motion sensing mouse and a remote sensing set. The 6 axis somatosensory and IR module helps you to use it as a wireless remote controller. The motion sensor within the remote allows you to use the mouse feature by the waving hands. You can use it within a limit of 10 meters. The Rii remote controller has 81 keys in total. You can configure certain keys according to your need also.

Rii Wireless Android Remote controller

The IR module must be configured with your Android TV to receive and send signals. Hence you should configure it by the method prescribed in the user’s manual first. It can learn up to 5 keys on your TV IR remote. The Rii Android remote controller works with two AAA batteries. It draws feeble amount power at working condition. Moreover, it goes into a standby mode to improve battery life when it’s idle.

Compatibility: Google Android Smart TV/Box, IPTV, Networked set-top Box, Mini PC, HTPC, Windows, Mac OS, PS3, Projector, etc. | Buy from Amazon: Rii Wireless Android Remote controller

Favormates Wireless Android Remote Controller

This Remote controller is the improved version of the Favormates wireless remote controller that we’ve mentioned earlier. Apart from the basic features, this Android remote controller has an inbuilt touchpad and a monotone backlight. The backlight feature looks stylish and can help you type when the conditions are dim.

Favormates remote controller

This updated version also has motion sending mouse, IR remote sensor and a mini keyboard. We are not going deep into this one as most of the other features are kinda same as of its former version. The favormates wireless remote set works well with the Android TV box, PC, Xbox 360, IPTV, etc.

Compatibility: PC, Pad, Android Smart TV Box (MXQ pro T95m M8s gbox m9c, etc), Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV, Smart Phone (OTG), Notebook, etc. | Buy from Amazon: Favormates remote controller

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Andoer Magic Android remote controller

The Andoer Magic is a simple RF remote controller built exclusively for Android TV. It is a decent remote device having no complex functionalities. It’s simple and is designed as an all-out remote controller. First of all, The Magic has only 12 keys, making it one of the best basic remote devices available. The simple setup and reduced number of keys give you no confusion or whatsoever.

Andoer Magic remote controller

The layout is identical to the Fire TV remote. It is handy and compact and does its job quite well. This Android remote controller comes with a USB receiver adapter and supports plug and play. You can use it within a distance of 10 meters. Two AA batteries take care of the powering issues. Apart from Android, it supports systems like Mac OS, Windows, etc.

Compatibility: Smart TV, IPTV, Networked Set-top Box, Android TV Box, Mini PC, HTPC. PCTV, etc. | Buy from Amazon: Andoer Magic remote controller

FeBite MX3 Remote Controller

The FeBite MX3 is yet another multifunctional remote controller with a decent price tag. It is a wireless mini keyboard that consists of an IR sensor and a mouse combo. It supports Android, Windows and Mac OS and is compatible with Android Smart TV, PCs and many more. The mini keyboard on the rear side comes with a monotone backlight that highlights the keys. This helps you identify keys and functions with ease.

FeBite MX3 remote controller

You can use them to input text, search the internet and play games with any fuss. It also supports plug and play and the transmission limit is at around 10 meters. Apart from the mini keyboard, the remote sensor can configure up to 5 keys on your IR TV remote. Like most remote controllers, this android remote also works on two AAA batteries.

Compatibility: Google Android Smart TV/Box, IPTV, Networked set-top Box, Mini PC, HTPC, Windows, Mac OS, PS3, Projector, etc | Buy from Amazon: FeBite MX3 remote controller

Inteset Android Remote Controller

The Inteset remote controller is a universal IR remote control that works with most devices without initial configurations. It comes pre programmed with Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, etc and can be toggled by tapping on its dedicated button. The design part gives you a solid feel coupled with velvet back casing that which gives you a greater grip. With the Marco support, you can program up to 32 commands in a single button.

inteset remote controller

You might feel a bit of confusion at while using this Android remote at first. Make you’re sure you go through the code database and user’s manual. The button labels are adhesive and hence can you can change them the way you configure. It also comes with an ID lock that keeps it out of reach from kids or strangers.

Compatibility: Apple TV, Xbox One, Nvidia Shield, Xbox 360, Fire TV, Kodi, Windows Media Center, Matricom G-Box, WD TV | Buy from Amazon: Inteset Remote controller

Ilebygo MX3 Remote Controller

The Ilebygo MX3 is a 3 in 1 smart device that works as a handheld remote, mini keyboard and motion sensing mouse. It is developed to work with the Android TV box, Xbox 360, PS3, PCs, etc. The keyboard on the rear side gets illuminated by the monotone backlight. It gives you proper sight during dim lights and makes typing easy. This remote controller for Android is quite compact and fits right into your hand.

Ilebygo MX3 remote controller

This Android TV Remote supports ‘plug and play’ feature and two AAA batteries take care of the powering issues. The backlight feature turns off itself when you flip to the remote module and can help save power. You need to plug in the USB receiver in order to start using the remote.

Compatibility: PC, Pad, Android Smart TV Box , Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV, Notebook etc. | Buy from Amazon: Ilebygo MX3 remote controller

Yalaga Remote Controller

The Yalaga remote controller is a rechargeable remote controller that works well with the Android TV box. This is a multifunctional device that has a motion sensing mouse and mini keyboard features. The compatibility includes all major devices such as Android TV, HTPC, mini PC, projectors, etc. With this compact remote controller, you can type or navigate through programs within a distance of 10 meters.

yalaga remote contoller

The internal battery is of 300mAh and lasts for around two weeks in standby. You only need to recharge it for around 2 hours. It also has an auto sleep mode that saves more amount of battery power. In order to use this device as a remote controller, you need to configure it with your TV or PCs. It’s recommended to skim through the users manual for getting hold of the configuration steps.

Compatibility: Windows/Android/Mac OS/Linux, Android TV Box, Mini PC, Smart TV, Projector, HTPC, Laptop, All-in-one PC/TV, IPTV, and Xbox 360, etc. | Buy from Amazon: Yalaga remote controller

Getting the best Android TV remote is important. The degree of usage predicts the best one that suits you. Make sure you close upon one after analyzing everything, from quantity to quality as well its price tag. These smart remotes we’ve gathered are some of the best ones available and we believe you’ve got your pick. These devices are not only Android specific but work with other smart devices too. These TV Remotes for Android are good to connect with Keyboard and Mouse and supports at least 10m operating distance. Your search ends here as we’ve got some of the best universal Android TV remote controllers available online.

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