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20 Best Apple Arcade Games You Should Play on Your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Apple Arcade is a subscription model video gaming service. Similar to the game-subscription models some game launchers provide, Apple lets you subscribe with a single payment and play as many games as you want. Instead of purchasing each game, Apple Arcade games are under a single subscription you can use with. If you are planning to subscribe to Apple Arcade and looking for some cool games on it, here are they.

Here we list the best apple arcade games you should try on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Tv according to the Apple App Store.

Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch

Apple selected Sneaky Sasquatch as the Apple Arcade game of the year. The game lets you play the role of bigfoot or sasquatch. You can explore the wild, discover things, build houses and caves, accomplish missions, and progress with the game.

Play Now: Sneaky Sasquatch

Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2The role-playing game (RPG) takes you through the journey of a young knight who lost his throne. The adventure game lets you fight battles, improve combat skills, and more. Oceanhorn 2 also has many challenges and missions you can finish to achieve more points.

Play Now: Oceanhorn 2

Sonic Racing

Sonic RacingGet into the sonic universe and race with the fastest cars, with access to over 15 characters. Sonic Racing has battle modes and friends mode, letting you play against people online with your own tactics. Stunning tracks, supercars, competitions, and matches are some of the game’s attractions.

Play Now: Sonic Racing

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Skate City

Skate CityCruise through the dawn of your favorite city with a skating board. Even though you don’t skate, the Skate City lets you take the road and enjoy your time with it. You can explore cities like Los Angeles, Oslo, Barcelona, Miami, etc., for some great seeings and smooth rides. You can upgrade your skills and levels as you play.

Play Now: Skate City

Hot Lava

Hot LavaHave you ever imagined big chaos with lava flowing around your area, and you are trying to escape? Now bring it to the screen with the “Hot Lava” game on Apple Arcade. You can jump, run, and surf along your way to escape the hot lava with your friends. Take shortcuts and tricks to escape the area without being exposed to hot lava, toxic materials, radioactive elements. etc.

Play Now: Hot Lava

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PAC-MAN Party Royale

PAC-MAN Party RoyaleThe 2D PAC-MAN just got a new 3D skin with a more interesting, retro arcade-style gameplay. Everything is 3D now, from mazes to demons. There are new interesting moves like airstrike to level up the gameplay experience. The entire gaming experience is different from the classic PacMan, but don’t worry, the Apple Arcade game comes with a tutorial for beginners.

Play Now: PAC-MAN Party Royale

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

SpongeBob Patty PursuitThe secret  Krabby Patty formula is at risk again. Your mission to save the formula from Sheldon J. Plankton and save all the SpongeBobs from being caught by the evil team of Plankton. There are tons of puzzles, missions, and interesting gameplays that SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit has to offer.

Play Now: SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

LEGO Brawls

LEGO BrawlsLEGO Brawls is a multiplayer battle game you can play online. The four-by-four team formation helps you fight with and against your friends by creating teams. You can enjoy the game with your family and friends. There are many ways to level up, one of them is from LEGO bricks.

Play Now: LEGO Brawls

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OutlandersA group of outlanders trying to build a city, this is what the game Outlanders is all about. You can join the people and be their leader to help them build the city. There are certain levels, challenges, and missions you need to accomplish throughout the game. Manage resources, keep everyone in order, and happy, choose buildings accordingly to win the game.

Play Now: Outlanders


WHAT THE GOLFDo you love golf? Sorry, this game is not for you. WHAT THE GOLF is a parody game for those who hate golf. The silly game has physics-based moves, but full of parodical results. The game developer admits they know nothing about golf, and the players will not know anything about golf playing the game too.


Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger in Toy TownFrogger just made the comeback to the world with Apple Arcade. The simple game has fewer actions and is easy to play for anyone. You just need to guide the frogger by crossing the obstacles and toys on the stage. Rescue the froglets when the tornado hits the trees and trashes of the city on the Frogger in Toy Town.

Play Now: Frogger in Toy Town

Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road CastleLoved the old classic crossy road game? Crossy Road Castle is a tower version of the same. Instead of crossing roads, you have to climb up the towers. Avoid obstacles and collect materials to score points in the game. As you progress, you will find more things and new towers to climb up.

Play Now: Crossy Road Castle

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Rayman Mini

Rayman MiniAs the name says, Rayman is “mini” in the game. The Rayman has been shrunken into an ant-sized creature from a cursed spell. You get to guide Rayman through the tiny world and seek help from small-sized characters. To undo the spell, you need to explore and unlock the quests.

Play Now: Rayman Mini


SpyderSpyder is a miniature robot that looks like a spider, made by the British spy agency. The robot is equipped with all the sophisticated tools and weapons. With the given skills, you have to control the robot and help the agents complete their missions.

Play Now: Spyder

Mini Motorways

Mini MotorwaysThe tiny city is suffering from its traffic problem, just like the big city of yours. You cannot do much to fix the traffic in real life. But in the game, you can. The Mini Motorways has a brig problem of traffic and the solution is in your hands. The game has a colorblind mode if you have any type of color vision deficiency.

Play Now: Mini Motorways

LEGO Builder’s Journey

LEGO Builders JourneyHave fun with the LEGO bricks. You can build and step up with the bricks as you want. There are also game missions you need to follow and make structures as required. Take the journey as a builder with LEGO Builder’s Journey.

Play Now: LEGO Builder’s Journey

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Butter Royale

Butter RoyaleTired of serious realistic battle royale games? Butter royale is a battle for food and especially butter. Instead of fire shooting, you get Fire sauce-shooting and bread-blasting tools. You can knock out your enemies with food items, how cool is that. Foodies, this the game we all have been craving for.

Play Now: Butter Royale

Ballistic Baseball

Ballistic BaseballThe baseball game is a perfect match for those who love sports games, especially the hitting ones like cricket and baseball. Just like in real life, you can choose the pitch, players, game mode, career mode, etc. Ballistic Baseball has some good graphical elements as well.

Play: App Store


tint gameThe puzzle game has some cool, relaxing levels to color up the canvas with water color and brush. You can play tint to color a paper r create beautiful pictures on the canvas. Either way, the game can gain you some relaxed time.

Play Now: tint.

Speed Demons

The highway racing game offers some massive graphics and a thrilling gaming experience. As you level up, you can swap your car with trucks, semi-trucks, and 100 different vehicles for a unique experience. Speed Demons also supports MFi game controllers for the iPhone.

Play Now: Speed Demons

These are some of the best Apple Arcade games that iPhone/iPad/Apple TV gamers loved in this whole year. There are even more games you could try. The Arcade tab on the App Store on your iPhone can help you discover more interesting Arcade games. Which game did you like the most? Comment below.

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