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12 Best Free Roku Games for your Big Screen TV

Roku, one of the best streaming device, offers more fun on a big TV screen with excellent free Roku Games. Roku devices are offering more fun games with solo and team play capabilities, which provide the best entertainment while you spend time with your family. Roku games are providing the best entertainment in your living room TV while you spend time with your family or having fun with friends.

There is a huge list of Roku games are available in the Roku Channel store, and we picked the best Roku Games out of those games to provide you the best experience.


What will you do when you start the game with no ammo. Retaliate begins with this question where you have to start the fight with others with any weapon. Play as a space hero who has to avoid all the attacks of the enemies from the beginning and steal enemy’s ammo to kill them. The game inherits the excellent scrolling shooting graphics that is unique in every way.

You can either enjoy the game because of the challenges or get frustrated with it. Retaliate is a standout amongst other free Roku games due to its difficulty and diverse gameplay.

Attractions: Challenging story and gameplay, Competitive levels | Multiplayer: No | Download: Roku Channel


Everybody knows how good is the old Snake and due to this, it has a major fan following. The game is a lot more similar to the one that we all used to play to in feature phones. Through Roku, Snake has made its way to the big screen serving as a great means to avoid boredom when free.

The goal of this free Roku Game is simple that one has to prevent the collision with oneself. The difficulty of the game increases as the snake increases in size after eating the items present. Snake is an excellent choice for old gameplay and nostalgia moments between the Roku games freely available.

Attractions: Classic gameplay and Highly addictive | Multiplayer: No  | Download: Roku

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Video Poker

Enjoy the experience of Poker with ease through the help of Video Poker. The game comes with Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild Poker, Joker Poker, and Double Joker Poker. It offers the person to play all of them at once whenever they want to. Video Poker is the perfect party choice among the other free Roku games to liven up the energy and give the guests a memorable experience.

The player does start with a wallet of $100 where every hand is of $1.25. Game controls are simple and allow you to play it easily. The entertainment level of the game is quite high and people love to try their luck on it.

Attractions: Five varieties of Poker in one and Great Party game | Multiplayer: No | Download: Roku Channel


Play the classic solitaire game with intuitive gameplay. Start the game by giving your name, nickname or short word and select the mode to enjoy it. In the game, you have the option to play with one card and 3-card draw. Move the card with the directional keys of the remote and place the card one another.

You can also change your last move by the back button of the remote. The game is fun and free for the card lovers coming to the big screen. It is a fun game just like other free Roku games present for the people.

Attractions:  Classic card game and Easy to play | Multiplayer: Only 2 Players | Download: Roku Channel

Candy Bear Free

Candy Bear was launched back in 2011. It now comes with some new add-on features. The players have to avoid the bunnies on the way and collect the candies to move to the next level. The game might look easy, but it does get more dangerous and difficult with the increase in levels. The number of bunnies does increase after each level.

Climb over the bricks and float over the moving platforms overcome every obstacle clear the level. There are 20 bonus levels in the game that are present other than normal levels. Be quick to get more points at the end of the level. Enjoy this game with other Roku games free to entertain yourself.

Attractions:  Enjoyable Adventure game and Tasty 80+ levels |Multiplayer: No | Download: Roku Channel

Brain Puck

Brain Puck is a classic riddle game. The player has to remember the series of tunes played on the puck keys and played them back accordingly. As the person plays it for more time, more difficult and irritating this simple game becomes. It is an addictive game based on memory aiding you to boost it easily while playing.

This free Roku game is recommended for children to increase their learning power. Press the directional keys of the remote to match the keys and get the right combination. Starting with a single arrow, the game is a great addition to relieving your boredom.

Attractions: Great brain teaser and Good collection of tunes | Multiplayer:  | Download: Roku Channel


Connect the sphere of same colors to clear the screen is the main goal of the player playing Dots. It might sound easy to do, but it is not because of the time limit present that makes it difficult. You have to merge the dots by bumping into them. Clear the level by matching the dots in the proper sequence.

Use the remote’s directional arrows to clear the spheres by merging them. There are two diverse modes – Skill and Time on the game. In skill mode, if you touch the wrong sphere one live is lost amongst the present one.

Attractions: Exciting game for Kids and Two Modes for Raising the Difficulty| Multiplayer: No | Download: Roku Channel

Tic Tac Toe Free

The iconic board game loved by all people is back on big screen. Tic Tac Toe Free comes with all new features to spice up the entertainment level and offer the player something new. The game is simple and enjoyable coming bright outlook.

Choose the perfect shape of your color and background before starting the game. It is open for all ages, and any one can play it easily. You can play against the computer to enhance your skills. It is one of the popular free Roku games is even winnable on the hardest possible setting.

Attractions: School game on big screen and Simple gameplay | Multiplayer: Up to two Players | Download: Roku Channel

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Shut the Box!

Shut the Box! is originally an iOS game that is now available for Roku. The player has to leave the lowest number of tiles at the end of each level in the least possible time. The popular dice game does not track any high scores and raises the competition bar with every move.

It is the perfect match of brains, expertise, and luck as the outcome is solely based on these factors. There are three options for scoring in the game. Roll the dice to get the total along with the tiles. A lower score is good for winning the game.

Attractions: Improved version of popular dice game and ultimate brainteaser | Multiplayer: | Download: Roku Channel

Match Four Free

This Roku game free is somewhat similar with popular game Connect 4 from Hasbro. Similar in gameplay and features, the player needs to form a line of four same color spheres regardless of the direction. The game is a single player one and comes with two modes that are easy and hard.

Every player is against the computer competing to win as soon as possible. You can choose the modes as well as the chip according to your preference. The game is also present in several special editions to offer more to the people.

Attractions: Tough Artificial Intelligence and Multiple ways of winning| Multiplayer: No| Download: Roku Channel


Tiles is an action-puzzle game that comes to some mind-blowing puzzles that might make your brain to start paining. The player has to think of unique and diverse alternatives to solve each puzzle coming repeatedly. Your fingertips might be burned and hurt solve them.

There are an endless number of levels in the game meaning the number of puzzles can go to infinite length. Even if you are bored with the types of puzzles present, then you can create your own easily. Do add it to your personal collection of free Roku games.

Attractions: Endless Puzzles and Create your own puzzle| Multiplayer: No | Download: Roku Channel

Checkers Free

We all love the classic and old school board game of Checkers that is easy to play. Now, Roku brings the retro game to a big screen to raise the entertainment quotient. The game can be learned easily and comes with simple controls. The main goal of the player is to capture every piece of the enemy to win the game.

There are three modes in the game named Easy, Medium or Surprise Me. Move your checker around through the arrow keys of the remote. After making a move, you can redo it and change the piece. The game is considered by many as a great addition to a person’s free Roku games set.

Attractions: Classic gameplay and Difficult levels | Multiplayer: No | Download: Roku Channel

Free Best Roku Games

We listed the best solo and team player free Roku Games that you can enjoy on big Screen Living Room TV. Most of these games are supporting HD Graphics and multiple modes and game levels for long-lasting entertainment.

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