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10 Best Galaxy Watch Apps You Should Try

Samsung Galaxy Gear Watches are compatible with both iOS and Android, even though it runs on Samsung Tizen OS. But the wider compatibility and better options make it the favorite wearable, followed by Apple Watch. Like any device, getting the best apps is necessary to get the best out of Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Let’s look at some of the best Galaxy watch apps you should try on your Samsung smartwatch.

Watch Translator

Watch TranslatorWatch Translator is the google translate for smartwatches. With this watch translator app, you can translate your language to another. The app runs basically the Google Translate engine, but with some extra features.

With the Watch Translator Galaxy Watch app, there is no need to manually translate during an ongoing conversation. You have an “Auto” button, which automatically translates every sentence. By clicking “Flip Text” you can flip the text to make it readable for the other person. You can adjust the translator volume by clicking “Volume”.


  • Easy to use
  • Google Translate
  • No Ads


  • Takes longer in speech detection
  • Auto speech is not accurate

Key Features: 20 languages available | Natural voice | Language auto-detection | Flip text for making it readable to another person | Translate conversations in 2 languages

Download: Galaxy Store

Voice Recorder

Voice RecorderVoice Recorder is the best galaxy watch app to make voice notes and records on the go. The cool thing is that you can turn your recording to text by using the Galaxy watch app. The speech-to-text feature can recognize most of what you say.

After recording using the Voice Recorder app on your Galaxy Watch, you can see both voice and text format of your recording. The Samsung Gear app will save the recorded file on your phone too. If your phone is not connected, the file will store in the smartwatch.


  • Simple interface
  • Free to use


  • Does not autosave to phone when watch memory is full

Key Features: Voice recording | Speech-to-text conversion of the recording | Save to your phone | Save to Samsung Gear storage

Download: Galaxy Store

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Navigation Pro

Navigation ProThere are many Samsung galaxy watch apps to get maps and navigation. Most of them take the entire screen and will cause a battery drain. If you are looking for a simple navigation app with easy to use interface, Navigation Pro is the best Galaxy Watch app for you.

With the Navigation Pro gear app, you can see the current time and the estimated arrival time for the destination. You can check your speed, ETA and even change the distance units using the app.


  • Does not take the battery
  • Simple to use


  • No different map views

Key Features: A companion app for Google Maps | Simple interface | See the current time and the arrival time | Check speed | Change units

Download: Galaxy Store

News Briefing

News BriefingIf you are looking for a Samsung Gear app for reading new right on your smartwatch, News Briefing is a great option. News Briefing the Flipboard’s wearable version for Samsung Galaxy watches.

You will get news headlines and briefings on your Samsung Gear watch. When you tap to expand the news, it will open the entire article right on your smartphone which is pretty brilliant.

You can filter with categories get the types of news you want. Also, there are options to get regional news, topic related headlines, and interest-based news on the News Briefing app for Galaxy watch.


  • No ads
  • Free to use
  • Fast news updates


  • Opens the phone app to read news
  • No videos on watch

Key Features: Topic filtering | Regional headlines | Read more on phone | Fast updating

Download: Galaxy Store

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FacerFacer is the best watch face app for the Galaxy watch. The app is free-to-use, although for some watch faces you have to pay. You can replace the default watch faces on your Samsung Gear Watch with the stylish ones from the Facer app.

You can change your smartwatch face to a custom watch face if you wish. Although, some of them drain too much battery. You can install the Facer app from the Galaxy store. Install the companion facer app on your smartphone. Go for free faces and download it. After downloading watch faces, the app will sync them with your Galaxy smartwatch.


  • Free to use
  • Tons of watch faces


  • Drains battery

Key Features: Stylish watch faces for Galaxy Watch | Switch between data modes, color, and styles | Trigger fun | Play mini-games

Download: Galaxy Store


SmartThingsSmartThings is a Samsung Galaxy watch app used to control your smart home devices. You can turn on or off the home devices that have smart controls. You can connect all your smart home devices to the smartphone and then control using the Samsung Gear Watch.

By using the SmartThings Samsung Gear app, you can control all devices, by clustering into locations. For example, you can control individual lights in your bedroom or turn on the entire lights and other devices in the room just by tapping on your watch.

You can add automation to trigger many actions. The app lets you schedule tasks and turns on devices, lights, or other smart home devices at the specified time you want.

Other than just the devices like lights and TVs, you can schedule tasks and run actions on smart speakers like Amazon Alexa powered Echo.


  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for any age groups
  • Easily control home devices


  • Cannot add device from watch
  • Cannot add automation from watch

Key Features: Enable and disable smart devices | Automation options | Push notifications | Change your location mode.

Download: Galaxy Store

Uber for Gear

Uber for GearThis Uber app is one of the best Samsung Galaxy watch apps if you want to book rides on the go, without taking your phone out of pocket. Select your location as a pickup location using GPS. If you are booking uber for someone you can drag the location to their location.

After setting the pickup location you can select the type of uber you need, like UberPool, UberX, BlackSUV, etc., which are available around you.

The problem is that you cannot set a custom destination using the Uber Samsung Gear app. For specifying the destination, you have to download the Uber companion app on your phone and add the address on this application.


  • Book rides
  • Easy to use


  • Cannot set destination from watch

Key Features: Book a ride using some clicks | Specify the type of ride you need | Specify the number of seats you need | Check when your uber will arrive | Book Uber without a destination address

Download: Galaxy Store

White Light

White LightWhite Light is a simple Galaxy Watch app that acts as a flashlight. When you are in a dark place and don’t have a flashlight you can use this Samsung Gear app as a flashlight.

Whenever you need light, click on the app. The entire screen will turn white and the brightness will be at the greatest. There is no need to worry about your Galaxy smartwatch battery. This app will generate vibration to remind you about battery usage.


  • Battery reminder
  • Easy to use


  • Drains battery

Key Features: Act as a Flashlight | Vibrates when the app is on

Download: Galaxy Store

Galaxy Camera Remote

Galaxy Camera RemoteGalaxy Camera Remote app for Galaxy watches lets you use the watch as the remote shutter for the phone camera. The Samsung Gear application’s main function is to show what your phone sees. You can take pictures and videos with this app using your smartphone camera.

You can also turn the flashlight of the phone “on” and “off” using this Samsung Gear application. Take the photos by placing the phone somewhere and use the Samsung Gear watch as the remote.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Remote for phone camera


  • Latency issues

Key Features: Turn “on” and “off” the flashlight | Take pictures and videos | Set focus | Change the resolution | Set timer

Download: Galaxy Store


Spotify for Android AutoSpotify is famous for music streaming. And yes, Spotify has a Samsung Gear app. In the free version, you cannot search for songs. Searching for songs is only enabled for Premium users.

If you have a free Spotify account in your Galaxy smartwatch. You can listen to the recently played songs, songs in your library. Also, you will have a browse option where you will be provided with a bunch of categories from Spotify put together.

In the free account, there is no back arrow to play the last song. You can only skip six times forwards in an hour using a free account. You cannot adjust the volume using your Galaxy smartwatch. Volume adjustments can only be done with a phone.


  • User-friendly
  • Variety of songs
  • Seamless streaming


  • Free users have limited control

Key Features: Wide Variety of songs. | Songs arranged to different categories for better search. | Recently played, Library, Browse.

Download: Galaxy Store

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You can try all these Samsung Galaxy watch apps in your Samsung Gear smartwatch. The apps listed will make your Samsung Gear smarter. Which app did you like the most? Comment down below.

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