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15 Best Cases for iPhone SE 2020

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The iPhone SE was a real success for Apple as it attracted a lot of budget buyers who were in the hunt for an iPhone. The new iPhone SE looks far more like the iPhone 7 and has quite a lot of featured unlike what the older version had. If you’ve recently got yourself the new iPhone SE 2020, its time you get the necessary addons for your device. The first step definitely is the screen protector and if you’ve got that this it time for a good protective case.

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the stylish and most trusted iPhone SE cases, ranging from the Otterbox series. We’re pretty sure the list’s gonna expand as new and stylish ones are yet to come for your SE.

Hard Case for iPhone SE


The OtterBox Defender series already has quite a lot of rugged and durable cases for your iPhones. This one you see here is the one exclusively made for your iPhone SE. With this case, you can protect your iPhone from accidental falls and other issues that come in your way. It is a mix of flexible TPU and hard polycarbonate and comes with a holster and belt clip. 

Apart from the iPhone SE, it also suits the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It is build to last and can protect your device from dust and dirt from logging in. It takes care of the daily wear and tear that can occur if you’re going without a protective case. A thing to note is that it covers the Apple logo.

iPhone SE Protective Case

i-Blason Armorbox Case 

The ArmorBox protective case is a clear choice to couple up with your iPhone SE. The case gives you a stylish look combined with a good level of protection. The durable Polycarbonate back that can withstand hard falls. There are Precise cutouts that ensure zero interference when it comes to ports, plugs, and other functionality. The double-layer and drop resistance design gives you the added protection to your iPhone SE.

This back cover also comes with a belt clip holster that rotates full 360◦ and gives a better grip.  The shock-absorbent TPU lining and bumpers also give you the best all-round protection for your SE.

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Wallet Case for iPhone SE

Smartish iPhone SE Wallet Case

The Smartish iPhone Case is kinda multipurpose. It works as a protective cover and as a mini wallet. It comes with specially designed air pockets that act as cushions protect the phone in case of an accidental fall. This iPhone SE cover comes with textured sides that give the right amount of grip.

With this smart case, you can carry up to 3 cards and some cash in its secret compartment. The case also has raised bezels that protects the screen when you put your iPhone on the table. This protective case works well with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Stylish iPhone SE Case

Jaholan iPhone SE case

This iPhone SE protective case looks quite stylish. It is one of the best iPhone SE cases that comes with a stylish outer design with marble patterns. This protective case is compatible with the iPhone 7, 8,6, and 6s. The case of flexible TPU and has raised bezels to give that extra tinge of protection.

Jaholan case fits quite well and looks quite elegant when coupled with your iPhone SE. Also, it ain’t that thick and bulky. It is rather flexible and doesn’t really crack after a hard fall. If you’re looking for something eye-catchy and cool, the Jaholan iPhone SE protective case is simply the best choice ever.

iPhone SE Case with Scratch Protector

LifeProof Waterproof case

The LifeProof protective case for iPhone SE is a decent performer when it comes to protective cases. It comes with an inbuilt scratch protector and is yet invisible to the naked eye. The case fits just fine with your SE. The case is made from high-quality TPU and can withstand harsh conditions.

iPhone SE protective cover case can endure a harsh fall or can withstand water to a great extend. It is quite suitable for extreme use and can work well to protect your device during these conditions. This iPhone SE case has all the keyholes precisely cut and the back portion also flaunts the iPhone logo.

iPhone SE Case with Strong Grip

Speck iPhone Protective Grip Case

The Speck iPhone protective case comes with raised rubber ridges and gives you the strong grip you always wanted. Speck case comes with a non-slip design with a rubberized outer shell. It features a dual-layer design that’s shock absorbent. Speck iPhone case can withstand accidental falls and pacts that’s to this dual-layer design.

The complete rubber design makes sure that no amount of dust or dirt gets logged inside. It also comes with raised bezels to protect your screen form potential harm.  Also, the case fits well and you get the volume and lock buttons quite intact in its allotted slot.

iPhone SE Clear Case

ESR protective case for iPhone

The ESR protective case comes in a completely transparent design. ESR case made of flexible TPU and comes with shock-absorbent side bumpers. It provides better protection than any hard plastic. It comes exclusively for the new iPhone SE.

This iPhone protective case comes with a two-way stand. The vertical and horizontal stand helps you get multiple viewing angles. As the case is transparent, you can flaunt the iPhone’s logo without any fuss. There are raised bezels around the screen and camera to protect it from scratches.

Genuine Leather Flip Case for iPhone SE

Belemay iPhone SE Flip Case

The Belemay protective case is basically a flip-type case. This flip cover is of genuine leather and has a number of card slots and within the flip panel. The leather case material is durable and waterproof. The durable fiber makes it last longer than any normal leather case.

This multifunctional iPhone case comes with inner pockets that provide plenty of room to keep your cards or cash. The foldable flip design also acts as a pretty good kickstand too. With this, you can keep it in landscape mode to see movies and videos without any fuss.

iPhone SE Leather Grip Case

Tasikar iPhone SE case

The Tasikar iPhone SE case is of leather and offers a good grip and comfortable texture. It is made to fit the SE quite well and offers a slim profile and is not that much bulky. The durable natural looking other case gives complete protection from accidental falls. There are raised edges that give protection to your screen from scratches.

The precise cutouts make it easy to operate the side mount buttons. This iPhone SE leather case supports wireless charging and hence you never need to take the cover off each time for charging. The flexible TPU inner layer makes it waterproof and dustproof.

iPhone SE Dual Layer Protective Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

The Supcase Unicorn series case comes exclusively for your new iPhone SE. Supcase comes with dual-layered protection and is made of good quality TPU. The outer shell is of polycarbonate and can absorb shock and protects your device from accidental falls. The inbuilt screen protector keeps your phone safe from potential hazards and scratches. 

There is also a detachable belt holster that adds a good level of convenience and makes your device easy to use. You can get a number of color options to choose from and yes, the case isn’t that bulky.

Flexible TPU Case

Caseology iPhone SE designer case

The Caseology iPhone protective case looks quite stylish. Its made of flexible TPU and comes with shock-absorbent side bumpers for added protection. This iPhone protective case comes with a two-layered outer and inner casing. This design makes sure that no amount of dirt and dust get logged into your device.

The case is also sweatproof and waterproof and can do well in all climatic conditions. This flexible case comes exclusively for the new iPhone SE. The sides of the cover are kinda raised so that your screen doesn’t get scratched when you place your device somewhere.

iPhone SE Wallet Case

Dreem Fibonacci 2-in-1 Wallet-Case for iPhone

The Dreem Fibonacci case for the iPhone SE is a 2 in 1 versatile protective cover that’s of good quality TPU. The TPU design makes it shock absorbent and waterproof. The flip design makes it convenient to keep some of your cards and cash within the inner compartment.

The magnetic flip also makes it quite easy to open and close and thus removes any possible chances of dust logging in. There are raised bezel to protect your screen from scratches. This iPhone SE case comes with RFID and has 3 pockets to keep your belongings like the debit cards and stuff. You can comfortably carry up to 3 cards and some money within these 3 pockets.

iPhone SE case with Card Slot

Vena iPhone SE protective case

The Vena protective case is a 2 in multipurpose case that you can get online. This cool iPhone case comes with secret hidden slots that can store some of your essential days to day items. The cover is made of military-grade TPU and comes with drop protection and corner guard technology.

There are precisely cut side button areas that increase the sensitivity while you’re using the device. This iPhone SE cover flaunts a foldable leather flap on the back and it works as a screen guard cover as well as a kickstand.

Leather Wallet iPhone SE Case

Monasay Protective case

The Monasay Protective case is a basic leather flip case designed for your iPhone SE. Apart from this SE, it fits well with your iPhone 7 and 8. This compact case comes with hidden wallet slots and you can keep up to 3 cards and some cash within these slots. The dual-layer faux leather is quite durable and can protect your iPhone to a great extend.

It can resist scratches and fading and even stand up to occasional splash. The flip case can even work as a convenient kickstand. This lets you enjoy hands-free video calls and much more.

SE Wallet Case

Ringke Fusion X Case Designed for iPhone SE 

The Ringke Fusion is a cool iPhone SE case that’s far more durable and sturdy that everyone on the list. It is a Qi charging enabled iPhone protective case that comes at under $10. This iPhone SE smart case is designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions. It can stand accidental falls and is extremely shock absorbent.

The Anti-Cling Dot Matrix technology prevents watermark or rainbow effects on the back of the device leaving a clear view at all times. It also features military-grade drop protection technology and has a dual-layer corner for added protection. The raised side edges also provide protection to your screens from scratches and accidental bumps.

Protective Case for iPhone SE

Urban Armour iPhone SE case

The Urban Armour iPhone protective case comes with a rugged design that’s suitable for extreme weather. It comes with a nonslip design that’s to that rubberized outer shell. Armour Case offers dual-layer protection and is extremely shock absorbent. It can withstand accidental falls and impacts that’s to this dual-layer design.

The complete rubber design makes sure that no amount of dust or dirt gets logged inside. It also comes with raised bezels to protect your screen form potential harm.  Moreover, the Ultra-responsive tactile buttons deliver a crisp, clean click-feel for improved functionality.

iPhone SE Thin Case

Elago iPhone 7 case

This iPhone SE case you see here is by far the thinnest iPhone protective case you could ever find online. It is completely transparent and is made of plastic. The case only offers protection from scratches, dirt, oils from everyday use. Elago features raised edges that allow you to place your phone screen-side down on any flat surface.

It is quite good to equip during the extreme conditions and give you protection from dust and dirt. As it costs around $10 so, it is worth giving a shot, if you prefer something minimalistic.

Well, that’s our list of the coolest and durable iPhone SE protective cases you can get online. Most of them fall under the $20 mark and are affordable. These cases are tested to the core and comes with military standards when it comes to durability. They are also quite eye-catchy and comes with a lot of rugged designs. Also, if you prefer the complete transparent ones, you can find some of them in our list too.


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