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8 Steps to Identify an Original iPhone before You Buy

You need not worry about verifying your purchase if you are buying the new iPhone directly from Apple Store or authorized resellers. However,  buying a new iPhone from unauthorized or new sellers need some attention. You need to make sure that your iPhone is really original and not fake or used iPhone.

Even though the fake iPhone manufacturers have almost succeeded in getting the exact replica of the iPhone in their design, they are unable to win over the original iPhone in functionality, performance, OS, etc. That’s why it is possible for the buyer to detect a fake iPhone from the original Apple device by doing the checks listed below.


  1. Check Apple Warranty
  2. Check Model Number of iPhone
  3. Check Box Label
  4. Check Memory Card Slot
  5. Check IMEI Number of iPhone
  6. Check Apple Logo
  7. Check Physical Appearance of iPhone
  8. Check System/Default Apps
  9. Best Place To Buy Original iPhones

Check Apple Warranty

Generally, Apple provides a limited time warranty (1 year) for all its devices which are purchased either on the Apple store or Authorized Resellers. To check whether your device has a warranty or not, you need to know the serial number.

iphone warranty

To find out the serial number of your iPhone by navigating to Settings-> General-> About. You will see an alphanumerical string listed for the field Serial Number. (The number is also printed on the box containing the iPhone) Make a note of that number and navigate to Apple’s Service and Support page. Then, enter your serial number on the box provided and tap Continue button. If your iPhone is original, your screen will display information like the iPhone model, warranty period, telephone support status and more.

Unfortunately, if your iPhone is fake or stolen one, then one or more of the above information won’t get displayed. Or your warranty period would have expired.

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Check Model Number of iPhone

Sometimes, the sellers will try to sell the refurbished iPhones at lower prices by claiming that it is a new device. However, you can easily find out whether the iPhone is refurbished or new from its model number. Go to Settings-> General-> About. The model number will look something like “MQ3D2HN/A”. The first letter of the model number indicates the nature of the device:

  • M – The device is a brand new iPhone.
  • F – Refurbished device
  • R – Replacement device
  • P – Personalized device

If the model number of your iPhone doesn’t start with any of the letters above, then it is most likely a fake iPhone. While buying new iPhones from unauthorized sellers or the black market, do check and make sure that the model number starts with M before making the purchase.

Check iPhone Box Label

Whether you are buying a new or used iPhone, don’t forget to have a look at the information printed on the back of the box. The backside of the box will have all the information related to the iPhone like model number, serial number, IMEI, etc. Make sure that these numbers are exactly identical to the numbers displayed on Settings->General->About. Plus, an original iPhone will have the following text displayed on the back of the box: “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China

Also, every new iPhone box will have the following: iPhone, USB cable, power adapter, headphones, manual and SIM card ejector. Make sure that your package has all the items listed above.

Check Memory Card Slot

Apple iPhones don’t have a slot to insert a memory card to get additional storage. Instead, they are always available with a fixed inbuilt memory size of 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB/128/256 GB, etc.. If your iPhone comes with an external memory card slot, then it is clearly a fake iPhone.

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Check IMEI Number of iPhone

Every phone will have a unique IMEI. To find out the IMEI number of your iPhone by entering *#06# on the keypad. Alternatively, you can also find the IMEI number from Settings->About->General. Plus, it will also be printed on the back of the box. (Check out this Apple Support Page to know the location of IMEI number for various models).

iphone6 about screen IMEI

On older versions of iPhones, the IMEI number is also printed on the SIM tray. For a majority of the iPhones and other iOS devices, the IMEI number is also printed on the backside of the device. If you don’t see the IMEI number on any of the above-listed places, then your iPhone is not original.

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You will find an Apple Log on the backside of every genuine iPhone. The manufacturers of fake iPhones are becoming so smarter that they re able to get even the original Apple Logo on their devices. However, you can find the difference between a genuine and fake iPhone, by touching the logo.

Gently rub the Apple Logo using your finger. If you don’t feel any kind of transition between the logo and cover, then it is an original iPhone. Otherwise, it might be a fake iPhone and you need additional investigation.

Check Physical Appearance of iPhone

Generally, the quality of fake iPhones is so poor you cannot even compare that with the performance of the original iPhones. However, the fake device manufacturers are trying hard to imitate the original iPhone at least in appearance. To identify that, you need to know the exact location of the buttons, USB connector, etc. on the original iPhone. You can easily detect the fake ones if there is a mismatch. Also, you should try and press the buttons for a few minutes to check how they work. You might find some issues like loose buttons, stuck buttons or some kind of performance issues.

Check System/Default iPhone Apps

By default, an original iPhone comes with a lot of default apps like Wallet, Health, Books, Safari, Clock, iTunes and much more. Check if your iPhone has got all the default apps. If a few apps are missing or you found a mismatch in the logo/spelling of the app, then the iPhone is not genuine but only a clone.

Best Place to Buy Original iPhones

Obviously, the Apple Store is the best option to buy original iPhone. However, if an Apple Store is not available nearby, then you can find the authorized resellers near your locations. Just navigate to the store Locator on Apple website, enter your zip code and tap Go button after selecting iPhone in the drop-down box. You will see the list of all Apple Stores and Authorized resellers near your location to buy the new original iPhone.

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  1. I have bought and iPhone 8 plus 64GB silver from a Local Shop in Abu Dhabi, for AED2435/-
    when i reached at home and I found there is something wrong.
    1. the serial number and model number on the phone and Box is not matching.
    2. serial number Letter starting inside Phone setting is starting with Letter “F: however the serial number in
    the Box is starting from “M”.
    3. when I checked the warranty online using by serial number on the box it say warranty expired but the serial number inside says 1 year warranty.

    i have returned and they refunded

  2. The logo on the first iPhone has an edge you can feel when sliding your finger across it. It does feel like a sticker

  3. Don’t trust IMEI and serial numbers verification!! I bought a high-quality fake iPhone and I checked both numbers, they cleared! you can only tell by actually using it!

  4. It’s very help full information for us to check our i phone products because now a days lots of people doing this all fakes things to earn money thanks for this all sir

  5. I bought a refurbished iPhone 7 in a reputable shop with warranty and all, it’s legit in every detail you mentioned except for the Apple logo on the back which it is a little raised, I can feel it with my finger.
    Another person also commented the logo was also raised on the first iPhone, so I wonder if you’re mistaken or if you were referring to the letters below and not the apple logo. The letter’s I really can’t feel, but the Apple logo is definitely slitghly raised on my iPhone 7.


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