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10 Best Job Search Apps for Android Users

Nowadays hunting down a job is a very toilsome work. Nobody is willing to run from pillar to post all the time. That’s why there are some best job search apps for Android users. These apps make the job search easier for both freshers and experienced. There are hundreds of jobs being posted every day in these job portals. Just by uploading a resume, you can find Full-time, Part-time, Freelance, and Intern jobs. Let the job be related to any industry such as government, software, business and any other, you can find many opportunities.

Here are some Android job search apps for you that are free to download and register, that are already popular and are gaining popularity.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job Search app

Indeed is a very popular job search app that lets you search job on your Android device. It has millions of jobs in its database, that are posted from different places. Upon downloading the app, just create an account and upload your resume. And once you allow GPS access, it will automatically search jobs near you. Otherwise, you have to search manually by job title, company name, and location.

You even have an option to review, research, and see pictures of the company you are looking for. Before applying, go through the detailed job description given by the employer. But, if you are in a dilemma to apply or not, select the reminder option to apply it later. And after applying, just follow them and save the job to your account.

Download Indeed App for Android

Naukri Job Search

Naukri Job Search app

Like Indeed, Android users have yet another job search app named Naukri. Here, you have to create an account using Gmail or FB profile. In order to make the job search fruitful here, there are other ways too. For this, you can create and get job alerts, get job recommendations, track the applied job, and get notified on any views. You also need to keep your profile up-to-date, to get noticed by recruiters.

However, to get better results, Naukri has fast forward services. In here, a little bit advanced features such as experts to improvise resume and try to enhance your chances of getting listed. There is a Naukri Learning option that tends to train and certify.

Download Naukri App for Android


LinkedIn app

LinkedIn is one such app that connects people and also makes the job search easier. Once you sign up in the app, just create your profile. So that people you are connected to will find it easier in case of any vacancies. And then go on the search for a job by using filters for location, job title, relevant one, and more. On finding a suitable job post, the app has an easy apply option for LinkedIn users.

Once you apply for the job, you can track the application. The app will notify any jobs relevant to your past and saved job search. The most important thing here is your activity is always private.

Download LinkedIn App for Android

Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Glassdoor Job Search app

The Glassdoor app is totally a different one from rest. It provides company insights and that is why it is the most trending one in the market. The Glassdoor Android app will share other interview experience and the questions being asked in the company process. This will give some idea on how to be prepared for the interview.

Before joining any company, you will be eager to know about company reviews from employees. In such a case, you can also view the employee’s opinion on the company. Such as work culture, pros, and cons of management, and more information. Coming to salaries, the Know Your Worth tool will estimate your resume weight and compare it with others in the same field.

Download Glassdoor App for Android

Shine Job Search

Shine Job Search app

Shine job portal will prove easier to register, especially for freshers. The app will always keep you updated about the job fairs. So that you can search and apply for walk-in jobs. You can find more relevant jobs here as it makes use of Advanced Keyword Matching technology. Once a job is posted, then you can readily view the job description and its insights.

Based on your search, the app will notify you with similar jobs daily. To help enhance your skills, the Shine Job search app has come up with 500+ courses. The shine learning option has these courses that will build your career and assist you in winning a job.

Download Shine App for Android

TimesJobs – Job Search and Career Opportunities

TimesJobs app

When you are ready to download the app and sign up, you need to give permission to access phone data. It includes a camera, contacts, SMS, GPS, and storage. Make sure to create your profile and upload resume while moving further. So that recruiters can easily view your skill set. If you need any help on your resume, StepAhead career services will extend their work.

Once you start to browse and apply for jobs, the app will notify you with job alerts, recommendations, and jobs applied by a similar profile. If you are keen to apply for a specific job, go through the job details, company insights in the app itself. By going through company reviews, ratings, salary, and other data, you can decide on whether to apply or not.

Download TimesJobs App for Android


Jobstreet app

Jobstreet allows you to apply for the vacancies in the company at your place. Over 2 lakhs of recruiters are associated with Jobstreet from states. If you want to be in good books of recruiters, then keep your resume updated and make use of Talent Search. Once you apply for a job, keep your eyes wide open for an update on your applied job. And reply to any of the interview schedules as soon as possible. You can even opt for LiNa Job Matches to get any alerts on new jobs.

Download JobStreet App for Android

Monster Job Search

Monster Job Search app

The monster app is a very simple and basic one to use. It functions just like others here. You need to build and update profile from time to time to get better jobs. And the app also tries to teach you and add new skills into the profile, which will be of added value. Not only this, you can view Monsters career advice and tips to succeed in grabbing the best job.

Coming to its search engine, it is fully updated and gives a stronger job search. So, when you find a relevant job, just swipe the job card in the dashboard. However, sometimes, the user interface may slow down that should be taken care off.

Download Monster App for Android

Jora Jobs – Job Search, Vacancies & Employment

Jora Jobs app

Jora is comparatively equal to others in this batch. So just browse and apply for the vacant positions in Jora. Just like others, you can refine the vacant positions by salary, company, place and job title. The find jobs near me option will show all the jobs nearby your location. And with a quick apply option you can easily apply to the job site. Though you forget your past searches, Jora will show the new jobs from where you have left. If you like any specific jobs, then enable the notification for that job title.

Download Jora Jobs App for Android

Tech Jobs, Skills & Salary

Tech Jobs app

This is an upcoming app that completely focuses on technology-related jobs. Firstly after updating your data, you can start the job search. Then refine with learned technology, location, and designation. Along with this, the app will calculate the salary to be expected from your updated profile. The Salary Predictor Tool will do this task according to market standards.

The app will also intimate the trending jobs and skill set required needed for the present situation. It will help you in some possible ways by sending you the tech news and career updates.

Download Tech Jobs App for Android

Best Job Search Apps for Android

Nowadays, the smartphone is always with us and we are using the apps all the time. That’s why Job Posting websites released their own apps to make your life easy. You can search for jobs and apply for the jobs with few taps right form your Android phone. You have seen how these job search apps have insights and information that will be very useful to you while trying for a job. Then register and try these apps to make your job hunting easier.

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