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Best PDF Compressor App for Android and iPhone

By using a PDF compressor Android or iPhone app, you can reduce the PDF size from a couple of MBs to just some KBs. These shrink PDF apps available for both Android and iOS and no need to depend on PC. You can reduce the PDF to a size that is more manageable, without quality loss and email directly from the phone.

Here is the list of PDF compressor apps for Android and IOS to reduce PDF size. Get one of these apps on your smartphone to compress PDF files attaching them to the email.


iLovePDF brings up a full suite of PDF modification features at your fingertips. You can compress almost any type of PDF through the PDF compression app on your smartphone to get the desired size in minutes. The PDF files can compress on diverse levels as per the need. Select from the three compression options ranging from Extreme to Low for achieving the desired file size. All these options give out Low to High content quality in the resultant PDF on accessing them. In addition to the files from phone memory, you can connect with Google Drive or DropBox and compress the files directly from these cloud drives by using this PDF compressor app.

Download iLovePDF from iTunes | Play Store

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Compress PDF

Reduce the size of any PDF, right on your smartphone with this PDF shrinking app. Just select the PDF on your device or from cloud to shrink that right away. Free compression option in the PDF compressor app takes about 1 hour to complete and fast compression will end in seconds. The app is quick to use and manage with easy to access interface. The PDF compressor app does not drain your device’s battery and performs the whole process on their powerful servers rather than utilizing phone resources. Compress PDF app support compression of files present on Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. In each compression, the quality of your document is preserved at all costs. The files are automatically deleted from the servers after the compression is done.

Download Compress PDF from iTunes | Play Store

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PDF Compressor

PDF compressor comes with almost five different preset options allowing you to compress the PDF in perfect quality. Select the dpi from the available range of 10-600 dpi as well as proper image quality for reduced file size. The PDF compressor app brings the flat design with initiative interface that is extremely simple. You can easily export & import PDF file from Mail, Safari, PDF Reader, GoodReader, Dropbox etc without any trouble. Mail out the compressed documents in the form of email attachments or send it to other apps. With the help of PDF compressor iOS app, you can compress the files to .zip file and print it with AirPrint-enable printers. You can transfer the file to iTunes USB file sharing to move the file quickly.

Download PDF Compressor from iTunes

Compress PDF File Size

With this PDF compressor app, it is now easy for anyone to reduce the size of PDF documents. You can Reduce the PDF file size for making them better mobile friendly to the users while downloading with a data plan. Shrink the file and ensure that they are an inadequate size for sharing from one person to another. Reduce the PDF files to 144dpi in order to make them perfect for upload to the web and other areas. You can compress almost any high graphic content PDF files with the shrink PDF app to get more size reduction. Attaching the compressed file for email and sharing will be faster and hence time-saving.

Download Compress PDF File Size from Play Store

PDF Tools

You can use PDF Tools app to compress and reduce the size of PDF documents. PDF Tools offers a total of 16 features that can perform on a single PDF. Along with the compressor feature, you can add as well as remove password from the PDF file. Use the PDF compressor app to change the order of pages in the file. The compression quality and speed entirely depends upon the content in the PDF file. The high content and graphics-rich PDF will take time to compress in comparison to the simple ones. You can also try the lite version of the PDF compressor Android app before moving to pro version.

Download PDF Tools from iTunes | Play Store

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With an increase in content and graphic media inside PDF, the file size increases tremendously. In order to ensure that the size of PDF needs to be adequate, a PDF compressor app will be of great help. The size of PDF documents is increasing with attached images and media files. Almost every individual thinks more than once before accessing or sharing a PDF file that contains a three-digit KB size.

However, you can compress these aPDF files to low size right form your Android or iPhone. There is no need to open a computer to compress PDF files. Plenty of options are there for selecting the perfect shrink size app for your device. Just grab the better PDF Compressor App and install to ensure that you are sharing or accessing a PDF file in the optimized size.

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