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7 Best Stock Simulator Apps for iPhone to Practise Trading

New Investors, before you start trading and spend money, there are Virtual Stock Trading Apps there for iPhone users. These apps are giving you virtual money for stock trading. Any aspiring stock trader can use the features of the stock market game app to acquire the knowledge of stock trading.

A stock simulator game deals with virtual money minimizing the risk of loss to zero. We all know how risky the stock market is as no one can predict the flow of the market. There is absolutely no surety that the money invested will be recoverable as the same amount after a certain point.

To help you in getting the Stock Trading World, we listed the best stock market game app that will give you some virtual money and scenarios to practice trading.

Stock Wars

Stock Wars gives you to feature to make and place real-time orders as well as track the stock positions. You can easily learn about mutual funds, ETFs with this stock simulator game. The stock simulator app assists in dealing with currencies trading on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, FOREX, and other OTC exchanges.

You can tweet about the stocks and tell about its growth to all your followers. Get into the fast-paced world of traders and huge money through this stock market game app. Set your portfolio and become a top trader in no time with less trouble and analyze your purchase and the distribution of the holdings.

Key Features: Create trader groups to compete with the friends, Match the performance of other traders and Real Quote data update through automatic refresh | Download: Stock Wars

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StockfuseSharpen your investment skills by using Stockfuse stock simulator app. Working as the social stock trading platform; this stock game is powered by the most realistic virtual trading engine. Trade real stocks in real-time with real price whenever you want without any actual money risk in the app. Make the entire trading process a fun activity by competing with friends and family.

The iPhone Stock Simulator app automatically takes care of the dividends and split the stocks. Due to this, the user can easily calculate the portfolio return accurately. Play multiple games each having its own set of rules and trading style patterns. Advanced portfolio analytics beyond returns aids the traders a lot.

Key Features: See all your trades in real-time feed, Chat feature to discuss trade ideas with others and Easily comment on the trades of the peers | Download: Stockfuse

Best Brokers

Best BrokersIncrease your knowledge of the stock market with the help of Best Brokers. With this iPhone stock simulator, you can see own stocks and open orders in order to know perfectly about your next purchase. This Virtual Stock Trading App also allows you to see weekly, monthly and yearly charts to see the order history and prepare the best portfolio. Compete with friends and know the other users by using the features of the stock simulator app.

You can easily search for funds, ETFs, bonds, and even Bitcoins. The important details are always at hand through this stock game app, and this comes with professional tools for the novice and amateur people. With this best virtual stock trading app, you can test new trading strategies without any risk of losing money.

Key Features: Comes with 60,000 real-time stocks, Start with 25K and Integrated Newsreader for RSS, etc.| Download: Best Brokers

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MarketSimMarketSim is the perfect answer to the search of the people looking for a simple stock market game app. This great stock simulator app allowing to know the best tricks to make up money through stock trading. One can easily monitor their portfolio and get live stock quotes as well as access to the historical data. You can perform unlimited trading on the stock market game app without any trouble encountered.

Start off trading with $10,000 and place any number of trades at any given time of the day. The Stock market Game app currently offers securities from the exchanges like Nasdaq, NYSE, and NYSEArca.

Key Features: More than 5000 symbols to trade from, Beautiful and Intuitive Design on the user interface and Test trading strategies with ease | Download: MarketSim


BUXEnjoy stock trading in a simple and yet amusing way on your iOS device through BUX iPhone stock simulator app. Know about trading with virtual money called ‘funBUX’ coming with an option to switch to real money. Start trading with a low amount of £50 with a transaction cost summing up to 25p. Put your skills to work and compete with other traders in BUX battles to become supreme.

You can trade safe with the reliable features of BUX and encounter the benefits of the best virtual stock trading app. Stay up-to-date in the market news given through the editorial content written in a humorous way. Depositing and withdrawing the money from the stock simulator game.

Key Features: A fun way to learn about stock trading, Risk-free environment setup and Choose your desired commodity or currency | Download: BUX

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Forex Trading for beginners

Forex Trading for beginnersForex Trading for beginners is a stock simulator game app made on the popular e-book, Forex basics & secrets in 15 minutes. Giving the user some great and friendly explanations and expert tips, the app is suitable for all. Master the game of currency exchange market in a way that is quirky and fast.

You can easily learn how to read quotes and charts as well as to leverage them for the benefit. Get to know about multiple time-frame analysis and how it works in the trading market. Boost your acquired skills with interactive quiz games containing more than 45 real historical forex trade analysis based questions.

Key Features: No Signup is required, No Ads are there and Step by step trading strategies for beginners. | Download: Forex Trading


InvstrInvstr is a stock market game app that allows the user to play with the trading place without any worry. The main aim of the stock simulator app to make the finance social and as open as possible. Follow other investors and analyze what they are investing as well as their statements about the market. The Stock Market Game app allows each user to start with an initial capital of $1M.

Select the notional amount of the capital beginning from $50K, $100K, $200K. Play the markets and get all the info you want to see at a glance. Measure your performance and share your insights regarding the current state of the market.

Key Features: Popular as Facebook of Finance, Easy to interpret and understand the financial information and Build a trading scorecard with ease | Download: Invstr

Many people do not know how to invest in stocks making them stay away from the benefit present in the trading process. With the stock simulator app, place virtual bets and investments on the stock market. These stock simulator game apps are best for getting into practice and make your mind perfect in the trading process. Know almost everything related to Wall Street to make it big when doing real trading.

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