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8 Best Portable Power Supply for 2020

Portable power supplies are built to power up your gadgets and electronic devices for a long time. These power generators are packed with large batteries and multiple output ports for different devices. Compared to the smartphone battery packs, these portable power supplies have additional 110V output ports and multiple USB ports. You can use these power supplies for camping, long travel, and outdoor adventures. You can use this as an alternative power supply for a while in an emergency. There is no need to worry about power failure anymore.

Hence, we decided to go with the portable power station this time. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best portable power supplies that are sturdy and efficient.

1000W Power Station for Camping

The Dewalt 1000W power station is a professional power inverter that delivers more power compared to the portable one listed above. Apart from being a portable power supply, it is useful for generating power for tools on the job sites on the go.

Dewalt comes with dual 120V AC and three 3.1A USB charging ports. These ports are perfect for charging your laptops, power tools and much more. The LCD display shows you the status of power consumption, battery status and faulty earning, etc. 

This aluminum housing makes safe to work with. You can charge this portable power supply with the 110V AC wall socket. It is better to charge it through the wall socket as the DC input can take quite a lot of time. There is no mode to charge it with a solar panel. Hence that aspect of charging can be ruled out in this case.

Key features

  • Capacity: 1000W 120V AC
  • Ports: 4 DC and 2 AC, 3 USB Port
  • LCD Display
  • 2 modes of charging
  • Workspace essential tool
  • Get DEWALT Power generator

2000W Portable Power Generator

This one you see here is one of those power generators that are capable of producing mammoth power outputs. The size and portability factor doesn’t compromise anything when it comes to performance. Its operation is very silent than most of the power stations of this class.

The output terminals include two 120V AC, a 12V DC and a 5V USB outlet. These outlets let you charge most of your gadgets many times. A small issue that you could feel is that the design ain’t that modern. The Pulsar generator dial is a bit complicated, but it is up to the mark. You could feel a bit of an issue as there is not any electric starter switch. You have to pull the recoil lever to start the generator.

Key Features

100W Camping Power Supply

The Suaoki S270 is the best portable power generator you could ever find online. It is by far the most compact portable power supply, built with a sturdy case. With this power pack, you get four USB ports, four DC and two AC ports. Two of them are the basic 2.1 A port and one is the QuickCharge port. These ports can provide you with a max output of 150Wh.

With Suaoki power supply, you can work with most of your portable gadgets when you’re on the go. It is quite good for charging smartphones, laptops and other small electric appliances. The S270 allows three recharge modes. You can charge it by plugging it to the 110V AC wall socket. This can take at least 8 hours to get buffed up. The second way to charge power supply is through the 12V cigarette lighter port.

This is useful when you are on the outdoors or out there camping. The last way is to charge it through the solar panel kit that you can by as an add on. This power bank portable charger also comes with two LED flashlights. Keep in mind that leaving it on too much could get your battery empty.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 150W, 110VAC
  • Ports: 4 DC Ports, 4 USB Ports
  • LED Flashlights
  • Charge by 12/24V
  • Additional Solar Charger
  • Get Suaoki S270

300W Portable Power Generator

The Rockpal 300W is the upgraded version of the RP 250W. The difference you see is in the wattage capacity. It offers more performance than the 250W model. The design part has some changes compared to the same power rating models listed above. The RP300W is a bit bulky compared to the RP250W.  It is a bit heavy and occupies more space than the RP250W. 

This portable power pack has five DC power ports including two QuickCharge and two generic USB ports. The AC out includes only one socket that is of 110V. It favors three recharging modes, the AC socket, the DC 12V supply, and solar charging.

The solar panels, as we said earlier, need to be equipped by yourself. We are not going deep into this one as most of the features are quite like its later. Also, you could feel a bit of a price issue too. 

Key Features

100W Portable Generator Power Station

The Paxcess portable power generator is more like a budget pick. It is something that gives efficiency without breaking your wallets. What makes it the second in our list is the whooping number of satisfied customers. This 100W power supply comes with minimal design and switches. This device does not feature plenty of power outputs. Paxcess Portable Supply comes with three DC and two AC outlets. You get two USB 5V ports for charging your portable gadgets.

The portable generator packed with a 40800mAh battery. You can use it to charge your smartphones 10 to 12 times before draining out. The input or recharging modes are of three types. First, you can charge it from your 110V AC wall socket. Second, you could either the 12V car power outlet. The wall socket charging can take at least 7 hours to buff it up.

The 12V power outlet, on the other hand, can take quite a long time. Yet, it is more time saving to charge it through the solar panels. When you’re on the go, the solar panels are the best options to consider. But keep in mind that you need to buy them separately. The features such as temperature control and voltage control give a streak of internal protection.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 100W, 110VAC
  • Ports: 3 DC and 2 AC, 2 USB Ports
  • 40800mAh battery pack
  • Temperature and Voltage protection
  • 3 modes of charging
  • Additional Solar Charger
  • Get Paxcess Power Generator

250W Portable Power Generator

The Rockpals 250W is far more compact and suits the outdoors. It now comes with updated input terminals and output terminals. The two USB 2.1 A ports combined with four DC 12V ports make it easy and useful in all aspects. Rockpals is one of the perfect emergency energy solutions for your camping sessions. Rockpals power generator won’t be apt for home appliances all the time.

Inside the pack, you also get an AC and MC4 adapters, car charger cable and a manual. The pure sine wave technology provides stable and clean supply for your devices. Rockpals generator also comes with temperature and overcharges protection to ensure the safety of both generator and devices. A thing worth mentioning is that it supports pass-through charging.

This portable power supply comes with lightweight lithium batteries. It is powerful enough to charge your smartphones, laptops, and cameras a number of times. It can power up a standard TV set for two to three hours. The RP250W favors 3 input modes. The package includes the 110V AC and 12V DC inputs and solar panels. The solar panel doesn’t come with the packing. You need to get them separately. Inside the pack, you also get an AC and MC4 adapters, car charger cable and a manual. 

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 250W, 110V AC
  • Ports: 4 DC and 2 AC, 2 USB Ports
  • Additional Solar Panel
  • 3 modes of recharging
  • Pass on charging
  • Get Rockpals Power Generator

155W Portable Generator

The Serenelife power station is one of the best solutions for external power backups. This powerful portable power station includes plenty of useful output modes. You get a 110V dual AC outlet, three 12V DC ports, and three 5v USB ports.

Out of these, the USB ports are useful to charge all your day to day gadgets like your smartphones, watches, etc. With a rechargeable battery of 42000mAh capacity, all your gadgets would never run out of power anymore. It is the perfect emergency backup for your home or camping trips. 

This Serenelife power bank portable charger uses the conventional AC power sockets and the 12V DC supply to charge itself. This portable power pack allows three recharge modes. You can charge it by plugging it to the 110V AC wall socket.

The second option to charge is through the 12V cigarette lighter port. This comes handy when you are on the outdoors or out there camping. The last way is to charge it through the solar panel kit that you can by as an add on. 

Key features

155W Portable Power Station

The Aimtom portable solar power supply features a 42000 mAh internal rechargeable battery. It is capable of delivering 155Wh of power through its versatile outputs. It includes the 120V Ac, 12V DC and three USB ports.

The 110V AC outlet can provide power for small appliances. The 3 DC ports work well with DC powered appliances like fans and lights. You can charge your phones and tablets with the 3 USB ports. It is best to carry out during your camping sessions thanks to its compact size.

With battery management systems, you can safeguard your home and personal gadgets from accidents. The recharging process includes three modes. The normal Wall socket and the 12V DC charging is time-consuming.

This Aimtom portable power pack comes with SOS light that helps you during emergencies. A thing to note is that you need to equip the solar panels separately. After full discharge, you should make sure to charge one grid before connecting any devices.

Key Features

240W Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240 is a portable power supply useful for camping. Among its many ports are a 12V DC, two USB port and a 110V AC. It contains a 67,000mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide power for up to 6 hours.

This is a Sine wave inverter that can provide 3 types of outlets. This Sine wave generator is a clean power source that uses electricity to produce electricity. The Explorer 240 offers 240Wh of power. It can charge a tablet 7+ times, smartphones 20+ times, laptops 3+ times and even a car cooler for 6+hours.

If you are a serious camper that it is better to equip yourself with an optional solar panel. it can charge the Explorer in 7 hours. Like all portable power stations, the Explore 240W uses three input modes. The AC and DC input modes are useful when you use it for your home. The optional solar panels are the third way in which you can charge the device.

The portable power stations are a must if you’re planning to go camping. our list comes with some of the best sources for portable energy. They, in fact, supply the cleanest source of power without damaging nature.

The best part about this is that they are quite affordable and durable. The low maintenance compared with the normal ones makes them the best source of portable energy. Make sure you get the right pick considering every aspect and budget scenarios.

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