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Change This Simple Setting in Chromebook to Speed Up Internet and Fix DNS Failed Error

Since Chromebook needs internet always to work properly, you must be really worried about the slow internet issue. Sometimes, you may get stuck with DNS FAILED error following the slow internet connection. The best fix for these is to change the DNS server on your Chromebook.

Let us see how to speed up internet in your Chromebook by changing the DNS settings.

Add or Change DNS Server on Chromebook

By default, your Chromebook will be using your ISP’s DNS servers to connect with the internet out there. There are plenty of other DNS services available online, such an OpenDNS or Google Public DNS. These third-party DNS servers can be faster than your ISP’s DNS servers. That depends on your proximity to the DNS server, and how slow your ISP’s DNS server really is. They can also help you block ads on Chromebooks or other undesirable content. 

The steps to change DNS server on Chromebook is almost as easy as it is on Android, although the setting is not as easy to find.

  1. Open the Settings app from the quick settings panel. Open Chromebook settings
  2. Click on Wi-Fi then click on the connected Wi-Fi network’s name on the next page. Chrome OS settings
  3. Click on Network to expand the network configuration settings. Add or change DNS server on chromebook
  4. Under Name servers, choose Custom name servers.

Now you can enter the address for a custom name server to add the DNS server. If you already use a different name server, this is where you can change DNS server on Chromebook.

block ads on Chromebook

For example, you can enter and for OpenDNS. Similarly, you can use and for Google Public DNS. In the screenshot above I am using AdGuard DNS which offers different versions of servers depending on your requirements.

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Why Should You Change DNS on Chromebook

Your computer performs several DNS lookups every day, depending on how many websites you visit. Some web pages require multiple DNS lookups. This is your computer essentially trying to find the domain name you have typed in the address field. So a DNS server is what serves those domain names to your computer. A server that can do it faster will allow your computer to open websites faster.

As mentioned before, you may add or change DNS server on Chromebook for a variety of reasons. Some provide faster speeds, which really depends on many factors. Some claim to be more private, while some like AdGuard allow you to block ads on Chromebook or a safer internet which blocks adult content. In addition to blocking content, DNS servers can also help you avoid restrictions in certain geographical locations.

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