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7 Popular COVID-19 Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android

Smartphones are a vital part of our lives and especially when the world is going through a massive lockdown due to coronavirus. COVID-19 tracking apps or coronavirus tracker apps have blossomed over a few months. Each country has its unique coronavirus tracker app that works on different principles and yet, there are many you can consider. These apps can help you steer away from areas where an infected person was found or an active case exists.

Although we couldn’t include every coronavirus tracker app, here are the popular apps (for their respective countries) that you can try.

Apple COVID-19

Apple COVID-19

The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has a COVID-19 app as well. It is updated with all the information one would need to read about the situation from trusted sources. Made in partnership with the White House, CDC, and FEMA, the app gives a simple screening tool to self-diagnose yourself. You can use this feature if you have any concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 situation. You can take the assessment and get recommendations based on the guidelines provided by health officials.

The app lets users talk to a doctor in case they have any concerns or get information on quarantining and more. There’s a feature to monitor symptoms or you can dive into the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the app. It has resources on social distancing, disinfecting surfaces & so on to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Since Apple is known for maintaining a high level of security and privacy, you need not worry about it.

Key Features: Free to use | Recommendations & guidelines from CDC | Multi-Language Support | Self-assessment | Resources on quarantine, social distance & others.

Download the app from iOS 

Aarogya Setu

Aarogya SetuThe app recorded over 50 million downloads in just 13 days of its launch. It has crossed the 113 million mark on Google Play Store. The government of India has developed the app to create awareness and prevent users from getting close to any potential carriers. The app uses Bluetooth and location services at all times to stay active and work in the background. Once the user comes in proximity to an infected user, he/she is alerted about it.

The app has a built-in consultation feature that dictates the level of risk users might have. It asks a few questions for assessment. If the person seems to be showing the COVID-19 symptoms, it alerts the authorities right away. Aarogya Setu has features including instructions on self-quarantine, social distancing, and more. You can read about the latest updates in India with respect to COVID-19.

Available in 11 languages across iOS and Android OS, the app has received a lot of traction as an effective COVID-19 tracker app. It is equipped with all emergency contacts and resources needed in this situation. Aarogya Setu is an all-in-one app to guard against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Features: Self Assessment Test | Helpdesk Numbers | Supports 11 Languages | Detects & alerts users of an infected person

Download the app: iOS | Android


Trace TogetherTraceTogether is a Singaporean contact tracing app that uses Bluetooth to keep users away from an infected person. The app doesn’t store any WiFi or network or even location-related data. It uses Bluetooth that stays active in the background as well. When the person comes in contact with someone infected, it alerts the users about the same. Technically, TraceTogether is secured and doesn’t collect data as said.

When a person comes near another TraceTogether user, the app generates a temporary ID. Everything including user ID is secured with a private key held by the Ministry of Health only who can decrypt it. The app gives you an estimate on infected people who might have come in proximity within the last 15 days. The app is effective and thus, it is being used by a few other contact tracing apps as well.

Key Features: Alerts users for any intersection | Doesn’t collect data | Encrypted by MOH

Download the app:iOS | Android


HaMagenHaMagen is an Israeli contact tracing app that uses all sorts of Bluetooth, Location, and other data. It is then used to detect possible intersections with a COVID-19 patient. The app doesn’t collect or shares any information to the government. Although it alerts them only if you are COVID-19 positive or show symptoms like that. Although the app has most of the features it needs, the developers are working towards instilling more features.

Just like TraceTogether, the app analyses, and showcases if the users have crossed paths with any COVID-19 patient. If yes, it has plenty of resources on how to cope with it. There are options within the app such as contact the government or doctors for any help. The app sends notifications when you intercept that you can silent or keep it active if needed. It is secured using the highest standards available to prevent data from misuse. It has one of the easy interfaces I have found on any COVID-19 tracker app.

Key Features: Alerts you of the possible intersection with COVID-19 infected | Supports five major languages | Doesn’t collects location data | Secured with highest standards

Download the app: iOS | Android


COVIDSafeThis is an Australian app that uses Bluetooth and cell towers to zero in the infected and confirmed person and the people around him/her. This is a move towards diminishing and eliminating the number of cases in Australia. The COVID-19 Tracker app users Bluetooth to stay connected and when it comes in contact with someone else’s Bluetooth using the app and stores the reference code. Here, in case if you come in contact with an infected person, you will get the notification.

The app stores location and other data of an infected person and everyone within 1.5 meters of radius from him/her. Although this has raised privacy concerns, the app seeks consent before uploading the data to the concerned state and territory health officials. This is when they’ll contact you and provide the support needed in such circumstances. The aim is to find and eliminate traces of the coronavirus by mass tracing.

Key Features: Uses Bluetooth technology to communicate | Alerts when you cross paths with an infected person | Retain Full Control on the app | Secure

Download the app: iOS | Android

BeAware Bahrain

BeAware BahrainAs the name suggests, this particular app is destined to create awareness in people living in Bahrain. Once you install it and fill out the necessary info, it will start its work. It has a database of COVID-19 positive cases including their location. When you are near or proximate distance away from the area of the infected person, the app will alert you of the active case. It will alert you for any intersection with an infected person within the last 14 days.

The app also tracks quarantine cases and puts emphasis on abiding it as per the regulations concretized by the government. It tracks their movement which is a step to prevent them from breaking the laws. BeWare Bahrain provides contract tracing updates allowing you to avoid coronavirus infection. It also has all the latest recommendations that the health authorities releases on the COVID-19 situation. COVID-19 has engulfed the entire planet with almost all countries on some degree of lockdown.

Key Features: Alerts users by contact tracing with location data | Updates on active cases | Updates on recommendations | Tracks quarantine cases and their movements

Download the app: iOS | Android


CoronAppCoronApp is a free to use COVID-19 tracker and contact tracing app in Colombia. It lets you know everything you need to know about the overall coronavirus cases including deaths, recovered, and active. The app lets you self-diagnose and report any symptoms and receive recommendations from the health officials to safeguard against COVID-19. CoronApp also aids in real-time data monitoring so that the emergency services can take appropriate actions.

The app also detects any possible interaction from an infected person. This is to cut down the chances of contracting the COVID-19 situation in the country. It also gives you access to all the quarantining news and recommendations for the users. The app is also practicing privacy and all sorts of other measures to safeguard the interest of the users as well.

Key Features: Report symptoms | Self-diagnosis | Recommendations from health officials | Tools for quarantining | Coronavirus cases updates | Helplines | Free to use
Download the app: iOS | Android

This concludes our list for the popular COVID-19 tracker apps available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Of course, there are more that we couldn’t list here.

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