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Easy to Find out your LPG Cylinder Booking Status Online

One of the issue that the cooking LPG cylinder customers are facing is the lack of information about approximate delivery time of their booked LPG cylinders from their local agency. Normally, consumers has to approximate the delivery times and accordingly they have to wait for the persons to appear for delivery. We can find out that it may take 2 days – 2 weeks  to deliver the booked cylinder. This inconsistency of the delivery time might be annoying to the consumers that they have to wait for it which will be waste of time.

With the introduction of online facilities, the scenario is improved and we can take advantage of this additional information from the LPG cylinder distributor. One of the useful facility to the consumers that they can calculate the expected cylinder delivery date by verifying the clearance of the waiting list of their distributor very easily with the use of internet. Here we will see how to find out the expected cooking LPG cylinder delivery time by online methods.

We need to be logged in to your Account for checking all the transactions with your LPG distributor company. If you are yet to get an online account with the LPG distributor company portal, this link will help you to register for the same.

Register online: register-online-account-for-cooking-gas-consumer-portal

After logged in, you can book online your cooking LPG cylinder directly from your page. You may visit this article to get help on how to book LPG cylinder online with your LPG distributor company portal. The booking status of your LPG cylinder will be shown in your portal irrespective of the booking mode viz. online, SMS or direct. Once you have completed booking, then you can check the pending bookings which can be used to estimate the expected date of delivery.

We can find out the “Audit Distributor” button in the portal very easily which is to be clicked to get all the details about your distributor. Click on that button which will bring the distributor parameters like delivery pattern, performance ratings and you might also get other distributors ratings which can be used if you want to switch your distributor.

cooking lpg cylinder status online

In the distributor performance parameter page, we need to go to “Average cylinder Sales & Pending bookings” menu to see how many cylinder bookings has to be cleared before your turn comes. You can also verify the consumption of all the users under your distributor and the total cash transferred under DBTL schemes from corresponding menu pages. You can check for more details on how to link your account for DBTL scheme.

cooking lpg cylinder status online

Once we get into the “Average cylinder sales & Pending Bookings” page, we can see all the cylinder bookings day wise under your distributor. From there, we can estimate how many bookings were present before the date we booked. We can also see the details of bookings by clicking on each days total booking number.

cooking lpg cylinder status online

If we are clicking on the bookings on the date we can verify that whether our bookings are registered properly or not. It will show the registration number and booking number and more details for each individual consumers.

cooking lpg cylinder status online

We can estimate the approximate delivery time by checking the clearance pattern as per above procedure. If your booking date is almost reached bottom 3, then we can expect the cylinder delivery within one or two days according to the geographic delivery schedule. If there are many consumers to be cleared before our booking date, then it will take minimum one week to deliver the cylinder usually. It will be useful to the consumers to estimate the approximate delivery time of booked cooking LPG cylinder.

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