How to Schedule Emails on iPhone to Send Later?

Last Updated: October 18, 2017

There are a few email scheduling apps and plugins for MS Outlook and Gmail users. Mac users can use Automator to schedule email on Mac mail app. Email scheduling is essential feature especially when you are working in a different time zone or you want to deliver your email to your assistant’s inbox at 8:00 AM. In addition to this, email schedulers are the best bet when you want to schedule a Birthday or an Aniversary email wishes in advance.

Here, we are going to present an excellent free solution to schedule email on iPhone to send emails later.

First, install Spark email app from iTunes (free). We tested spark email app and impressed with the simple interface and excellent features. Once you install this free iOS email app, you can configure Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud or other email accounts just like iOS native Mail app.

After you complete the installation, tap the icon for new email. You can draft the email as usual with this email scheduler app and schedule email to be sent later as shown below.

iPhone Email Schedule Time

Before you send the email, tap on the send+timer tiny icon on the right bottom as we marked with the arrow in the screenshot. This will bring a popup screen with the time you want to schedule the email. You can select the default settings for scheduling the email or select Pick date to set customized date and time. The third screen brings you the choice for more precise date and time. After you select the required time, tap on Apply to confirm. You’re good to go! Now you can see the send button changed to the scheduled time to send the email. You can close this window and the email will automatically send on the scheduled time.

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However, if you change your mind and want to change the scheduled email or time scheduled, you can come back and do the necessary changes. To get the scheduled email on iPhone, tap on the Spark email app hamburger menu on top left corner.

iPhone Scheduled Email Outbox

Select the Outbox folder to see the emails scheduled to deliver later. Tap on the outbox and see all emails those are ready to deliver on scheduled time. Tap on any of these emails and change the date/time to modify the scheduled time.

Just for the sake of screenshots, see the emails delivered on scheduled time, 5:15 PM. We set one more email at 5:20 PM and quit the Spark App from iPhone. We did this to make sure the email delivery without running the Spark Email running in the background.

Email delivered in sleep mode

Based our test, we see there is no need to run the Spark app in the background to deliver the emails on scheduled time.

Alternate Solution: There are paid iPhone email app that provides the same feature to schedule an email to send later. Airmail is one of the best apps that can schedule to send emails later from your iPhone. You can buy Airmail from iTunes for 4.99

There are other excellent features packed with this email app, those are out of the scope of this article. However, this is one of the easiest solutions to schedule email on iPhone. You don’t need to worry about the email provider, whether it is Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo or iCloud, the email scheduling is handling by the Spark email app and sending emails on scheduled time.

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