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How to Fix Meross Collie WiFi Garage Door Opener Unused Ports Open in Apple HomeKit

Meross Collie smart WiFi garage door opener is one of the best garage door openers that work with Apple HomeKit. We have reviewed this smart garage door opener, and it showcased the best features in a garage door opener. On our review unit, we have encountered an annoying issue with Apple HomeKit when only one garage door port is used. HomeKit and Siri show that the unused garage door ports are opened in the Home app. We needed to fix it, and we did.

Here are the best fixes to solve the Meross Collie WiFi garage door opener unused door ports showing opened in Apple HomeKit.

Before diving into the detailed explanation, here is a quick video if you can grab the idea. Otherwise, go through the detailed steps below.

Close Unused Ports in Meross Collie Using Controller Sensor Kit

Meross garage door opener comes with wired sensors that define whether the garage doors are in the open or closed state. By default, all the ports in Meross Collie WiFi smart garage door opener are in the “OPEN” state. Even though the Meross app lets you disable the unused ports in the garage door opener, the Apple HomeKit will still identify them as “OPEN” and will create troubles while trying to check garage door status via Siri.

Unused Garage Door Shows Open in Meross Collie

We are going to use the garage door sensor that comes with Meross Collie to set the status of unused ports in the smart garage door opener into the “CLOSED” state. Let us see how.

Close Unused Ports in Meross Collie Using Garage Door Opener Sensor

  1. Unplug the sensor wire from the first port (using port) and insert to the unused port.
  2. Touch the wired sensors together to make the status as “CLOSED.”
  3. Now, insert the sensor wire on the third port and do the same.
  4. Plug the cable back to the originally using port, while the other two will remain closed.

Optionally, you can go to the Meross app and disable the “CLOSED” door ports if you want. A major thing to note with this method is that the status of those unused ports will again be moved back to “OPEN” once the power is reset. Therefore, it will need to be tweaked again every time the power goes off and recovers back.

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Fix Meross Collie Unused Ports Open in HomeKit with Jumper Wires

The method above is real quick, but works for a temporary period (until the power goes off). If you are looking for a permanent fix to this issue, here is a quick workaround.

The four pins in the Meross Collie WiFi garage door opener are for garage controlling and garage door status checking (sensors). We are going to tweak the two pins that are for checking the garage door open/close status and simulate a “CLOSED” status permanently.

To permanently fix the Meross Collie unused ports showing open status in the Apple HomeKit issue, follow the steps below.

Enable or Disable Garage Door Opener Ports in Meross Collie

  1. Open Meross app on your phone.
  2. Go to Device Settings > Port 2/3 > Garage Door Status to enable the unused garage door ports.
    Connect Sensor Pins to Permanently Close Unused Garage Door Sensors in Meross Collie Smart Garage Door Opener
  3. First, cut out a piece of wire, or take a jumper wire.
  4. Now, spot the controller pins in the unused ports (upper horizontal pins).
  5. Connect those two pins together with the jumper wires.
  6. You can now go back to Meross > Device Settings > Port 2/3 > Garage Door Status to disable the unused garage door opener ports.

There you go! You can now go to the HomeKit app and check the garage door status for the unused ones. They will remain closed forever until you remove the jumper wire off of the Meross Collie smart garage door opener.

Watch Meross Collie Garage Door Opener Review:

By giving a try to any of the methods above, you will be able to fix the Meross Collie unused ports opened status error in the Apple HomeKit issue, However, the second method is more efficient and permanent.

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