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Hands-on with Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Bundle Security Camera

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Getting home security together with indoor and outdoor cameras may sound expensive. There are however quite a few security cameras with excellent features at an affordable price tag. Wyze Cam V3 with Spotlight is one such affordable smart security cam that now comes packed with a spotlight kit.

Today, we’ll be talking about our on-hand thoughts on the Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight kit.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight: Overview

The Wyze Cam V3 with Spotlight kit is a classy home security cam that’s suitable for both the indoors as well as the outdoors. The device is Wyze’s 3rd gen smart home security camera that includes quite a lot of mainstream as well as unique features. The V3 comes with a pretty low price tag and that’s the prime reason Wyze has established a sweet spot among its competitors. With HD surveillance, Motion triggered recording, cloud storage access, the Wyze V3 is bound to be your next smart Security Cam.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Overview

The one you see here is the version that comes with the Spotlight kit. The spotlight kit as the name suggests is an aid for you to get the better of the cam during the night. It enhances the IR night vision and could be turned on or off using the Wyze app. The small spotlight unit finds its position on top of the compact camera unit and offers easy brightness adjustments.

The Wyze Cam V3 combined with the Spotlight kit is an exemplary deal that you should never miss. Of course, the device is pretty much compact and stealthy. It has all the elements that make it an all-out surveillance cam. We’ll be talking about the design, key features, and other major aspects of the device as we go on. Also, we’ll let you know of our initial experience with the Wyze Spotlight kit once we deal with the device in a more exhaustive manner.

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Wyze Cam V3 Specs

Before getting a detailed idea of the features of the V3, it is important to go through the specs. take a look at the overall specs of the Wyze Cam V3 with Spotlight Kit.

SpecificationsWyze Cam V3 Spotlight
AudioTwo-way talk
NightvisionYes with IR light, Starlight sensor, Spotlight
StoragemicroSD, Cloud
Weather ResistanceIP65 Rated
Camera Dimension52 mm (L) x 51 mm (W) x 58.5 mm (D)
Motion DetectionYes

Design and Setup

The Wyze V3 is pretty much similar to the V2 in terms of design. But holds an upper hand compared to the list of features the V3 holds. This smart home security cam sports a compact and classy design. The housing is pretty much compact and has a squared camera unit. The rounded edges are contrary to the V2’s sharp edges. What’s more, the Wyze V3 comes with an IP65 rating, which makes it suitable for both the indoors as well as the outdoors.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Designs

On the rear side of the front panel, you’ll find a small speaker. Alongside the speaker, there’s the power input, a micro SD slot, and a reset button. The rear end looks a bit cluttered and pressing the reset button seemed a bit of an issue at first.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Rear Design

The boxy Wyze V3 has a square mounting base on which the camera unit is affixed. The front panel apart from the lens includes a mic and an LED indicator. The LED shows the battery as well as the connection status and shows whether the cam is working properly.

The Spotlight kit, once attached with the V3 gives enhanced Night Vision. It allows you to always see a color image regardless of ambient lighting conditions. What makes it a must-have is that it combined the motion sensor. It lights up whenever there is motion and gives you colored night-vision footage.

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Wyze Cam V3 Features

The Wyze Cam V3 with Spotlight is solid. It packs better features up its sleeves compared with the V2. The best part is that it offers HD 1080p footage recording spaning within a FOV 180°. The Starlight sensor on the camera unit enhances the Colored Night Vision. With an all-around ramp-up of video quality, the V3 holds a solid upper hand among all the smart security cams. The SpotLight Kit is an exclusive Wzye V3 Accessory that enhances the Night Vision recording. With the bundle pack, you get it along with the Security Cam.

The Wyze Cam V3 offers both motion and sound-triggered recording. There is access to both cloud storage as well as local storage. The V3’s motion sensor coupled with the Spotlight kit was phenomenal during our initial tests. Once the cam detects motion, it triggers an auto-record mechanism thereby recording a 12-second clip. The triggered recording gets stored in the cloud and is accessible for 14 days.

The motion-sensing is also available to use from your Amazon Alexa devices but kept behind a paywall. Although you can use the motion-sensing feature without any limitation from the Wyze app, you need to pay for the Wyze Cam+ subscription to access it from Alexa.

If you’re looking for 24-hour recording, it is wise to opt for local storage. There is a microSD card slot that offers support to up to 64GB. The recording is crisp and clean and hence it’s a delight to watch thanks to the 20fps comprehensive recording.

Of course, the camera includes motion and sound detection. But certain features are locked under a subscription package. It could detect motion but features like vehicle, package, and pet detection need a subscription package. Also, for extended cloud storage access, it’s good to go with the subscription package. But on the whole, we didn’t feel the need for it as the device gives more than what the other security cams offer at this price range.

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Spotlight Kit

The Spotlight kit enhances the Night Vision recording. It offers a max brightness of 70 lumens which is great. The spotlight mounts to the top of the camera unit. It offers a 130° fov and is rated IP65 making it suitable for outdoor use.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Design

There are 5 LEDs that operate in optimum condition and enable direct connection via the USB. An issue that we felt was the occasional flickering of the spotlight. This could be solved by using a bigger power supply. And Wyze seemed to identify this issue and has replaced the basic charger with a 5V 2A one.

Wyze Cam V3 Recording and Quality

We’ve done a bit of initial testing and as things unravel, we were pretty much satisfied. The Wyze Cam V3 worked well. The physical setup isn’t cumbersome. There is a prior wireless setup guide once you install the Wyze Mobile app.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Nightvision without Spotlight

Coming to the video quality, the Cam V3 offered excellent daytime and nighttime surveillance. The HD 1080p and that too, with color night visuals, make it one of the best Smart Security Cams to buy right now. Without the spotlight kit, the nighttime color vibrancy was seen taking a blow. Hence, we think it is important to get the Spotlight Kit if you need superior Night Vision surveillance.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight NIghtvision with Spotlight
Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight Nightvision with Spotlight

This video camera comes with motion as well as sound-triggered recording. The sensitivity was good but we’ll need to give it a bit of trial with lowered sensitivity. The Motion sensor is just robust. It gives complete justice to its onus of triggering at the moment motion gets detected, and kudos to that.

Coming to the speaker, the Wyze Cam V3 offers a rigid and sounding siren, which could become beneficial. There is also two-way talk thanks to the inbuilt mic. The motion sensed triggers were a bit out of hand initially. We’ll need to get on with a bit more testing to find the sensitivity sweet spot.

Apart from the Wyze app, which is robust and clean, you could easily connect it with Amazon Alexa. If you are having an Echo Dot or Echo Show, you could automate and control the cam with your voice. Connecting the Cam with the Echo Show gives you the added benefit of live streaming also.

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Connectivity and Controls

The Wyze Home app is from where every bit of smart controls begins. Configuring the app directly takes you to a wide array of features and tweaks. There is the step by step configuration process that’s explained in detail once you open the app.

Wyze Cam V3 Settings in Wyze App

The Wyze Cam V3 supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You could connect it with the Amazon Echo Show to get voice controls, live streaming, and many more. Although, you can only control the camera from Alexa or Google, and no option control spotlights other than using the Wyze app.

For controlling the spotlight intensity, you will still have to rely on the Wyze app, which is a downside considering the smart home capabilities. The smart home security camera also lacks Apple HomeKit support. There is the IFTTT that allows smart integration with third-party apps but that doesn’t suffice much.

Can You Control Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight from Alexa?

With the Wyze app, you can control both the camera and the spotlight brightness using your phone. However, it was quite disappointing when I tried to do it with Alexa. I could not find an option to control the spotlight brightness from Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Although the smart camera can go well with your Alexa-based smart home set up, you will be forced to go the Wyze app to control the lighting.

Wyze Cam V3 Spotlight: Pros and Cons

Here are a few things we liked and disliked about the Eufy HomeVac H30 vacuum.


  • Suitable for indoors and outside
  • Coloured Night Vision
  • Spotlight Kit enhances Night Vision
  • Cloud Storage Acccess
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT support
  • 2 Way Talk is innovative
  • Inbuilt Siren
  • Sound and Motion triggered recording


  • Lacks HomeKit support
  • Occassional Spotlight flickering
  • Requires subrsiption for some features
  • Low quality USB cables

Key Features: Wireless Connectivity | WiFi | HD 1080p Footage Recording | 180° FOV | Cloud Storage | Includes MicroSD input | Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support | Enhanced Night Vision | Wyze Home app | USB Power Input | Rated IP65

Pricing and Availability

The pricing is what makes the Wyze Cam V3 exciting. The Wyze Cam V3 is a pretty much innovative security cam that includes quite a lot of features within its reasonable price tag. The bundle pack, which includes the Wyze Cam V3 and the Spotlight Kit is available on Amazon at a price of $50.

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You could even go for the individual camera unit if you think the Spotlight Kit’s not needed. But, if you ask me, the bundle pack is the best option to consider right now.

Final Thoughts

The Wyze Cam V3 is a staunch competitor in the league of smart Security Cams. It’s one of the most feature-packed smart surveillance cams that come with an astonishingly low price tag. It offers crisp footage recording, colored and enhanced night vision, and cloud storage, to name a few when it comes to features. The integrates with smart assistance including Amazon Alexa. But the lack of Apple HoneKit support does reduce a bit of its charm.

If you ask me, the Wyze Cam V3 is a great entry-level smart security cam that’s worth giving a shot at any cost.



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