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How to uninstall Meego?

You installed Meego in your system and you don’t like it? Or do you want to uninstall it from your system? You can simply uninstall MeeGo by installing another operating system over MeeGo. But sometimes we may have a different situation. You may need to format your system hard disk entirely before installing a new OS.Sometimes you need to reformat to different sizes and install different OS to each

Sometimes you need to reformat to different sizes and install different OS to each partition. These steps are applicable when you want to clean your hard disk before installing any operating system.

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Here is the step by step instructions. Remember…. You will loose all data on the hard disk. Back up your data before you start.

Step 1: Create any Linux based Operating System CD / DVD / Pendrive (ie. a rescue disk). In this case, I used a Ubuntu OS. Here is the download link.

Step 2: Run Ubuntu CD / Pendrive as a boot disk.

Step 3: Select the option ‘Try Ubuntu XXXX’

Step 4: Select System>Administrator>GParted

Now you can see all the partitions on the system. In my case, this picture is the partition from MeeGo installation.

Step 5: Select any partition and delete it. (for swap partition you must right click on it, select swap off, then delete)

Step 6: After deleting all the required partition, click on the ‘Apply’ on the top.

You are done. Now you got an unallocated empty hard disk.

You have to partition to the required format (ie. NTFS for windows) and size before installing new Operating System.


  1. Awesome post, hey I stumbled on to this story while surfing for song lyrics. Thanks for sharing I’ll email my friends about this too.

  2. I just bought a new laptop with MeeGo preinstalled. I want to uninstall MeeGo and Install my Win XP. I tried to Boot from CD but canot copy Win XP. I was told to “format” the harddisk using my Win XP setup disk, but cannot find the command to Format the drive. Please advise.

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