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How to Increase Bass on iPhone: Bass Boost Any Song You Play

Whether you are using Apple’s AirPods, earphones, or Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, the listening experience is quite important to all of us. If you love to tweak some equalizer and boost the bass on your iPhone while playing music, there are some quick methods to get it done.

The good thing is that you can adjust the bass of the music by tweaking the equalizer settings in your iPhone. Let’s see how to do that.

Increase Bass on Apple Music

If you have an active Apple Music subscription and want to increase bass on music, you can find it under iPhone settings. Before fiddling with the settings on your iPhone to adjust bass output, first, turn on and listen to some music from Apple Music app. Once you hear the normal audio output of the music played, only then you will be able to differentiate the audio output when you adjust the bass.

Now, let’s see how to increase the bass on your iPhone. Please make sure that the music is playing while you adjust the settings. Otherwise, you cannot experience the real-time change in the music you are hearing.

Open Settings on your iPhone. Then, scroll down and tap Music.

select music from settings menu iphone

Look for the section titled AUDIO. Under that, tap EQ. (EQ means Equalizer)

music menu settings iphone

Here you will see a long list of options for different music genres. Tap on the text “Increase Bass” in that list.

equalizer settings iphone

Can you feel the difference in the bass output? Now, instead of increasing the bass output, you can also decrease that. To do that, scroll down the list in the EQ and tap on “Reduce Bass“.

Likewise, if you wish to test how the audio output changes for different types of genres, just tap on the options listed under EQ like Jazz, Classical, Piano, Pop, etc, and experience the change.

Note: The above Equalizer settings will affect only the audio played in the Apple Music app.

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Increase Bass on iPhone Using Spotify Equalizer

From the above section, it is clear that Apple’s inbuilt Equalizer will help us to adjust the bass of music played in the Apple Music app only. If you are listening music on streaming apps like Spotify, then you need to adjust the settings of the app’s equalizer to change the audio output.

To adjust the Bass of music played in Spotify, check out our detailed guide on how to increase the Bass of songs in Spotify using Spotify Equalizer.

Bass Boost on iPhone Using Third Party App

Are you someone who loves to play your own music collections stored on your Google Drive or listen to radio stations? Then, you cannot adjust the bass of your music o iPhone using the default music app. In that case, the only available option is to make use of a third-party Equalizer app like Boom that supports playing music from cloud storage services.

Boom is an advanced equalizer app with cool features like an 8 or 16 band custom Equalizer, Bass Booster, 40K Radio Stations, and much more. It not only allows you to access songs stored on your iPhone but also your music library from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

Now, let’s see how to increase the bass on iPhone using the Boom app.

Launch Boom app from your iPhone. When you are using Boom for the first time, you will be shown several screens to select your headphones, music genre, and other things. Make your desired selections or tap Skip till you are redirected to the main screen of the app.

On the Home screen of the Boom app, tap the three-line icon on the top left.

boom app music platforms

Here, you can see the list of all the platforms from which you can play music. Go ahead and select your desired option. In this example, I have chosen the Radio option to play music from BBC Radio.

Once you play the music, you will see the control menu for the music on the bottom of the screen. Here, tap on the Boom icon located in the bottom right corner. In the new pop-up menu that is shown, tap the three-line Equalizer icon located at the bottom.

boom app music playback settings

Then, from the list of options displayed in the new pop-up menu, tap the option BassBoost to increase the Bass of the music played on your iPhone.

boom app increase bass

Apart from BassBoost, you can also find presets for music genres like Pop, Hiphop, Rock, Party, on the menu. Plus, Boom app also provides an option to create your own equalizer.

Still, if you are not satisfied with the bass quality by using any of the options listed above, then you can try to buy bass boosting headphones from brands like Sony and see if it helps.

Bass mostly does not matter when you listen to music directly from iPhone speaker. But if you are using a headphone or Bluetooth speakers, you will notice the lack of bass if there is any. What we discussed here are the best methods to solve this and increase bass on iPhone for music played in most popular streaming apps.

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