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Lepow Multipurpose Portable Monitor for Work From Home, Gaming and More

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The new portable monitors offer the level of portability and versatility that you’ve been looking for. They are not only slim and stylish but comes with versatile connectivity that includes wireless and well as the wired connectivity. The need for portable monitors is high since we are getting used to working from home and entering 2021 with the hope for more productivity. Here we got the all-new Lepow 15.6” ultra-slim portable monitor that comes packed with a lot of features.

Let’s take a tour to see what Lepow 15.6” HD portable monitor has to offer.


  1. Lepow 15.6-inch Portable Monitor
  2. Design and Build Quality
  3. Video and Display
  4. Input and Connectivity
  5. What’s in the Box
  6. Pros and Cons
  7. Price and Availability
  8. Final Verdict

Lepow 15.6-inch Portable Monitor

The Lepow 15.6” HD portable monitor is one of the most stylish USB C portable monitors with Full HD resolution. The portable monitor for work from home delivers enhanced visuals that scale up to 1080p resolution. With its improved image-enhancing algorithms, the USB C portable display gives out stunning details with vivid color reproduction.

The Lepow portable display is roughly the size of normal laptop screens. The key aspect is the sleek and slim design and weighs lighter than your average laptop. Being lightweight and slim makes it one of the best choices for your business presentation and runaway entertainment. You can carry around this portable monitor along with your laptop or MacBook so easily.

Lepow Portable Monitor

With the USB C connectivity, the Lepow portable monitor supports iPads, Mac, and even smartphones. You can place the monitor in both the portrait or in the landscape mode without much of a fuss. Apart from the USB C interface, there is also the HDMI port that lets you connect the Windows PCs and gaming consoles like the Xbox or the PlayStation 5.

What’s more, this portable display for MacBooks and laptops comes with inbuilt dual 2.1 speakers on either of its sides. The speakers produce crisp and clear tones that enhance your multimedia streaming and gaming. You can simply connect your laptops or iPad to the screen and watch movies bigger and louder. There is also a 3.5 mm audio input that lets you connect your headphones.

A major flaw that you will feel is the lack of wireless connectivity. The only way you can stream to the portable monitor is via the dedicated USB C port or the HDMI port. For a compact, stylish, and lightweight portable display that comes under the $200 mark, this USB C portable display does put out a decent show on the whole.

Design and Build Quality

The Lepow USB C portable monitor is ultra-slim and lightweight. The display for laptops comes with a Full HD 15.6” IPS display that comes in 1920x1080p resolution. The device is very small, just 14 mm thick, and weighs just over a kilo. This makes it one of the compact portable monitors suitable for travelers and businessmen. The whole display unit is quite sturdy and strong.

Lepow Portable Monitor magnetic case

The back panel is made of good quality alloy and has a good matte finish. Lepow portable monitor includes a magnetic protective case that keeps it safe from accidental falls, dust, and dirt. The case pretty much gives a leather finish that makes your monitor look classy. This premium magnetic case doubles itself as a kickstand and lets you orient or align the monitor to the best viewing angle.

Talking about the ports and switches, the Lepow HD portable monitor includes a micro HDMI and a USB C port on its right. There is also a 3.5 mm audio jack near the USB C port. On the left, there is the USB C power input and a navigation switch that lets you access the on-screen menu. The matte coated display in a way adds a bit of calmness to the display as the IPS panel comes with a bit of bluish tint.

Video and Display

The Lepow USB C monitor delivers stunning visuals at 1080p resolution. The portable monitor comes with an IPS display that offers good clarity without causing much color leakage. Lepow made it a good portable monitor for business presentations and for your camping trips.

But, at a more detailed look, the Lepow 15.6 portable monitor doesn’t suit the pro videographers who tend to play with a lot of editing and colors. The details are sharp but the display lacks that professionalism at some point. You might not get the true color output as you get on your iMac or MacBook retina display.

Lepow Portable Monitor Display

The display comes with the standard 60Hz refresh rate. At this reasonable price tag, we cannot expect more than that. On the other hand, there are adjustable picture modes. These include the movie, gaming, outdoor, and many more.

A good thing that we felt is that there isn’t any noticeable delay in video transmission. The HDR mode on the display enhances the pictures to a decent level. It makes gaming and media streaming all the more immersive and exciting. The Lepow HD portable display offers easy flip orientation so that you can play videos in portrait and landscape modes easily.

Input and Connectivity

The Lepow portable monitor includes only the wired connectivity. It comes with the new USB C as its powering and primary input port. With this, you can power the device even with your smartphone charger. USB C also favors display transmission from USB C enabled gadgets like the MacBook Pro, iPhones, and Android smartphones.

Lepow Portable Monitor type C

There is the HDMI port that helps you connect the gaming consoles. The included HDMI Mini to HDMI cable offers quick video transmission from the PS5, Xbox, and many more. But yet, there is no support for wireless screencasting over WiFi or Bluetooth.

What’s in the Box

With the full delivery, you get the Lepow Portable monitor, a magnetic case that doubles itself as a kickstand, and the 5V 2A charger. You also get the USB to Type C and the HDMI mini to HDMI cable as input cables. There are also the necessary documents and warranty papers within the box.

The user manual that comes with the portable monitor is limited and doesn’t offer a detailed guide. You also receive a tampered screen glass that acts as a dedicated screen protector.

Pros and Cons

Here are the major things we liked and disliked about the Lepow 15.6-inch portable monitor display for working from home, suitable for PCs, laptops, and MacBook.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good display at an affordable price
  • User-friendly OSD menu and controls
  • Has both USB-C and mini-HDMI inputs
  • The protective case is durable and strong
  • Easy orientation


  • No internal battery.
  • No touchscreen option
  • No Full HDMI support
  • Lacks wireless connectivity
  • The user manual offers limited data

Key Features: 15.6″ display | 1080p resolution | USB type C interface | HDMI connectivity | Lightweight and compact | Matte design | Magnetic protective case with kickstand | raised side bezels | USB C charging

Price and Availability

The Lepow 15.6 USB C portable monitor is a user friendly portable display that you can couple up with almost any device you use. The portable monitor is quite budget-oriented and comes just under $200, making it an affordable pick from Amazon.

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Final Verdict

The Lepow USB C portable display is a budget-oriented smart monitor that comes with great visual capabilities. The multipurpose portable monitor offers 1080p enhanced visuals with a decent refresh rate and color enhancement. The lack of wireless connectivity takes a large chunk of its glow. There are some monitors with wireless connectivity at around the same price tag. But, if you look for good portability, then the Lepow USB C monitor is a decent choice to consider.


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