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Here’s What You Can Do If You Found a Lost AirTag

Apple AirTag trackers are getting places and people are buying a lot of them to couple up with their keys, wallets, and more. If you live in the States, there is a chance that you found a lost AirTag (and a key or wallet with it). If you just did, you must be confused about what to do with the lost AirTag you just found, here it is.

Let us find out how you can find the original owner of a lost AirTag.

Report a Lost AirTag to Its Owner

Each AirTag is registered to its owner’s Apple ID while setting up a new AirTag. Like the Apple ID stores information about AirTag, the owner’s details get stored in the AirTag as well. Once the owner loses their AirTag, it will easy for anyone to find the owner and let them know.

Now, if you just found a lost AirTag and trying to get back to the owner, here iis what you should do.

First of all, make sure your Android phone or iPhone has NFC support. If you have an iPhone 6 or later, it sure does have an NFC support. If you are using an Android phone, make sure it has an NFC support. For Android devices, the NFC reading needs to be turned on manually.

Now, take the found AirTag and hold it close to your phone’s back, just near to the camera.

Scan Lost AirTag on iPhone with NFC

A notification will pop up on your phone to open the link from the scanned NFC. Tap on it to open the link containing AirTag’s information.

AirTag Information Website

You will see the instructions to disable the AirTag. If the owner has reported the AirTag as lost you will their message with a contact number so that you can get back to them.

Remember even if you found a lost AirTag, you cannot use it without the owner’s permission. Apple locks the AirTag with an Apple ID and the owner has to remove the AirTag from their phone to do it. Also, the owner will get the accurate location of the AirTag, wherever it is. So, if you found a lost AirTag, it is always better to return it back.

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