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7 Best iOS Apps to Watch Movies (Free) on iPad & iPhone

There are dedicated iOS apps to Watch Movies. These apps are dedicated apps that built for iOS let you watch movies online. The apps are well organized with search functionality to find your favorite movies with few taps on the screen

Any movie and genre can be searched on these iOS free movie apps without any trouble. You want a comedy movie or a horror flick just open on of these free movie app and access them whenever you need to. They can be an excellent way to save oneself from tediousness on a long trip. There are movie streaming services like Netflix or Hulu that ask a monthly charge for the services.

With a smartphone or tablet running on iOS, you can watch these movies free with dedicated iOS movie app. Determining the which free apps for movies are best is a tough call. To lessen the burden and avoid the hassle of searching free movies, we listed the best iOS apps to watch movies.


Daily billions of people visit YouTube for watching videos and upload some of their videos to share them. Nevertheless, it can also be used for viewing free movies whenever a person wants to. YouTube, the biggest video hosting service of the world, offering the users full feature length movies as well.


Just perform a quick search on YouTube to get the flicks uploaded on the site and see them without any trouble encountered. Google has also made a separate section for movies in YouTube but not all of them are free.

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Movies by Flixster

For all the movies buffs out there, Movies by Flixster is the absolute answer for a daily craving of movies. Create your own personalized ‘To watch list’ of movies that is coming in the theaters soon. flixsterThis app is quite good in interface and accessibility, but due to a lot of streaming apps, it often goes under the radar when a search of iOS movie apps. This app allows AirPlay for streaming content from iOS device to any other Apple TV.

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Crackle Movies

Not every application contains the feature and characteristics that make to be called a ‘must-have’, but Crackle does so. It provides feature-length movies at no subscription cost allowing you to save on movies as well as TV shows to your list for watching later.

crackleThe videos are kept for a particular time and after it, the content is removed from the library. Crackle allows adjusting of the movie quality to function best in comparison to internet speed. The interface of the application is quick that make the users get best of the app.

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Want a handy iOS App to watch the movie that works when you want to watch free movies, then try Yidio. Filter the movies in more than one way, by premiere date, MPAA rating, genre and remove the ones that are being already viewed before. With the clean and intuitive user interface, you get the trending and latest content to browse the ones you want to see at the present moment. A person’s viewing preference is saved in a list having all the content history in the app. Just tap the video icon of the opened content and it will lead to a new tab with full and precise information.

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Netflix is one of the best subscription services for TV Episodes and movies. Those who has already Netflix monthly subscription can download the movies and TV Episodes to their iPhone for offline watching. However, there are some restriction on this offline features and allowed only certain titles to download. Please refer the help page for iPhone users having any difficulty for downloading Title using their Netflix app.

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Many people might not know that Youko is a video streaming service much like YouTube in China and has about 580 million unique views per month. Like YouTube it allows the users to watch and stream free movies present in its library without any trouble encountered. Anyone can view the full-length films and kill their time with ease. The app has two layers of access features, the first one available for searching and former one being quick access to various contents.

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Snag Films

Not every film-viewing app has a collection of 5000 movies, but Snag Films has this huge catalog for free. It is a simple to use the app and allows you to share the films over the social networking sites. The app is divided in recently added, popular and other sections for movies. If you constantly use the app then the app will start recommending the films based on your watching style. Many movies can be watched in 720P and 1080P.

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Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is the answer to the search of the people looking to watch great movies for free regardless of their genre. All the good movies are a tap away and available for free. The interface of the app has more space and allows the users to access it for searching the movies to watch in the free time. It is very free to watch and allows you to enjoy any movie without any restriction. The extra room helps in finding as well as watching films that are worth the trouble.

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Another popular network that comes in form of app that allows online streaming of movies whenever needed. Viewster gives your original HD quality movies and also supports Apple TV giving you a widescreen viewing experience with ease. No need to sign-up and pay for the available movies in the library. The developers of the app provide fresh content on weekly basis and increase their unique variety content to cater the demands of the people. The simple navigation of Viewster makes it more addictive and appealing to use. It also shows you the details like synopsis and duration.

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Movies & TV Shows

Developed by BIGSTAR TV, the app offers and inherits some of the best award-winning movies of the independent genre, foreign films, and documentaries. Movies & TV shows are the perfect apps for the people who to explore the films that are diverse and alternative to the typical Hollywood ones. Discover the great world of international cinema through this app and watch it in any part of the world. Download this app for some unique independent cinema watching.

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Not all iOS movie apps, cater the requirements and demands of the person. However, for a movie lover, it does allow to stream and watch, which most of them love to do. With these free movie apps, you can stream any movie on iPhone or iPad in a long journey or boring outing.

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  1. I am using ArkMC for Mac, as I don’t have Smart TV in order to playback or stream movies via the Smart applications. So, if you have only a connected screen, like I do, then try ArkMC. This app allows you seamlessly stream media from your Mac to TV (connected screen).There are an almost endless number of UPnP or DLNA compatible devices and ArkMC allows you to stream to all of them. It gets even better, as you are able to stream to multiple devices at the same time. ArkMC is a perfect solution for watching movies and videos on TV, Mac or other devices directly from your external storage without copying, at the same time freeing up some space on your Mac.

  2. Netflix is a total waste of money because there are apps out there with a much wider range of movies for free , Netflix plays movies that they want us to watch which is unfair especially when you are paying .


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