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How to Turn Windows 11 Taskbar Into Mac Like Dock

Those who ever used a Mac would love to get that dock on any other PC they use. If you just switched to Windows 11 and still love the macOS dock from the Mac you used, there are ways to get it. The taskbar in Windows 11 is sufficient enough with apps docked and tray icons, but that hasn’t stopped many users from wishing it had a dock.

You can now turn your taskbar into a macOS dock for Windows 11. Let’s begin.

Get macOS Dock for Windows 11

There are quite a few dock applications for Windows. These applications simply add a macOS-like dock to your Windows desktop. This may be visually appealing to some, but it’s functionally redundant. Since the dock serves as a place to pin your favorite apps, the taskbar already does it.

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TaskbarXI is a new app, but it is a bit different. It turns the taskbar into a dock, by getting rid of all the empty space on the panel. That requires no additional resources since the app isn’t adding a dock. The app is simple, straightforward, and currently provides no configuration options. Since it doesn’t actually add anything, you still have the same taskbar with the same features or lack of features, but it looks like a dock.

Download TaskbarXI
  1. Go to the Taskbar XI GitHub releases page.
  2. Expand the Assets section if not already expanded by clicking on it.
  3. Click on TaskbarXI.exe to download the file.
  4. To turn your taskbar into a macOS dock for Windows, just double-click on the downloaded file.
Turn Windows 11 Taskbar Into macOS Like Dock

The app needs no installation, so you simply have to run it. Once started, you will immediately see the effects on your taskbar. As you may gather from the GitHub page, TaskbarXI is still in the early stages. It is a successor to TaskbarX, which was designed for Windows 10 and provided many features. We even used it to center taskbar icons on Windows 10, to make it more like Windows 11.

TaskbarXI corner

The results are not perfect, though. The curved corners are not quite smooth. If you don’t like the results, you can right-click on the TaskbarXI system tray icon to exit the app. Your taskbar will return to normal as soon as you do that. Currently, there are no other options in TaskbarXI at all.

How to Enable or Disable Windows 11 Startup Sound

This means it will not start up automatically when you start Windows. If you want that, you’ll have to manually add Taskbar XI to your startup programs. Once you do that, you can get the macOS-like dock on your Windows 11 PC whenever you boot up your computer.

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