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Akaso Keychain Camera Review: Thumb-Sized 4K Action Vlogging Camera

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If you’re into Vlogging then you might have felt the need for something that can record everything and anything without much of a fuss. Of course, the smartphones come with pretty renowned cameras but you should be prepared and ready every time and that’s hectic. That’s where the new Akaso Keychain camera comes into the limelight. It’s a small, light, and elegant action cam that records in 4K. It can enhance and take your vlogs to greater levels.

We got the Akaso Key Chain cam this time and make sure to hang around as we’ve got everything you should know about this cute little 4K action cam.


  1. Overview
  2. Design and Build Quality
  3. Camera and Video Quality
  4. Connectivity
  5. Battery
  6. Accessories
  7. What’s in the Box
  8. Pros and Cons
  9. Price and Availability
  10. Verdict


The Akaso Keychain camera is a mini vlog camera that can shoot in 4K. It’s one of the lightest and the most compact vlogging camera that includes tons of image optimizations and other key features. Akaso Keychain is barely the size of your thumb and comes with a clip-on action that lets you keep it anywhere and everywhere to shoot at an instance. The Akaso Keychain can capture footage in 4K 30 FPS and gives enhanced stabilization thanks to the EIS 2.0.

Akaso keychain cam

At nearly 36g, Akaso Keychain Camera is one of the smallest vlogging action cameras that is packed with hell lotta features up its sleeves. The lightweight vlogging camera is completely hands-free and has a magnetic rear design. It can very well help you clip it on your shirt, headband, or seemingly anywhere without being noticed.

You should also download the Akaso Go smartphone app to unlock the endless editing and enhancing possibilities on the go. What’s more, the Akaso Keychain Camera can run for 60 minutes on a single charge.

Akaso Keychain 4K Action Camera Specifications:

ModelAKASO Keychain
Product4K Action/Vlogging Camera
Resolution4K 30 FPS
StabilizationElectronic Image Stabilization
Field of View124 degree
Connectivity5GHz WiFi
Battery60 Minutes run-time

Design and Build Quality

The Akaso Keychain is the lightest action/vlogging camera you can buy at the moment. At 36g and roughly the size of your thumb, it’s a go-anywhere camera that is capable of shooting excellent vlogging visuals. The action-camera from Akaso comes with a magnetically attachable unit that lets you fix it anywhere.

You can fix the Akaso Keychain camera on your tees, lockets, gym accessories, and many more without being noticed. You also get a bunch of accessories like the Akaso ¼” tripod and much more that lets you attain image stability.

Akaso keychain design

The whole camera unit is splash-proof and weatherproof and comes with an IPX4 rating. There is also a wrap-around protective case that keeps this tiny action camera safe from dust and dirt from logging in.

Talking about the camera unit, Akaso Keychain 4K vlogging camera includes a 20MP lens that offers a 124° field of view. The camera sensor has the capability to shoot footages in 4K 30 FPS resolution. There is in fact an array of six LED lights that act as a mini flash to illuminate the subject. The mini 4K action camera can store the recorded videos and images into a micro SD. The SD card slot is at the bottom of the camera near the charging port, which are both perfectly disguised.

Camera and Video Quality

The Akaso Keychain is a mini vlogging camera that’s able to shoot in 4K. The action camera can also capture photos at 20MP and even has photo modes like burst and interval shots. You can set it up to 60 FPS and 120 FPS at 2.7K and 1080p respectively.

Akaso Keychain Camera Sample Footage:

Akaso Keychain Camera 4K Footage
Akaso Keychain Camera sample Footage

This vlogging action camera from Akaso comes with an extreme level of video stabilization. It comes with the EIS 2.0 and makes sure your footages are pretty much stable. You get a bunch of video modes to select within the module. The timelapse and the slow-mo look pretty good even though the field of view is low. The 124° field of view is a bit limited but the overall stabilization and enhanced output make it quite a good performer.


Coming to connectivity, this mini vlogging cam comes with Wi-Fi and lets you connect it with your smartphone. You can get the Akaso GO app from either the Play Store or the Apple App Store and is free. After downloading the app, you get the output videos and images right into your phone within the blink of an eye.

Akaso GO App

The app lets you edit and enhance your videos and can add a creative touch with ease. There are tons of special effects, doodles, and filters to choose from, and even lets you merge and create HD videos. Also, a keynote to keep in mind is that the app is where you can set the video and image clarities. The Akaso GO app is a must in order to unleash the full potential of the keychain cam.


Akaso Keychain camera comes with a tiny inbuilt battery with a limited battery backup. You get around an hour’s worth of battery life on a single full charge. That’s a bit of an issue when compared with its main competitors including Insta360 Go. The battery can be charged through the included USB C charger.

If you’re into too much vlogging then you should keep backup power storage in order to hit the long run. But looking at the overall performance, the Akaso Keychain does have an upper edge thanks to its excellent image stabilization.


The Akaso Keychain Cam becomes more versatile when coupled with the included accessories. You get a pivot stand or the small tripod stand, and mount base to enhance your vlogs. You can capture stunning time-lapse, etc., with the help of these mount base and pivot stand.

Within the package, you also get a carry on case, a magnetic board, and an easy clip-on. The magnet board lets you easily keep it aligned on your tees. The easy clip-on allows you to keep the Akaso Keychain camera firmly anywhere.

What’s in the Box

Upon delivery, you can find the Akaso Keychain camera, a pivot stand and a base, and a magnetic base. There are also clip-ons and a camera case and a Type C USB charger. You also receive the mandatory documents and the user manual.

Akaso Key chain contents

Pros and Cons

Have you liked this tiny action camera yet? Here are the some of the things we liked and disliked about the Akaso Keychain camera.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent 4K image stabilization
  • Easy app based connectivity
  • Seamless editing and image enhancement
  • The magnetic base ensures easy attachment


  • No screen
  • Audio lacks quality
  • Videos look a bit over-exposed
  • battery life is low
  • In-app glitches at times

Key Features: 4K videos at 30 | EIS 2.0 | 20 MP photo resolution | Hands-free operation | 124-degree field of view | Wifi and app connectivity | Akaso GO | Slow-Mo and Time Lapse | Up to 1-hour battery life | USB C Charging | IP56 rating

Price and Availability

The Akaso Keychain Cam is a pretty innovative vlogging camera that’s the smallest and the lightest you can buy at the moment. There are tons of features the action cam flaunts. You can buy this compact keychain action camera from Amazon just under $100.

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The Akaso Keychain cam is a pretty lightweight action camera that records in 4K. It is useful for the Youtubers and Tiktokers who need easy and reliable output with no time. With its unique design, the Akaso Keychain camera can be an add-on to your vlogging kit, as it can shoot in any circumstances without taking much space. The thumb-sized design and the easy to use mechanism makes it a decent to-go camera at this range. Yeah, it cant be compared with the GoPro but, is a decent vlogging camera to get if you’re new to vlogging.


Video Quality


Akaso Keychain is a thumb-sized pocket action camera for those who want to add some extra life to vlogging videos. The keychain camera from Akaso is really helpful in shooting videos in tiny spaces, and shoot promising videos with decent wide angle.


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Akaso Keychain is a thumb-sized pocket action camera for those who want to add some extra life to vlogging videos. The keychain camera from Akaso is really helpful in shooting videos in tiny spaces, and shoot promising videos with decent wide angle.Akaso Keychain Camera Review: Thumb-Sized 4K Action Vlogging Camera