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CallTap App: An Easy and Secure Way to Record iPhone Calls

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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to record your phone calls. Professionally speaking, business owners can monitor the performance of their customer service or sales teams, interviewers can have records to refer to when making a hiring decision, and journalists can store interviews for easy quoting and fact-checking.

On a more personal level, you may have conversations with loved ones that you want to cherish, or perhaps you’re consulting a professional and want to save their advice or instructions. Whatever your reasons may be, and as long as your country or state’s laws allow it, you can use the CallTap app to easily record and store those important iPhone calls you want to keep.

Many call recording apps out there can end up feeling like a scam by forcing you into a paid subscription or making it difficult to cancel your membership. On top of that, when you try to use them, glitches or poor usability mean you end up losing your call recordings.CallTap Call Recorder Features

The CallTap iPhone app, however, prioritizes transparency by clearly offering pay-as-you-go packages without recurring payments as well as a great-value subscription option, which you can cancel any time in the app settings. CallTap also emphasizes convenience by letting you make as many call recordings as you want, all from an easy-to-use interface.

Unlimited, Private Phone Call Recordings

With CallTap, you don’t need to worry about hitting a max number of allowed recordings each month or each year. The app lets you record an unlimited number of calls, including both incoming and outgoing calls. On top of that, there’s no limit to the length of the calls you record either. As long as you want to talk, that’s how long you can record.

In addition to this freedom with the number and length of your recordings, your security is taken into consideration, too. The app will never sell your phone number or data to third parties, and there’s no user tracking involved. In today’s digital world, user’s privacy with various apps and websites has become an issue, but it isn’t with CallTap.

Transcribe Your iPhone Calls Right in the App

While some personal recordings may be more valuable because of the sound of the voices themselves, other recordings like job and journalism interviews are useful because of the information they hold. With CallTap, you can easily transcribe all of your call recordings right there in the app to conveniently come back to that information again and again. Better still, it’s not just English calls that you can transcribe. The app can handle transcriptions in 30 different languages and dialects!

Since you can use the app itself to transcribe your recordings, you can cut out the extra hassle of transcribing the calls yourself or paying for an outside transcription service. And, once again, there are no limits to how many transcriptions you can make.

Stress-Free Subscription Options

It’s never a good feeling when you think you’ve downloaded a free call recording app only to get duped into making a purchase. It’s also not great when you get trapped into a paid subscription you didn’t want. Thankfully, there are no scams when it comes to CallTap’s payment options.

If you’re recording one-off calls here and there, you can purchase affordable packages with 15 or 60 minutes of recordings. With this pay-as-you-go option, there are no recurring payments and you can add minutes at any time.

If you’re planning on recording phone calls frequently, you can save some money by getting a subscription with unlimited recordings. With this option, you’ll be able to record to your heart’s desire with no per-minute charges. You can also cancel your subscription at any time from your settings in the App Store so you don’t have to feel stuck with a membership you no longer use.

Simple, Sleek Design for Easy Usability

Recording a phone call doesn’t have to mean getting bogged down in a complicated user interface. CallTap’s simple design allows you to record phone calls easily and conveniently access, save, and export those recordings.

When you have a recording or a transcription that you want to share, you can download them to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and other integrations on your phone right from the app. You can also email them to yourself or share them via SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. Your call recordings will be where you need them!

How to Record Phone Calls Using the iPhone App

The easiest way to record an outgoing iPhone call with the CallTap app is to simply open the app, press start recording, and either dial a number or choose a contact from your address book. Since CallTap records call using your phone’s three-way conference feature, the app will first call the service number closest to you and then the number you chose. Once the call is connected, all you have to do is click “merge call” and it’ll start recording until you hang up.

CallTap Phone Recordings

To record incoming calls, just answer the phone call, open CallTap, and press record. Doing this will dial the CallTap service number and put your caller on hold. When it’s connected, you can merge the calls to begin recording.

Alternatively, you can record both outgoing and incoming iPhone calls by adding CallTap to your call yourself. To do this, tap “add call” while on another call and select the service number in your CallTap contact of the country closest to you. As with the other methods, you can then merge calls to initiate the recording. For this option, you must have previously started at least one recording from the app directly so it creates a CallTap contact in your address book.

Note that to use the CallTap phone call recording app, you must have an iOS device and a phone provider that supports three-way calling.

Your Go-to Call Recorder

Your phone calls are a rich resource for professional development and important memories. Recording them and keeping them safe is easier than ever with CallTap. With the app’s unlimited allowance of recordings; upfront, hassle-free payment options; attractive, easy-to-use interface, you’ll be able to record calls on your iPhone when you want, without hassle.

Ready to start recording? Download CallTap from the App Store today!

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