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Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi Review: Finally A Stylish Door Lock with WiFi

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Eufy has made some of the finest home security gadgets ranging from doorbell cameras to security cams. They’ve now developed the Eufy Smart Security Lock Touch with WiFi. It is one of their innovative and much-awaited home security solutions. But the question is, were the smart locks smart enough to buy one for your front door? Eufy tries to fix that void with the new Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi, with an extra mode of connectivity.

Here we’ve got the Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi (Eufy Security T8250) sitting right next to us and we’ve got so much to talk about this Home security gadget.


  1. eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi: Overview
  2. eufy WiFi Door Lock: Specifications
  3. eufy WiFi Door Lock Size Dimensions
  4. eufy Door Lock Design
  5. eufy WiFi Door Locking & Unlocking
  6. eufy WiFi Door Lock Installation
  7. eufy WiFi Door Lock Battery Backup & Charging
  8. eufy Security App & Fingerprint Setup
  9. What’s in the Box
  10. eufy Door Lock Pros & Cons
  11. Pricing & Availability
  12. Final Verdict

eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi: Overview

The Eufy Smart Lock Touch is the latest home door lock security that comes with a WiFi. The smart door lock comes with WiFi as well as Bluetooth to let you connect with your smartphones via the Eufy app. Eufy Smart Lock is a dedicated door lock that includes multi-level protection standards. With this smart lock installed in your home, you can have peace of mind as the lock comes with auto-lock and fingerprint recognition. There are added security options like the pin code unlock and the app-based Bluetooth/WiFi unlocking.

The all-weather design and the IPX65 rating keeps it pristine throughout the years. The door lock from eufy can stand strong even during heavy rainfall or snow and gives comprehensive protection to your home. The solid build and the durable internal locking mechanism lets you get over 250K locking and unlocking cycles. With quite a lot of smart features and durable design, the Eufy Smart Lock Touch can truly be a game-changer in this league.

Moving on, we’ll talk in detail about its design, installation, and other key features. We’ll also talk in detail about the pros and cons of this home smart security lock. 

Watch eufy WiFi Door Lock Review Video:

eufy WiFi Door Lock: Specifications

Here is a full detailed specifications of the Eufy smart lock touch & WiFi door lock.

SpecificationsEufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi
Model NameSmart Lock Touch & WiFi
Model NumberEufy Security T8250
Unlocking Methods4 Ways (WiFi/Bluetooth, Android/iOS App, Fingerprint, Passcode)
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth
Alexa SupportYes
Google AssistantYes
Apple HomeKitNo
WaterproofYes, IP65
Security FeaturesAuto-locking, fingerprint-proof material, Scramble mode while entering passcode, AES128+ Bit Hardware Encoded Chip
BatteryRechargeable 10,000mAh battery
Battery Life365 Days
BHMA CertificationYes, Grade 2

eufy WiFi Door Lock Size Dimensions

The eufy smart WiFi door lock comes with standard size dimensions, suitable for all generic door types. However, if you are still confused about the size details and dimensions for making custom gates and doors, here is it.

Eufy WiFi Door LockDimensions
Cross Bore diameter2⅛” / 54 mm or 1½” / 38 mm
Backset2⅜” / 60 mm or 2¾”/ 70 mm
Diameter of door hole:1” / 25 mm
Door thickness1⅜” / 35 mm – 2 ⅛” / 55 mm
Location of handleset or bored deadlatch>6”/150mm from cross bore hole.

See the image following to get a clearer picture of how the eufy smart WiFi door lock will fit into your front door.

eufy WiFi Door Lock Door/Frame Dimensions

eufy Door Lock Design

The Eufy Smart Lock Touch looks fairly stylish and elegant. We got the latest WiFi integrated version and it looks identical to its previous version that came without WiFi. This WiFi Smart Home Lock features a conventional rectangular design that is easy to install on your doors. The device also comes with a decent touch screen keypad that lets you type your passcode in order to open the lock. Just above the touchpad, there is the fingerprint scanner. The circular fingerprint scanner is large enough to press any of your fingers and unlock faster.

Eufy Smart WiFi Lock Design

The fingerprint recognition on the Eufy smart lock WiFi is crisp and clean. It recognizes your fingerprint within a jiffy and opens the door right at that moment. Beneath the touchpad, there is a traditional key slot that lets you open or closes your door manually. It is covered by a lustrous outer panel that hides the key slot very well.

Eufy Security Smart Lock Rear Design

The outer panel on the door lock is so well placed that it adds pretty much the look that we wanted. Also, under the exterior module, you can find both the reset button and the USB charging slot for emergency situations.

Eufy Smart Lock USB Port

The design is quite nicely executed and there are prior durability standards that the Eufy Smart Door Lock with WiFi meet. The smart WiFi door lock is rated IPX65 and can withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall or snow. Eufy door lock with WiFi can operate at a pretty decent temperature range of -30°C to 70°C. What’s more, the gadget is BHMA certified and this makes it pretty safe and reliable to couple it up with your main door.

eufy WiFi Door Locking & Unlocking

The Eufy Smart Lock touch offers 4 easy and secure ways to unlock your doors. You can use wireless connectivity, Fingerprint, or the traditional key method to unlock your doors.

Wireless Locking & Unlocking

With WiFi access, you can now lock or unlock easily within a range of 650ft. Over WiFi network, you can connect the Eufy smart door lock with the app on your phone. Plus, it lets you connect with smart speakers or assistants. Eufy enables Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support with this WiFi smart door lock. There is no Apple HomeKit support, in case you wanted to control using iPhone, Apple Watch or HomePod.

App Unlocking Eufy Smart WiFi Lock

Using Alexa or Google Home speakers, you can lock or unlock the front door with just voice commands. There is only 2.4GHz WiFi support. Even if your router has a 5GHz band, forget it and connect to the 2.4GHz network that offers more range.

The Bluetooth unlocking is also pretty reliable and smooth. The older models of the Eufy Smart Lock had Bluetooth alone. The Bluetooth unlocking requires you to be really close to the door opener unit. Apart from that, the Bluetooth unlocking is crisp and smooth.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition is pretty much praise worthy. Eufy really worked hard to reduce the touch recognition issue that was prevalent with the older version. This time, with the new one, you can unlock your doors with even the slightest touch. Upon your touch, a blue ring of light flashes around the fingerprint sensor to show that the access is granted.

Eufy Smart Lock Touch and WiFi

The Wow factor here is the AES 128+ chipset. It keeps all your data, fingerprint, and passcode data encrypted and safe. These data remain private and even the data log on your smartphone app that shows the opening and closing logs are also saved and encrypted.

Numeric Passcode Method

The next way to unlock your door is with the help of the passcode. Unlocking Eufy smart WiFi door lock with a passcode is pretty much the secure and user-friendly way as even the fingerprint scanner can get glitchy at times.

Eufy WiFi Smart Lock Passcode

The Eufy Smart Lock Touch lets you set up a 12 number passcode. You can set the code using the Eufy’s app on your phone. Also, the app gives multi-user support and hence all your family members can either stick on to a common passcode or a personal one.

Unlocking via Physical Keys

The final method of unlocking is the traditional key method. It is for those people who are stubborn enough to skip the fingerprint or the passcode method. Yeah, they truly miss the true capabilities of this smart home gadget. But a closer look in detail shows that the key entry is important because a small glitch in the app or the scanner can let things go really bad.

Physical Key Unlocking Method Eufy Smart WiFI Lock

Whichever the method you use to unlock the smart lock, it is a rotating dial from the inside of your house. The two-way tilting internal locking/unlocking handle is easier to operate while using with the opening to either left or right side.

Also, a priceless feature worth mentioning is its ability to auto-lock. If you left the door closed and forgot to lock it, the Eufy smart lock can detect that. The smart front door lock with WiFi will automatically lock the door after a certain amount of time.

eufy WiFi Door Lock Installation

To get started with the installations of the Eufy Smart Lock WiFi, the first thing is to remove your existing door lock. Then install the deadbolt right onto the position that you prefer is the best. It always better to position it in alignment with your old door deadbolt cavity.

There are screws that come with the full package that helps you to install the deadbolt in position. There is also a side plate that should be installed. A little bit of chiselling can make this look easy peasy. After attaching the side plate, make sure that the deadbolt works fine or not with the plates in place.

Now as the deadbolt installation is over, you can easily attach the front module on to the door with the wires carefully put inside through the deadbolt cavity. On the rear side, you can attach the mounting plates. Make sure to keep it aligned with the deadbolt cavity and you’re done with the hectic installations.

If you are having confusions at this point, watch our review video to see the complete step by step guidance to install eufy WiFi door lock.

Installation eufy WiFi Door Lock

What we loved the most is that each part of the installation included a note that shows where and when it should be attached. After the mounting plates are installed, you can attach the interior module to your door. Make sure to align it with the mounting plates and then connect the wires with the interior module.

A thing to note is that the smart WiFi lock works on the rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery. You get the batteries with the whole delivery. The battery does manage to put up a decent show and Anker says that it can give enough backup to last for a year or so.

eufy WiFi Door Lock Battery Backup & Charging

Eufy offers an average battery backup of 365 days in a single charge under normal conditions. That being said, they have included a removable battery pack that can be charged separately. Apart from the battery pack, there is an inbuilt microUSB port on the door lock unit for emergency situations.

Eufy Smart Door Lock Battery Charging

We could easily remove the battery pack from the door lock indoor unit and plug into any wall adapter with micro USB charger. Removing the battery pack for charging does not affect your stored fingerprints or PINs on he Eufy Door Lock. Your biometric data is stored right within the lock unit and you will be able to use them once you put the battery back in.

eufy Security App & Fingerprint Setup

The Eufy Security app is the all-rounder controller for this WiFi smart lock from Eufy. The app on iOS and Android works like a breeze. You can add multiple gadgets and control all of them at one place with the app. We will show you how we set up the Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi door lock to our phone using the app.

Within the app, you should first select the type of gadget, in this case, the Eufy Smart Lock Touch. Tapping on the device icon takes you into an installation tutorial. Press the setup button behind the lock and scan the QR code on the device to get started.

Setup Eufy Door Lock App

After connecting, the app initiates calibration of the device. This calibration takes less than a minute and then takes you to set up your passcode. This pin code would be the admin pin code that is set in order to unlock the door.

Next, the app will take you to the fingerprint setup. To add a fingerprint, you should place your finger on the scanner on the smart lock. You can have up to 100 user profiles and 50 fingerprints on the Eufy door lock. Each profile also gives access to set a personal passcode too. You can even set access time to the other profiles. This means that you can either allow continuous or scheduled access.

Another important feature of the Eufy Security app is the Lock event log. It shows the number of times the door has been locked and unlocked with prior timings. Also, you can turn off the auto-lock or time it according to your preference.

What’s in the Box

The Eufy Smart Lock Touch is a pretty reliable and innovative home automation gadget that comes with both the Bluetooth and the WiFi. With the full delivery, you’ll be getting a single unit of the device and its corresponding attachments and accessories. With the whole package, you’ll get,

  • Exterior and interior modules
  • Door deadbolts
  • Strike Plates
  • 3M sticky tapes
  • Attachment screws and fittings.
  • Instructions and user manuals.

eufy Door Lock Pros & Cons

Almost made your mind yet? Hold on. Here are some of the things we liked and disliked about the Eufy Smart Lock Touch and WiFi door lock.

What we liked:

  • Supports both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Google Home & Alexa Support.
  • 5 modes of locking and unlocking
  • Scramble password and the auto-locking is pretty cool
  • Quick and reliable fingerprint recognition

What we disliked:

  • No Apple HomeKit support
  • No charging indicator as there is only the battery level indicator
  • No app-based or physical warning if the door is left open

Key Features: Inbuilt WiFi| Bluetooth 5.0 | Automatic locking | AES 128+ security chipset | Rapid fingerprint recognition | IPX65 rating | App-based operations | compatible with voice assistants | BHMA certified | rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery | up to a year worth battery life on normal use

Pricing & Availability

Eufy Smart Lock with WiFi comes under their smart home gadget category, which are not much cheaper compared to other products. The WiFi smart lock comes with a price tag of under just $250.

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As of now, you can purchase the Eufy smart WiFi door lock from Best Buy and Amazon. Check the Amazon pricing and offers.

Final Verdict

The previous version of the Eufy smart Lock touch has got a lot of critics pointing out the lack of WiFi connectivity. This time, with the updated version, Eufy presents an innovative and reliable smart gadget for your homes. It comes with one of the quickest fingerprint recognition and allows access within the blink of an eye.

Apart from the Bluetooth, the WiFi has increased the controllable range to a great limit. This is also a pro when you compare it with the rest of the smart door locks. The sleek and stylish design and the easy installation have in fact made us its admirers. Of course, there are a few in-app glitches but overall the device functions exceptionally well. On the brighter side, we do believe it could be your biggest bet on smart home door locks this year.


Unlock Methods
Value for Money


Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi is the updated smart lock from the home security brand. The WiFi door lock is a good bet if you want to replace your traditional lock or older smart lock with a smart lock that actually has 4 methods to lock and unlock the door.


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Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi is the updated smart lock from the home security brand. The WiFi door lock is a good bet if you want to replace your traditional lock or older smart lock with a smart lock that actually has 4 methods to lock and unlock the door.Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi Review: Finally A Stylish Door Lock with WiFi