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This PDF Editor Gives You Cloud Collaboration and a Longer Lunch Break

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If you’ve ever tried to edit PDF files, you might have noticed that it’s way more challenging compared to straightforward editing in Microsoft Office. This is mainly because the PDF format was never meant to be edited. Initially, the PDF file was created to allow users to work with documents on the screen the same way they have been doing it with hard copies. In other words, it’s the equivalent of a paper document.

There’s no doubt that the original idea of PDF was brilliant. It gave users the ability to share content without worrying about which kind of operating system the recipients were using. However, as PDF usage has evolved, there are many needs that the format isn’t equipped to meet. Correcting typos, inserting images, and changing fonts and layouts are not possible with a default reader. Lumin PDF takes care of all of those needs, and also offers an e-signature tool. Let’s make a quick Lumin PDF review of its PDF editing tools, working in the app, and Lumin PDF’s strong security.

Why Lumin PDF?

Lumin PDF offers a suite of cloud PDF editing tools that make PDF collaboration and editing fast and easy. It expands your PDF editing abilities so you no longer have to find complicated workarounds for changing or adding text in a PDF. At the same time, Lumin simplifies PDF processes. Instead of spending time and mental energy on converting files to make minor changes, you can get the job done with just a few clicks. That means more time to focus on the work you do best (or to finally take a break from it).

Typically, changing anything in a PDF involves the following steps:

  1. Save the PDF to your computer’s hard drive
  2. Convert the PDF to an editable document
  3. Make the necessary changes
  4. Convert the document back to a PDF
  5. Upload the PDF again or send it as an attachment

That process can be a huge, unnecessary expenditure of time, particularly if you work with PDFs often. It also leaves room for errors and miscommunications. When collaborating with others on a document, you have to ensure that everyone is working on the most recent version. It’s easy to lose track of which PDF file has been most recently updated, and mistakes can occur when going back and forth between multiple versions of the same content.

With Lumin’s cloud editor, you skip all those old-school steps and work in one central PDF file that all collaborators can access. If you use Lumin PDF to edit or e-sign a document, the process is simple:

  1. Open your file in Lumin PDF
  2. Make your changes or add an e-signature

When one person on your team makes changes, those appear in real-time in the central doc, keeping everyone on the same page. It sounds straightforward because it is.

Features of Lumin PDF

Not everyone has the same PDF needs. Lumin PDF lets you pick your plan based on what tools you want to use. A Free plan gives you access to basic Lumin features:

  • 1 GB storage. Keep your most important docs ready to edit in the cloud.
  • Real-time Sync. When someone is editing your document, you can see the changes as they make them. 
  • Annotation Tools. Edit the text of your documents as you need. 
  • Google Integration. Connect your Google Drive to Lumin to instantly start editing your docs in PDF format.  
  • Auto Saving. Don’t worry about lost work or creating new versions. All your changes are saved automatically. 
  • Commenting. Discuss the document and edits directly in the file. 
  • Cross-Platform. Start editing a document in your web browser and come back to it from your phone or tablet with the Lumin PDF mobile app.

Or you can opt for a paid Premium account to access features like:

  • 10 GB storage. Keep all your PDFs in a central place for your whole team.
  • Rotate and Remove Pages. Play with different layouts, cut content or add it.
  • Create custom fields. Add contact data and other useful fields.
  • Sign documents electronically. Sign off on docs or get client approval without printing or downloading.
  • Share documents. Share files with everyone on your team.
  • Send automatic notifications to collaborators. Let your team, clients, or students know when they need to take care of something. 
  • Priority support. Got a question or need help? Jump to the front of the queue. 
  • Ad removal. Work on your PDFs with no distractions.

Is Lumin PDF safe?

Everyone wants to know that their documents and data are secured. Lumin PDF takes security very seriously. Like many cloud platforms, Lumin PDF updates its security features as new types of threats become known.

Lumin PDF Features

The company has recently implemented a number of additional measures to protect its databases. These include:

  • Heightened role-based access control. Lumin has intensified authentication requirements and narrowed access controls to limit the risk of any internal breach.
  • Implemented Transport Layer Security. A man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) occurs when a cybercriminal secretly intercepts and/or alters private communications between two parties. Lumin PDF strengthened its encryption following the attack with Transport Layer Security (TLS). This type of encryption has advantages over many others because it utilizes both symmetric encryption and public-key encryption to securely send private data and automatically detects and notifies the system if message tampering is suspected.
  • Launched multi-layer encryption. Lumin PDF now uses secure session tokens which protect the contents of the database in the event that a hacker succeeds in breaching the first layer of database security.
  • Continuous system auditing. Configuring system auditing, audit events can be written either to a Syslog connection or to a file. These events can then be sent to a more robust log aggregator or, better yet, to security information and event management tool (SIEM). A SIEM provides real-time analysis of security events throughout the network to identify malicious activity.
  • Increased firewall protection. Lumin PDF has doubled down on its firewall protection around all its servers and database.
  • Tightened link sharing policies. To help users avoid accidental document sharing, Lumin PDF now requires users to individually confirm their sharing settings for each file.

Ready for a better PDF experience? Learn more or get started at www.luminpdf.com!


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