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Send Email Attachments from Android Phone using Dropbox

Android has dedicated Dropbox app and easy to attach the file through Dropbox to your Android email app. Android Dropbox app provides support for apps like Gmail, email, Google drive, Pinterest, Facebook etc in a single touch. Some times you may want to send some files stored in your Dropbox through the email app in Android. Here we will see the easy procedure to send a file as an attachment from your Dropbox folder.

To start with, we need a valid drop box account (you can get a free Dropbox account.) and open Dropbox app in the Android device instead of opening the email app. Find the folder where the file to be attached along with the email. It might be your resume or some pictures etc. After finding the file, tap on the options button given against to the file. Now the options for the file will come up.

dropbox to email

In the Options, Select “Export” option. After selecting the export option, you can see a list supported apps installed on your Android device. Find out the email app and Tap on it. The file will be downloaded to the device local memory and you can see the progress of the download. If you want to find out where the file downloaded, go to “Access Dropbox local files” here.

dropbox to email

If you are attaching a picture or photo it will ask about any reduction in the size required for the purpose of reducing the attachment size. Sometimes we need this to increase the speed of the sending and receiving of email. Also, some email providers may not support the highly sized attachments. Here you can select from “Original”, “Large”, “Medium”, “Small”.

dropbox to email

After downloading the file and resizing it, if required, the email app will be opened in the compose mode after attaching the required file. You can see the file attached in it. Now you can type the recipient email id, subject, and content of your email in the app. After finishing all details, just tap on Send to finish the email sending process.

dropbox to email

The email will be sent along with the attached files from the Dropbox. This method will send the whole file as an attachment instead of sharing using the Dropbox link. Similarly, you can also choose the Gmail app for sending the files from Dropbox.

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  1. The whole point of using cloud service is not having to store files locally. I should be able to easily send multiple files by email without downloading.

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