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7 Best Shopping Apps that Earn Money for You.

Ever wondered a way to significantly save bucks when you shop around household goods and groceries? When you do online shopping, there are good shopping apps that make money for you. These shopping apps can earn money when you buy items from the retail store they recommend. These apps are returning to real money, not any points or other gimmicks. You can do the shopping app to get money back and cash out this cumulated amount in the form of gift cards, PayPal, or check. We have gathered some of the top online portals combined with their mobile app links so that you can enjoy shopping. Apart from just mere savings, these online shopping portals also give you surprise bonuses, gift cards, and other exciting stuff too.

Don’t just wait, take a look through our list of the best Shopping App earn money that can be used with PC, iPhone, or Android to do the online shopping.


Ebates is one of the money-back shopping apps that make money while shopping with cashback offers. This money-back Ebates tool has widespread relations with more than thousands of online as well as commercial stores. These stores and supermarkets offer discounts or cashback when you shop from them. First of all, to get the special discount, you need to sign up with Ebates.

Then click on the e-commerce link and do your shopping. Before billing out, just enter or click the cashback option to avail of your offer. Alternatively, you can install the browser plugin for Ebates that detect if there has any cashback while you are on shopping websites. Ebates can be accessed directly through your web browser, and they have also established Android and iOS apps so that things could be a bit more convenient.

The Ebates as such doesn’t take any of your money. They simply promote you purchase online from their selected stores and these stores, in turn, give commission to the purchase. This commission is sent to you in terms of cashback offers, and the cumulative amount will send as a check to your name. It’s simple as that.

In addition to cashback, this online portal has a wide variety of online coupons, free shipping options, etc. You can use Ebates to make sure you could always get the best deals ever. Moreover, Ebates gives you $10 cashback as a sign-on bonus. Also, they mention up to 40 percent cashback offers from over 2500 connected stores.

Note: Once a specific period gets over, Ebates accumulates the total cashback amount to your account and will be paid to through PayPal or check. Also, downloading the Ebates plugin lets you get a notification whenever an item is eligible for cashback.

Platform to download: WebAndroidiOS

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The Coupons are a digital form of paper coupons that used before. Coupons offer both digital, and paper coupons that can be used to get a discount while you are shopping. The discount coupons are in the form of online, social, and mobile generated cashback promos. Coupons have widespread connected online as well as retail shops including groceries, beverages, baby cares, etc. To be more precise, the coupons website acts as a bridge between potential consumers and retailers to help bring more into account with suitable offers and coupons.

The coupons don’t need you to sign in. You can avail of offers without signing in. But if you prefer to sign in, Coupon can offer more personalized discount offers based on your shopping habits. I addition to this on the website, you can find hundreds of products that are marked with coupons. Just click on your product with the coupon and will auto-direct you to the retailer’s website. They also established app-based functions within all famous mobile platforms. The play store, as well as the iOS apps, are light and to the efficiency mark. It will be easier to check available offers through the apps instantly.

Note: Extra savings are available to users who start an account with the coupons.com. They can get additional offers by linking their loyalty cards too.

Platform: WebAndroidiOS


Ibotta is an online shopping app that can earn money while you buy stuff.  This shopping tool partners with online brands and retailers to offer discounts or cashback when you shop. Ibotta has a connected network comprising of restaurants, bars, groceries, etc., These online retailers give a small commission to the firm while you shop from them. You can access Iibotta from the web browser. However, accessing Ibotta through the mobile app is far more convenient.

To get into the business, you need to download the app compatible with your device. Signing in is required to avail cash-backs and other offers. Once you sign in, the app lets you into an array of products and retailers that offer cashback. You can select the items and buy the items that you added to the shopping cart.

All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt or link upload or send it through the app as proof of purchase. Ibotta will add the money to your account based on the item you purchased.  It takes around 24 to 48 hours to reflect the cashback amount into your Ibotta account. Now, you can take back that cash through PayPal when you want to get back. Alternatively, you could either take it in cash or purchase gift cards from iTunes or Starbucks.

Platform: WebAndroidiOS

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Walmart Savings App

The Walmart app is the exclusive shopping app developed for consumers to enjoy more convenience while shopping. The Walmart app is available on most of the platforms including Android and iPhone. This cashback is an additional feature of Walmart App and a great way to save money. All you need to do is to sign in to the app to create an account to start using the virtual price matching feature.

To avail of the cashback offer, you can scan the receipt with the app or enter the codes generated in the savings section of the app. The app will then check for the availability of the product within your locality with a cheaper price tag; if a lower price tag is detected, the Walmart automatically returns the price difference to your pocket.

Precisely, the savings feature mainly covers groceries and other household items. Walmart uses a third-party service to search for local print and online ads from top competitors and compare the prices of eligible goods. The amount that you get back will be accumulated in your account. The amount will come from a few cents to a couple of dollars depending on the item you bought. Within a specified period, you can use this accumulated amount as a Walmart eGift card. You can spend your credit only at Walmart stores or Walmart website.

Platform: WebAndroidiOS


The Checkout51 is a coupon based cashback shopping website that offers a great value of cashback with great accuracy. This online cashback portal mainly gives cashback on household products, groceries, etc. Apart from the online portal, they also have a mobile app that is compatible with all major mobile platforms.  To avail the cashback offers while you shop, the first thing to do is to sign in to create an account. Before leaving out shopping, make a list of what you need to buy and check the website to see whether the products you wish to buy are eligible for cashback.

Keep an eye on these products and head for shopping. After completing your purchase, from any of the grocery stores, all you need to do is just upload your shopping receipts to the website or the app. The app will process the uploaded receipt and give you a hint of the average amount of cash that is eligible to be returned. Once your account reaches a threshold of $20, you can easily cash out and will receive the check through the mail. It’s as simple as that.

Platform: WebAndroidiOS


ExtraBux is an online web portal that makes you shop online from thousands of their promising retail partners. They pay you a token while you purchase from their retail partners. The Extrabux makes it quite easy to find coupons and other related offers from the stores you love. The process is quite simple. Just open a free account and click and enter your favorite store.

The store will send a sales commission to the ExtraBux portal, and in turn, they give that amount in the form of cashback or coupons to you. It’s rather an easy process but requires keen observation on the availability of products that are eligible for cashback. The cashback accumulates in your account, and within 90 days, you’ll receive the money through PayPal or via check. Also, to make things quite more convenient, they also established an Andriod and iOS utility app that helps you save money through shopping while you are on the go.

Platform: Web│Android│iOS


Savingstar is yet another shopping app that makes money in the form of rewards. This money-back app offers its customers with cashback when they purchase items from their linked stores. Mainly, Savingstar focuses more on groceries than other household products. This online portal also developed an app-based interface making shopping and saving less cumbersome. The Savingstar app is available on leading web and mobile platforms. To avail paybacks on selected items, you should 1st create an account with their website online or through the mobile app.

You can easily get cash-backs buy simply linking your store loyalty card or by uploading purchase bills to Savingstar. The best part is that you can cash out when you hit $5. The cash amounts will be accumulated within your account and while checking out. You can either get the amount through PayPal or as a check via email. Another option, if you ain’t preferring cash anymore, you can turn the amount into equivalent gift cards or coupons too. Cashback also may be used to donate to the American Forests charity.

Platform: WebAndroidiOS


Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that gives cash reimbursements while you go shopping. They mostly focus on the grocery items though, but you can make a big difference in your bills. This money-saving app focuses on customers who are spending large amounts, looking to cut shot their bills. First, you should download the compatible app for your device to get into the business.

It is similar to Savingstar and Ibotta as you receive cash-backs by scanning and uploading shopping receipts. Subsequent uploading of receipts gives you rewards as hog coins. These coins can be redeemed for real cash via Amazon e-cards or Paypal. Once you’ve requested your coin redemption for real cash, Receipt Hog will usually send it out within seven days. Additionally, you can earn hog coins in two ways, one, through the normal bill submission and two, through a weekly draw. The weekly draw can get you around 5000 hog coins.

Platform: WebAndroidiOS

Shopping App Make Money

The list of the best apps that return money includes apps that are quite useful and extremely handy while you are going shopping. As you saw, some of them are capable of generating quite a reasonable amount of cash in terms of legible offers. Most of the online portals are quite prompt with payments. Some even give you the provision to change cash into online, payable gift coupons too. Keep in mind to always check these sites or their apps before planning to go shopping though.

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