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10 Best Online Shopping Apps Like Wish

Through Wish, you can buy thousands of products online at a cheaper cost. But, Wish.com isn’t the only such online shopping app where you can get deep discounts for all the products. There are many online shopping websites and apps like Wish you can buy products internationally, at lower costs.

We have now listed some of the best hugely discounted, international shopping websites and apps like Wish, which could save you a lot of money.

AliExpress Shopping App


AliExpress is a part of Chinese conglomerate Alibaba. It is a go-to shopping app offering millions of items at a cheaper rate than others. You can search for thousands of items in any category such as home to health, sports to tech, fashion to appliances, and more.

AliExpress is well-known for its super deals and coupons that it displays on the homepage. It doesn’t levy any shipping charges of 75% of its eligible products. The Buyer Protection is something that keeps the buyer in a safe & leveraging position to report anything wrong.

AliExpress is available in more than 200 regions across the globe. It supports 8 different currencies including Canadian dollars, Russian Rubles, US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, and so on. New users get tons of coupons and discounts as welcome offers.


  • Low prices
  • Free shipping for most products
  • Buyer protection


  • Payment method depends on the seller
  • Takes longer for shipments

Key Features: Buyer Protection | Personalized feeds | Language and currency support | Image Search | Free Shipping | Easy to use

Get AliExpress: Website | Android | iOS

OfferUp – Buy, Sell, Offer Up

OfferUpOfferUp is one of the largest marketplaces where you can buy and sell stuff with ease. It offers great discounts and deals on anything from furniture to shoes to clothes and so on. It lets you find a local store so that you can buy it at cheaper rates.

The online shopping app offers you access to the profiles of the sellers so you can make decisions about whether to know stuff from them or not. There’s a secure messaging channel between buyer and seller for any requirements or disputes.

Millions of users use OpperUp so it has become a trusted name in the online marketplace. If you are looking forward to selling something, it takes 30 seconds to list the item. Once you list it, be ready to receive offers from interested buyers.


  • Sell and buy anything on the platforms without any regulation
  • No listing fee for sellers


  • Shipping charge for most products
  • Does not provide much buyer protection.

Key Features: Abundant deals & discounts | DM sellers & buyers | In-app purchases | List & sell items in 30 seconds

Get OfferUp: WebsiteAndroid | iOS


BanggoodBanggood doesn’t need an introduction. It is one of the largest marketplace apps like Wish, where users visit to buy goods at a discounted price. Banggood offers high-quality products and has over 2 million listings with a 70-90% discount.

It runs flash deals and sales, coupons, and discounts on products including popular brands. Banggood is a place where you’ll get the highest discounts and deals possible.

If you are a new user, be ready to be blown away with discount rolls, spin to win, special benefits, and whatnot. The app uses the underlying algorithm to offer tailored offers especially for you.

Banggood currently offers 10% off for new users. The shopping platform uses a 100% secure online payment gateway supporting many payment options including Cash on Delivery, Boleto, PayPal, and others.


  • Fast shipping
  • Ensures the best price available


  • Limited payment options
  • Limited shipping methods

Key Features: 24/7 Customer Service | 100% secure online payments | Free shipping* | Multilingual support | Flash Sales

Get Banggood: WebsiteAndroid | iOS

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LightIntheBoxIf you are searching for alternative apps like Wish, LightInTheBox is a credible alternative. The online shopping app offers millions of items across various categories such as fashion, electronics, clothing, gadgets, and so on.

LightInTheBox is available across 200+ countries and the products are shipped from China. This means all the items are available at a cut-throat price compared to any e-commerce website that you would try.

The app offers 10% off for all its new users for a limited period. There’s a 3% cashback on all placed orders and there’s a lot to check out when you are on this app. There are a bunch of payment options to check out from Wire Transfer to Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, and so on.


  • Trusted platform
  • Better products availability


  • Takes longer shipping time
  • Many products are costlier

Key Features: Multiple payment options | Millions of items on sale | User-friendly | Available in 200+ countries

Get LightInTheBox: WebsiteAndroid | iOS


DealXtremeJust like Wish, DealXtreme is a popular app/website where you can get your hands on items at low prices. Browse through the categories or search through the extensive catalog of 210,000 items including toys, bags, computers, electronics, and others.

DealeXtreme also deals with brands like Xiaomi, Casio, SanDisk, Asus, and many other brands. The app runs flash sales on new and old products, promotion campaigns, coupons, and more round the clock. Further, you get 24*7 international customer support.

The DealXtreme shopping app supports 24 currencies, many payment methods, and supports 14 foreign languages. You will find products at less than $1 if you search for it. There’s free shipping on orders over $20 with a tracking order, otherwise, you need to pay for the shipping.


  • Lots of products listed
  • Low price tags
  • Faster refunds


  • Difficulty in tracking orders
  • No free shipping for cheaper products

Key Features: APP-Exclusive offers | Multiple payment options | Flash sales & promotion campaigns | 24*7 customer service | Excellent After-Sale Service | Language & Currency Support

Get DealXtreme: WebsiteAndroid | iOS


JoomWith more than 4 million high-quality products listed, Joom is an interesting marketplace. The app has products listed in categories such as electronics, accessories, cosmetics, clothing, and more.

Joom does offer free delivery for all cities in New Zealand, the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia. You can get in contact with English-speaking customer support for any queries.

Although the website is thorough and offers a great user interface and product lineup, the delivery could take a month or so. There’s a refund policy for defective items and products that don’t show up to your house in 75 days.

There’s a personalization feature that recommends products based on your taste. Comparing to other apps like Wish, Joom offers super low prices for its products through local sellers.


  • Legit products
  • Budget-friendly


  • Product quality is substandard
  • Delivery takes long

Key Features: Multiple language support | Multiple currency support | Free Shipping | Excellent refund policies | Reviews & ratings from customers

Get Joom: WebsiteAndroid | iOS


GearBestYou’ll get almost anything you are looking for on GearBest, unlike any other e-commerce portal. It has millions of products in categories such as motor and auto, home appliances, computers, and industrial.

GearBest has one of the best customer support that will aid you in solving any queries or complaints without any hitch. It also has official stores for many brands including Xiaomi and Amazfit.

It further supports various payment options such as Money Back, PayPal, MasterCard among others. In fact, you can use its currency option to change as per your country so you don’t end up mistakenly paying higher than what you thought.

There’s also App-exclusive prices that you will get notified with when you have the app installed. Note that GearBest runs offers, deals, discounts, and everything else to lure buyers throughout the year.


  • Lots of products
  • Brand stores
  • Ships to most countries


  • Products are Chinese focused
  • Many products have higher prcetags

Key Features: 45 Days Money Back Guarantee | Multilingual Support | Currency Support | Worldwide shipping with tracking | Deals & Discounts round the clock

Get GearBest: WebsiteAndroid | iOS


eBayeBay is one of the most trusted eCommerce sites hands down. It deals with almost every category there is such as clothing, shoes, yoga, electronics, tech, cricket, and more.

You can save a bucket load of money using eBay for buying new, old, and refurbished products at a nail-biting price tag. You can list items to sell simply by taking a snap and filling the required details.

Moreover, there’s an auction option where you can list a product and take bids for others to sell it. You can scan the barcode for faster listing and eBay will take care of the rest.

You get a tonne of new items/products every day and tonnes of deals and discounts to try your hands on. eBay is an easy to use app/website which makes it easy for anyone to use it irrespective of age.

Aren’t sure if you should buy a product? Check out user ratings, reviews, and more before deciding. Browse deals that satisfy you or add items to the wishlist to buy later. There’s more to the app so why don’t you try it out now.


  • Auctions help you get things at a cheaper price
  • Wide-range of products


  • Delivery is not so fast
  • Cannot be sure of the quality

Key Features: Sell items instantly | Discover top-selling products | Easy to use | Auction items | Daily & timely deals

Get eBay: WebsiteAndroid | iOS


WayfairWayfair gives you access to more than 7 million products across all sorts of categories that you can buy. There’s a 3D View in Room Planner tool that shows you life-sized versions of products in a 3D space in your room in real-time.

The app gives you a whole lot to linger around such as personalized recommendations. Wayfair holds limited-time deals and sales for its users along with deep discounts on clearance items. There’s free delivery for products over £40 and probably equivalent in USD.

Buy items ranging from modern to rustic to modern and industrial and more. It is currently ranked at #6 on App Store under Shopping while it has recorded 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. Pay with PayPal which is apparently the only method at the time of writing this.

There’s a Business solution aka Wayfair Professional available for an upgrade with an added slew of features. It includes dedicated service, products for every industry and budget, and so on.


  • Huge collection of design materials
  • 3D View in Room planner
  • Realtime package tracking


  • Limited refund or return options
  • Products arrived may not match the ones in website

Key Features: 3D View in Room Planner | 7 million+ products | Get personalized recommendation | Track packages at real-time | Exclusive pricing | Commercial-grade options

Get Wayfair: Website | Android | iOS


LetgoEver wanted to go to a thrift store but don’t wanna walk or drive? Check out Letgo, one of the popular marketplaces that offer a tonne of products on just a click.

Want to buy a car or rent one? Use Letgo. Wanna rent an apartment or buy one? Well, Letgo is your to-go marketplace for everything there is to sell online.

You can list items that you want to sell. Snap a photo, enter a few details if asked and the app will take care of the categorization, and listing automatically. Downloaded by over 100 million users worldwide, Letgo is a great app to find items to buy and sell yours for a profit.

It covers housing, electronics, cars, and tens of other categories. It is super easy to use and with its Super Boost Mode, you can increase product visibility. There are tonnes of deals and discounts to go to Letgo.


  • Easy to find local sellers
  • Quick buy and sell


  • Cannot be sure about the product quality

Key Features: List items to sell instantly | User’s profile, rating | Chat with users | Super Boost Mode

Get Letgo: Website | Android | iOS

Buying products through online shopping sites are profitable most of the time. But, finding some good shopping apps like Wish is not always easy. Hope this guide helped you choose the best shopping app to buy things with big discounts.

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