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10 Best Money Transfer Apps for Android and iPhone

Have you ever felt the need for an easy way to transfer money? There are a bunch of apps to help you to transfer money. You need the best cash transfer app on your iPhone or Android. Get to transfer money quickly with these best money transfer apps for Android and iPhone. These Android or iPhone apps can send or receive money with few taps.

Let’s see the best money transfer apps to send or receive money with your iPhone or Android Phone.

PayPal Mobile Cash

PayPal Mobile Cash

With PayPal Mobile Cash, you can enjoy the benefits of 24/7 transaction monitoring and fraud protection. PayPal offers no fee to send money to your family and friends in the US using your PayPal balance or bank account. With Paypal, you can send a money gift to your loved one or request money quickly from a friend. And, pay for services and goods with confidence. When you select Goods & Services, the Purchase Protection feature protects your transactions.

Instantly access your balance with the PayPal Cash Card facility. You can shop online, in-store, or in any place that accepts Mastercard. Plus, easily withdraw PayPal funds at all ATMs worldwide. With PayPal Mobile Cash, it is simple to send money internationally. Both the sender and recipient must have PayPal accounts.

Key Features: Free to Send Money | 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for receiving money | Support for International Transaction | PayPal iPhone App | PayPal Android App

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Google Pay

Google Pay Money Transfer AppThis is the simplest and fastest way to pay in stores, apps or online. Split bills, send money, and cash in on rewards and loyalty without your wallet. Also, add your bank debit or credit card or link your PayPal account. Your payments are secure as your card details are encrypted before they are shared with stores. You can get the same purchase protection you receive with your PayPal account or your bank.

Pay quickly through the app. Also, you can send or request money through Android and Gmail messages. Moreover, you can request the cash from about five friends at the same time. Also, easily split the bill by tapping on a recent purchase. With Google Pay, you can manage your payment info in-app or online. Your payment methods are in sync with your Google account.

Key Features: Free to Send Money | Free to Receive Money with Bank or Debit Card | Support for International Transaction | Google Pay iPhone App | Google Pay Android App

Western Union US

Western Union US Money Transfer AppYou can send money, view exchange rates, and repeat transfers right from the WU App. Your friends and family can receive the money you send in their mobile wallet or bank account. Or, they can collect the cash at more than 5,00,000 locations spread over 200 countries and territories.

You can very well set up repeat transfers for friends and family. With Western Union, the foreign exchange rates, taxes, and fees may vary by channel, location, and brand. Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When you choose a money transmitter, make sure to compare both exchange rates and transfer fees carefully. The fees, taxes, and foreign exchange rates vary by channel, location, and brand based on various factors.

Key Features: Family Sharing for up to 6 family members | Sending money and making payment with just a few taps | Easy and fast login using Touch ID | Western Union US iPhone App | Western Union US Android App

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Cash App

Cash App Money Transfer AppSpend or send cash or buy bitcoin easily with this best money transfer app. Your payments are safe as they are protected with a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. After installing the app, you can make your first payment within minutes. Also, you will get a free debit card by mail in a week.

Key Features: Interactive elements like Users Interact and Shares Info | Sending money for free | Cash App iPhone App | Cash App Android App


Skrill Money Transfer AppThe Skrill cash transfer app makes easy, cheap, fast, and secure online transactions. You can move your money instantly and conveniently with a Skrill account. You can transfer money to Thailand, India, Kenya, and more than 180 countries worldwide. Also, get to choose from a wide variety of more than 40 currencies. With Skrill, you can easily send money to your friend or relative, exchange cryptocurrencies, and make online payments. You will be able to save money from transaction costs for abroad money transfer with Skrill’s transparent and low fees.

With Skrill Prepaid Mastercard, you can withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs worldwide. Also, make payments wherever Mastercard is accepted and get real-time notifications for all your transactions.

Key Features: Family Sharing feature for about six members of a family | 24/7 access to money and to check balance | Skrill iPhone App | Skrill Android App

Venmo Mobile Wallet

Venmo Money Transfer AppDo you want to transfer cash quickly among your friends? Venmo is a great and convenient option. Venmo is a fun and simple money app to make quick money transactions.  You can share your purchases and also split purchases with Venmo friends easily. With Venmo, you can simply link your payment method and transfer money to a bank account in the US.

Venmo lets you pay in selected mobile apps or for millions of retailers on the mobile web.  The app uses advanced security measures to protect your account.

Key Features: Voice support | Family Sharing for up to six family members | Venmo Mobile Wallet iPhone App | Venmo Mobile Wallet Android App


Zelle Money Transfer AppZelle is another best money transfer app. It has a partnership with leading banks and credit unions in the US. It is simple to make transactions using the Zelle app. You can send money by using only your recipient’s US mobile number or email address; you can make transactions. There are no fees to use the app (bank or mobile carrier fees may apply). Note that you must have a US bank account to use Zelle.

Key Features: Quick and direct transactions from a bank account to bank account | Family Sharing feature for up to six members of a family | Zelle iPhone App | Zelle Android App

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard Money Transfer AppEasily access and manage your money on your Walmart MoneyCard app anytime. You can pay bills and store cash in the vault for later use. Walmart money card let you deposit checks using smartphone and view cash-back rewards balance. You can shop in-store or online without any overdraft fees, minimum balance requirements, or credit check for the card.

Key Features: Family Sharing feature for up to six family members | Find nearby ATM locations and Walmart stores from the app | Walmart MoneyCard iPhone App | Walmart MoneyCard Android App


Remitly Money Transfer AppTransfer money abroad safely, cheaply, and quickly with Remitly. Track payments to ensure that your loved ones receive your funds securely. YOu can just fund the transfer with your card or bank account. Then, your recipients can receive the funds directly in their bank account or at any cash pickup location. Also, you can transfer money to a mobile wallet such as M-Pesa. When you send money, the recipient can pick it up in his country in USD or in local currency.

Key Features: Sending money to over 45 countries for a less transfer fees | Family Sharing for up to 6 family members | Remitly iPhone App | Remitly Android App


MoneyGram Money Transfer AppMoneyGram is another practical and best money sending the app. You can send money around the world as a registered user or guest through MoneyGram’s mobile app. MoneyGram lets you track transactions, find locations, pay bills, and manage your account quickly. You can deposit cash in a bank account or send some money to a mobile wallet. Cash pickup is available in more than 200 countries and around 3,50,000 locations worldwide.

Key Features: Checking the status of transfers | Mapping locations nearby or anywhere worldwide | MoneyGram iPhone App | MoneyGram Android App

You can swiftly, securely, and safely send money to your family and friends through money transfer apps. Select the best cash transfer app that is compatible with your device and get going. With the best money sending app, you can conveniently send money from wherever you are.

The money sending app will also allow you to choose how your recipient will get the funds. Most of these apps also send notifications to the recipient as well as the sender once the transfer is complete. Quick money transfer on the move is possible now with the best money transfer apps.

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