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7 Grocery List App for iPhone and Android for Shopping.

Grocery List Apps are convenient choices for busy moms and dads who are techies and want to make things easy. The best grocery list app help to reduce the time and effort consumed in weekend shopping. For most of the time, it can be much more convenient than pen and paper. The grocery list apps serve as the place to list the items, categorize them and chose the right shop and time.

Here is a list of some best grocery list Android and iPhone apps to save time and make your life easy.

Out Of Milk

Out of Milk

Out of Milk is a favorite grocery app for iPhone and Android. This shopping app is considered by many experts as the best grocery list app due to its excellent features. You can quickly create multiple shopping lists and access them anywhere easily. Save your valuable time by grouping the items into several categories. Also, we can make a To-Do list with the app without any trouble to remember what to buy or not. The grocery app has a useful history feature that remembers all the items present on the shopping list. There is also a pantry list in the app that does tell you what is currently present in your pantry and what is not.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: Share your grocery lists by text and email, Shows the total as well as running overall on the list and Notifies in case of good grocery deals | Download: Android | iOS

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Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping ListIf you like to shop for groceries for more than one person or a family, then Our Groceries Shopping List is the best app that you can have. Rated as the best grocery list app by many users, the grocery list Android app comes with a simple user interface to help the user. With this grocery app, you can share your recipes with other people and add them to your shopping list. Each item gets its image or photo in the premium version. This grocery app gives the user the functionality to add details to list by using Amazon Alexa device like the Echo.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: An Easy to use app, Best for family shopping and Prioritize essential items | Download: Android | iOS


ListonicImprove your grocery shopping experience by using Listonic grocery list iPhone app on your device. Giving you food hacks and smart shopping tips, this shopping app helps you to save the time and money in the process. Become a smarter shopper and a more conscious consumer by using the suggestions offered by the app. The iPhone and Android Grocery app help you to make most of the groceries by giving clever food hacks to the user. You can control your spending by getting an automatic total of the items present in the list. This grocery app suggests all your favorite products first allowing you to add them quickly with a single tap.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: Eases the process with the help of smart shopping tips, Voice input of the items and Tidy sorting of the products | Download: Android | iOS


BringBring! is one of the recommended choices and has been honored as the best grocery app by many shopping app lists. This shopping app allows the users to do smart grocery shopping giving a lot of freedom for best purchase experience. You can easily share the shopping lists with your family and friends, add the photos of the products on the list to buy the right item coming from the right brand. The grocery list Android app helps the people to deliver messages. With these notes, a person can inform their contacts that you are shopping around or changing the list.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: Clever sharing functions, Easy to access templates and Optimized for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches | Download: Android | iOS

Grocery iQ

Grocery iQThe grocery list of the Grocery iQ is made from the big database of items made from the millions of the products available. You can create aisles and change their order to customize them according to your need. Through this shopping app, a person can keep track of the items frequently purchased and filter easily with available categories. Add one or more item by merely pointing the camera at the bar and scanning it. Use advanced voice search for adding the items to the list. With this grocery app, you can search free coupons and email them to your friends as well as family members with ease.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: A new 21st century look to the old-fashioned grocery list, Easy synchronize to all the online website and Simplifies the grocery shopping experience | Download: Android | iOS

Grocery Shopping with Ease

Grocery Shopping ListGrocery Shopping with Ease allows you to make various lists for your product purchase to make it simple. The grocery list is shareable and comes with real-time synchronizing enabling you to be instant reach with your shopping pals. The iPhone shopping app instantly reminds the user about the items by using them Market’s iBeacon technology. With this shopping app, you never run out of bread and butter again. This smartphone app is excellent for event planning and holiday shopping let you quickly add the quantities and measures as well as extra notes to make your list organized perfectly.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: A simple, checklist app, Real-time syncing and Push Message alerts | Download: Android | iOS


FoodFood.com inherits the most comprehensive recipes for the users along with great grocery deals. You can easily make up a menu that contains the items of your shopping list with ingredients whenever you want. With this great grocery app for Android and iOS, you can save money with ease by comparing the grocery deals available at your local grocery stores. Also, we can get recipes that suit the items present with you currently through the What’s in Your Fridge? Feature available in the app. Catch dinner on your table without spending more and effort. You can share the meal plan as well as a shopping plan with other across multiple devices.

Offline: Yes | Key Features: More than 500,000 recipes available, Make a great and healthy meal plan | Download: Android | iOS

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Best Grocery List App

These apps carry much more than the list-making capabilities giving the people the assistance needed for proper purchase. Some of these apps have their inventory and allow you to order them online to get grocery item at your doorstep. In the busy lifestyle, best grocery list app is a great assistant that can help you to save time, effort and sometimes help you to find the best deal and coupons.

With the help of these grocery list apps, you can keep track on the grocery item and buy them on a good deal and money saving coupons. Ease the burden with the grocery app Android and simplify your walk to the nearby grocery store. With these grocery apps for Android and iOS, be smart and save time and money on your next shopping.

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  1. Why are these apps a “convenient choice for busy moms”?
    All people are busy and shopping is not “women’s work” any longer.
    Try broadening your scope and stop trying to pigeon whole your audience.
    My father and I do almost all of the shopping and almost all the cooking; have done for years. What we are looking for is a shopping list app that we can separate by store based on the ads and share from to know if something on the list was already purchased.
    I thought your article would be a nice read, but the very first line made me defensive for all the women out there sick of this male chauvinistic BS that, while women now work full-time jobs, they are still expected to be Suzi Homemaker as well.

  2. Awesome, it is a very informative post. Above mentioned app are very helpful for grocery shopping online. I have knew about an grocery app that is Groliste. It is great shopping list app. You can set the prices of food, add coupons, rearrange the categories to match the aisle order in your regular store. It is available on Google play for free.

  3. Last fall, I was looking for a shopping list app and couldn’t really find what I was looking for. I’ve always wanted to make an app and thought, “why not?” I released my shopping list app in March. Today, PushCart is one of the top 10 results for “shopping list” on the app store.

    With PushCart, you can:
    –Share and edit lists in real time with friends & family
    –Set reminders so that you never forget what you need to buy
    –Shop / order from your favorite grocery stores and retailers right from the app
    –4.9 star rating — PushCart is completely free (no ads either)

    Try PushCart and let us know what you think!


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