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10 Best The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tips and Tricks You Probably Never Knew

Skyrim is an open-world role play Game series. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is the latest version of the Skyrim series. The game offers a large open world to the player just after the prologue. You are probably stuck at the very beginning of the game, confused about where to start. If you are confused about how to play Skyrim, we have some secret Skyrim tips for you.

Here let us discuss some of the basic Skyrim tips to get a kick start.

Your Race Class Can Benefit You

In Skyrim, you can choose your character. A wide variety of different characters are available in the game. Each of them looks different and has its own advantages. If you wish to choose a character with a slight advantage, a Nord or High Elf is the best option. Both these characters have certain traits that are very important for further gameplay.

The Nord race has a 50% frost resistance as default. Since the land of Skyrim has lots of places covered with snow, this is a great trait to be possessed.

The High Elf race has an advantage in magical abilities. They have 50 magic points as default. They also come with the Altimer’s fury. If you are a player who wishes to use magic often, a high elf is a great pick for you.

Even Though these races are slightly better than others, choosing other races won’t affect your story and gameplay.

Standing Stones and Birth Signs

In Skyrim, there are a total of 13 birth signs. The game allows the player to choose any birth sign and progress through the game. Standing stones are the key to equip birth signs. Activating a standing stone will call down heavenly powers and enhance you with certain traits.

There are many different types of standing stones. Each of them offers its own unique enhancements. In a general comparison of enhancements, the best stone to have is the steed stone. This stone is located to the northwest of solitude near the wolf skull cave.

Activating the steed stone will neglect the weight of the armour you are wearing. It makes the armour completely weightless. It removes movement penalties from wearing armour and mainly increases the carry limit by 100 points. Carry limits are very important in Skyrim. Having a higher carry limit from early on in the game is very much useful for the player.

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Carriages Can Be Used as Passage for Unexplored Cities

While in the early game, it is very difficult to travel to major cities which are very far away. You have to spend a lot of time traveling through the road to reach these cities. There is a small trick that can ease this lengthy process.

When you are traveling to a major city for the first time, use carriages to travel. Carriages can be found outside the cities. In the early game, you come across one in the Whiterun city. Interact with the driver and purchase a ride to the city. Now hop on to the back of carrying and you will be taken to the city.

These carriages will cost you some gold. But once you travel for the first time, you can easily travel back to that location using the fast travel icon on the map. Don’t always use fast travel, there are lots of open worlds for you to explore in Skyrim.

Obtain a Few Early Game Weapons

If you are planning to start exploring just after you complete the intro, you need better weapons. Skyrim’s open world is filled with creatures to kill. It is very difficult to play through if you do not have a proper weapon to fight them. You can also use magic to fight off your enemies.

There are mainly three types of weapon categories in the game. The one-handed weapon, the two-handed weapon, and the ranged weapon. Initially, you can easily find one weapon of each category by exploring the open world.

One-handed Weapon

If you are looking for an early game one-handed weapon, a scimitar which is a one-handed sword is your best pick. Scimitar can be easily found in a ship named Dainty Sload. The ship can be found on the coast north of the solitude region.

Skyrim Tips One Handed Weapons

To obtain the sword climb onto this ship and kill one of the guards. After killing the guard, equip his sword which is the scimitar. If you explore the ship, you can find more valuable items in it.

Two-handed Weapons

The two-handed weapons have high damage but a slow speed of attack. Due to its high damage, it’s always advisable to carry a two-handed weapon. The best early game two-handed weapon is the Dawnguard Warhammer.

Skyrim Tips Two Handed Weapons

This hammer can be found in the Dawnguard castle which is situated in the southeast region of often. A small cave entrance is found in the southeast region of Riften, pass through the cave and you can find the castle. Explore the rooftop of the castle to find the weapon.

Ranged Weapons

The next category is the ranged weapon which includes the bows. The best early game bow you can obtain is the Forsworn Bow. This bow comes with moderate damage and faster reload speed. The bow can be obtained from the Forsworn soldiers roaming around Markarth. To find them go to the Kolskeggr mine region near Markarth. Kill the three soldiers and equip the bow.

While using the bow, steel arrows can be equipped as bolts. Steel arrows are more powerful than normal arrows. These arrows can be found on city guards. Sneak into the guard camps and steal these arrows. Try to avoid getting caught while doing so.

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Always Accompany a Follower with You

After completing the initial tutorial and intromissions, the Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim offers you a chance to recruit a follower. A follower is an NPC that follows you everywhere you go. They will protect you from enemies and creatures.

Hire and keep a follower with you always they can help you in fighting your enemies and keeping them busy while you find a way to kill them. These followers can be found around the Skyrim open world. Always make sure you carry one of them with you.

Do Not Waste Money on Buying Weapons

While in the game, you will have access to blacksmiths and shops. They provide various items that are good for fight and your health. They include many weapons, shields, armor, and ammo. Avoid buying weapons and armor from the blacksmiths. Instead, find these by exploring the open world.

The open-world in Skyrim has lots of highly powerful weapons and armor. Save the money for purchasing them and spend it on ammo and spells. But these items and keep your ammo pouch always refreshed. Through this, you can spend your money on useful items.

Do Not Try to Become Jack of All Trades

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim comes with a skill tree with lots of skills to master. It has many different categories and sections to upgrade. The player can choose his path according to his wish. Most of the players will have a tendency to upgrade all the skills in the game. This is not necessary for the game.

Skyrim does not wish the players to master every single upgrade in the game. Use your upgrade points wisely. Spend them on the skills you truly think can make a difference.

Obtain these skills and channel yourself to a particular outcome. Build a character with skills that you think will make the character stronger. Upgrade your skills correctly and you can make a strong skill tree that can help you win endgames.

Save Often While Gaming

Skyrim is a comparatively hard game. It takes some skill and patience to kill all the enemies and progress in the game. This can be very difficult at times. Sometimes your enemy will be highly overpowered and you will die frequently.

If you die while playing, the game will start from the last saved point. If you do not wish to lose your game progress, save frequently. Save before you get into a fight and save after you finish a fight. By saving you can lose the fear of losing your progress.

Skyrim comes with a quick save feature where you can save the game just by pressing a single key. So make use of this feature and save often. This will save a lot of time for you and ease your pressure.

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Sleep Often While Exploring

In Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim, the game offers a bonus for sleeping called well-rested. This can be easily obtained while playing through the game. To obtain this, rest often while playing. The player can rest on beds that can be found all over the open world.

Resting in a bed for any period of time will give you a bonus boost. This can vary upon the place you sleep. The bonus boost will last for a total of 8 hours. When you sleep in a normal bed, you get a 5% bonus. When you sleep in an owned bed, you will receive a 10% bonus and if you get married in the game and sleep with your spouse, you will get a 15% bonus boost.

Sleep often to obtain any of these boosts. This will benefit you greatly while exploring the open world.

Find the Zenithar Amulet

There are a lot of amulets that can be found throughout the world of Skyrim. Of this, the Zenithar amulet is very useful. They offer a 10% boost in money. It means, while buying an item, you will get a 10% price reduction. While selling an item, you will get a 10% price increase.

The Zenithar amulet can be found in the Zenithar shrine. The shrine is found near Riften. Reach the shrine and equip the amulet to obtain its power. Make sure to watch out for the guardian beast that guards the shrine.

Skyrim is a very interesting open-world game. It has lots of great RPG elements that are still inspiring modern games. The freedom that Skyrim offers will be overwhelming for some players. These Skyrim tips will help you in finding the rhythm of Skyrim’s open world.

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