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15 Best Apex Legends Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Apex legends is a great battle royale game in which 60 players can play at the same time. The game looks cool and gives a great gaming experience. However, the Apex Legends game is a bit tricky and difficult to master. It takes lots of hours of playtime and skill-building for you to become the apex predator. If you are a beginner and do not know where to start, here we provide some basic things that you can keep in mind.

These tips will greatly improve your playing style and skills in the game. Let’s discuss the basic things to keep in mind while playing Apex Legends.


  1. Concentrate on Your Movements
  2. Don’t Jump in Between a Fight
  3. Use Grenades When Possible
  4. Get Used to a Weapon
  5. Control the Weapon Recoil
  6. Study Your Legend
  7. Always Play as a Team
  8. Sidekick to Avoid Stun While Falling
  9. Change the Aspect Ratio to 16:10
  10. Land First in the Battlefield
  11. Use Jump Kicks for Close Range Enemies
  12. Train with Moving Bots
  13. Zipline Bouncing
  14. Adjust Your Field of View
  15. Swap Armors While Playing

Concentrate on Your Movements

Movement is a key factor in Apex Legends. knowing how to move properly makes the player a much more difficult target to shoot. Strafing is one of the most effective ways to avoid fire in apex legends. Perfect strafing takes time to be mastered. However, strafing while moving makes it much easier to be missed by your enemy.

Sliding is another technique in Apex Legends. The player can slide for a small distance and jump back up to his standing position. Crouching while moving is also an important movement. When you are in a close shooting with an enemy, if you constantly crouch and come up, the enemy will find it very difficult to set an aim at you.

Combine sliding, strafing, and crouching to move like an apex predator in the game. This will make you a hard-to-hit target and also help you to kill your enemies easily. Use your environment as an advantage while performing these movements. There are even many other movements like Bunny hop in Apex Legends to win the war.

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Don’t Jump in Between a Fight

Even Though various movement patterns benefit you while playing, jumping is not much entertained in Apex Legends. When you are jumping using the space key while shooting an enemy, it makes you vulnerable.

You will be suspended in the air at a point while jumping. This will give the enemy an edge over you and they can easily kill you. So avoid jumping while taking an enemy head-on. Instead, use strafing and crouching.

Use Grenades When Possible

Apex legends provide options to carry extra grenades with you. There are three types of Apex Legends grenades. They are the arc star, frag, and thermistors. All these have different attack patterns and uses. Make use of all these grenades while playing.

Apex Legends Use Grenades

Having an extra item that can inflict damage on your enemy is always a good thing. It can force the enemies to come out of their covers when thrown. The grenades in Apex Legends can deal a lot of damage also.

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Get Used to a Weapon

Having a weapon that has great convenience and suits your game style is always good. Every weapon has its own pros and cons. Study each Apex Legends weapon and choose your most convenient weapon. Get used to this weapon and its firing pattern.

Always try to carry a shotgun and assault rifle combo. Shotguns are very effective at close range and assault rifles perform very nicely almost everywhere. Weapons like the R301 are assault rifles that are easy and simple to handle.

These assault rifles combined with optical sights can help you very much in achieving your kill. Trying to play with the same weapon always will greatly improve your gameplay with that specific weapon.

Control the Weapon Recoil

Weapon recoils are one of the most annoying factors in a shooting game. Every shooting game has weapon recoil in its game mechanism. To avoid this, you have to practice very carefully. The mouse pointer should be adjusted while firing continuously. Apex Legends recoil pattern should be studied and the mouse pointer should be moved in the opposite direction of the recoil of the gun.

Another way to control recoil is to practice single shots. While shooting one bullet at a time, makes the recoil is reduced to a large extent. Each shot is fired one by one. The player has to let release the click after each bullet firing. When this technique is practiced, your shots will become more accurate and weapon recoil will be reduced.

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Study Your Legend

There are many different player types to choose from at the start of the game. Each player can select their own agents. They are generally called legends in Apex Legends. Each Apex legend has its own characteristics and abilities.

Mainly there are three abilities for each legend. They are the passive, Tactical, and ultimate. These abilities vary with the legend you choose. Passive abilities are common abilities of the legend that does not need any cool-down time. Tactical ability is a little more advanced ability and it requires a small cool-off time.

The ultimate is the strongest ability of the Apex legend and has a larger cool-off time. Study all the Apex legends carefully and learn to use their abilities for an advantage on the battlefield.

Always Play as a Team

Apex Legends is a game in which you play in a team with a total of 3 players. Having good communication with the other two players can create a great impact on the game. Other players can be warned regarding the presence of enemies.

They can also help you in head-on fights with enemies. Your teammates can also revive you if you are knocked out on a game. Plan your tactics with your teammates and push accordingly. Having teammates to guide will also benefit you in upgrading your skills in the Apex Legends.

Sidekick to Avoid Stun While Falling

In Apex Legends, when you fall from a great height, your character will be stunned for a small period of time. This can be easily bypassed. To avoid this stunning, before hitting the ground kick something near you. Kick anything to avoid this freezing.

Most probably a wall will be near you while you are falling, kick these walls as you come down. Whenever you kick something, the game judges the height from that point and small jumps will not stun you. So you can easily avoid this by kicking something before touching the ground.

Change the Aspect Ratio to 16:10

Normally the Apex Legends game is set in a 16:9 aspect ratio for visual comfort. This is the native ratio for a large number of monitors out there. If you are using a monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9, change the setting to 16:10.

Use 16 10 Aspect Ratio in Apex Legends

This will scale the image a little wider. Thus your enemies will look a little fatter which they are easy to shoot at. So widening the frames a little bit will greatly help you in firing at your enemies more accurately. The Apex Legends aspect ratio can be adjusted under the display settings of the game.

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Land First in the Battlefield

Landing is one of the most crucial steps in apex legends. Having a correct and early landing can give you an extra edge over your enemies. If you reach the ground earlier than your enemies, you can grab a gun and start shooting before your enemies hit the ground.

Freefall is a technique used to land faster in Apex Legends. To reach the ground at the earliest, you have to drop at a speed of 145-150. To perform this, drop at the moment when you are about 45° to the ground. You will reach a speed between 145 and 150 if this is done properly. Maintain this speed and reach the ground before your enemies.

Use Jump Kicks for Close range Enemies

Jump kicks are a very effective way to take on your enemies head to head. Many players try to hit the enemies by punching. Punching deals damage but is not very effective. On the other hand, if you use jump kicks in Apex Legends, you will deal a fair amount of damage to the enemy and the enemy will have a harder time placing a hit back on you.

When you are close to an enemy, jump up and kick your enemy. Repeat this process to constantly decrease the health of the enemy. Jump kicks can be enhanced by combining them with walls. You can perform wall jumps to take the enemies at a different angle.

Train with Moving Bots

Training is the most effective way to upgrade your skills in any game. Apex legends also have a training ground. But the bots that are to be shot are stationary. Don’t worry there is a small easter egg in the game.

If done properly, you can make all the bots move and create an atmosphere like in the game. The bots will fire at you and you can train much effectively in this condition.

Apex Legends Moving Bot

To activate this, go to the far right corner of the shooting range. Go into the cave. Get up into the cave using a grappling hook from any legend. There is a small ledge on top of the cave. Climb on to the ledge. Stand in the correct centre of the ledge facing to the outside of the cave.

There are two sets of eight dots in the center of the ledge. Keep your cross in the center of that and crouch. Now look straight down to your bottom and change your legend. You can hear a small sound if the easter egg worked perfectly.

Now go back to the training grounds. Now you can see that all the bots will be moving. Equip your gears and start shooting.

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Zipline Bouncing

Zipline bouncing in Apex Legends is a great way of moving around in apex legends. It makes climbing over buildings much more convenient. Zip Lines can be used to bounce up through buildings. If there are ziplines in the building, try bouncing through them rather than climbing the whole building.

Apex Legends Zipline Bouncing

To do this, look upwards into the zipline and interact with it. Now you have to jump immediately after you press the interact button. Your character will immediately jump towards the sky and you can easily go up the building.

You can use the legend ultimate to create zip lines and use it for zipline bouncing. It is a great way to climb bigger buildings in apex legends.

Adjust Your Field of View

Field of view is an important factor in first-person shooter games. The field of view should be set accordingly to obtain the perfect gaming experience. Having a lesser field of view will provide you a smaller display area on the screen. This will make it harder to see enemies around you.

If you set the field of view to the highest possible value, your enemies become much smaller and difficult to shoot. Avoid setting the field of view at extremes and find a value that is suitable to the display you are using.

An optimum value of 100 gives you the perfect field of view. You will have a greater area visible on your screen and enemies will have sufficient size. This will make the game much easier to play.

Swap Armors While Playing

Armor swapping in Apex Legends is one of the crucial steps in the final circle of the match. It is also very useful while taking many enemies at once. But this should be done very carefully since you are very vulnerable while swapping your armor.

Basically what we have to do is that when you are hit your already worn armor is depleted, rather than trying to recharge your armor, swap it with any available armor around you. The armor you choose to swap can be of any value. Even the lowest powered armor has 50 points.

If you swap your armor correctly, you get at least an extra 50 health. So when you are fighting an enemy, after killing him swap your armor with his armor. Now you can easily take the next enemy with better health. The enemies will not have an edge over you since you have new armor and extra health.

At the end of the game, open all the boxes around you and scatter the armor pieces. So you can easily swap between them and take on your enemies.

These are some of the common tips that the player has to keep in mind while playing Apex Legends. Apex Legends is not an easy game. It requires skill and patience to improve yourself in this game. Keep these tips on your mind and spend more time on the game. This can help you improve in the game and become the apex predator. Happy gaming.

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