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10 Best Valorant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Valorant is one of the most common online games nowadays. It is a 5 vs 5 online shooter game. The game has a unique combat system with each playable character having a different set of abilities. The player can choose their desired character and progress forward. However, newcomers to the game will find it a little difficult to get used to Valorant. It is due to its different kind of playstyle.

Here we will discuss some of the tips that can help you improve your gameplay in Valorant.

Always Place Your Cross Hair in Head Level

This is the most important valorant tip that you should keep in mind while playing the game. Almost all beginners will miss this small technique. Most of the players have a tendency to place the cross-hair to the ground or to the sky. When they see an enemy, they struggle to move that cross-hair to their desired position to start firing.

Always make sure that your crosshair is placed at the head level of the enemy. Your enemy will always spawn at head height in front of you. If you have already placed your crosshair at this level, you can easily take the shot without hesitation.

To place the crosshair at head level, while in the cooldown phase, adjust your crosshair according to the head level of your teammate. Try to maintain this height throughout the game.

Keep a note that this valorant tip technique applies when you and your enemies are at the same level of height, if you or your enemy is in an elevated position, this will not work. So you have to plan yourself according to the position of your enemy.

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Try to Move Sideways While Playing

Most players have a tendency to move back and forth while in the game. This is an issue that you should avoid while playing. While moving forward, your enemy can easily set an aim on you. Once the enemy has set an aim and starts firing, there is no chance of you avoiding the bullets if you move back and forth. This is an advantage for your enemy and you can be easily killed on the battlefield.

To avoid this, you have to move sideways. Use the A and D keys to move sideways rather than moving forward and back. Try not to use W and S keys as much as possible.

While moving sideways, your enemy has to change his aim each time you move. Moving sideways disrupts the line of sight and you have very little chance of dying.

Always Try to Use the Same Character

Valorant comes with a set of characters with a different set of abilities. The abilities change with each character. There are different classifications in characters. Try to play with all the characters at first. While playing with each character, find out which character suits you the most.

If you have found your favorite character in Valorant, learn about the character and always keep using the same character. While doing so, you will improve yourself in using that character. Each character has a different set of abilities. So if you try to play with all the characters, it will be very difficult for you to master all their abilities.

If you concentrate on one character, you can easily learn the character’s ability and build yourself up. Once you learn all the playstyles of your character, you can easily develop your own battle strategy with this Valorant tip. You don’t have to worry about weapons since all the characters in the game have access to the same set of weapons.

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Make Use of the Training Grounds

Training Grounds are one of the most important things in Valorant. It can improve your aiming and skills. If you enter the practice section of the game, you have various modes in which enemies will be automatically spawned. You can shoot the spawned enemies with any weapon in the game.

The speed of enemies spawning and sensitivity of the weapons can be adjusted in the settings. You also have the option to familiarize the weapons and your abilities in this section. You can fire each weapon and find how they perform at different distances. By using the training grounds more often, you can improve your aim and plan your weapon shots.

Learn the Maps

Valorant has five entirely different maps. These maps are generated randomly for each game. The maps are Bind, Haven, Ascent, Split, and Icebox. These maps are very different from each other. If you want to excel in the game, you have to study each map.

Valorant Maps

By studying the maps, you will get an idea of which are the strong and the weak spots, which all routes can be taken, etc. If you get familiarized with all the maps, you can easily come up with battleplans at crucial points in the game. This Valorant tip is quite useful while playing.

Maps can be easily accessed and familiarized on the training grounds. Since the maps are closed, there is always a chance that enemies can come from your behind. Learning the maps will reduce the chance of you being exposed to an open area.

Learn to Fire Considering the Weapon Recoil

Valorant is a first-person online shooter game. Since it is a shooter game, the game is designed in a way that it imitates real-world weapons. Weapon recoil is an important thing that you have to consider while shooting in Valorant.

When you shoot your weapon continuously, the bullets spread from the area you are aiming. So if you are continuously firing, you have to plan your shots considering your weapon recoil. Release the trigger at times if the recoil is too much.

If you do not consider the recoil while firing, your bullets may not hit the enemy and you may die from the enemy shots. You can use the training area to get familiarized with weapon recoil and how to counter it.

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Be Careful While Moving Around the Corners

Corners are very important areas in Valorant. If not used properly, corners can be your grave. Peeking at corners is something that should be done with great caution. Normally players have a tendency to stand right behind the corner are peek by pressing the side keys. This is actually a wrong method.

If you stand right behind a corner, you are easily exposed to your enemy. By the time you get a good shot at your enemy, The enemy can easily kill you. To avoid this, all you have to do is stand a little away from the corner. You have to move backward from the corner and stand in such a way that you have to move only a little to peek.

By doing this Valorant tip, the enemy will have only a small window for placing the shot. So the shots are very likely to miss and you can easily kill the enemy. So make sure you do not stand right behind the corner if you do not want to die in valorant.

Learn About Weapons

Valorant is a game with a lot of weapons of different types. To find the most suitable weapon, you have to learn about all the weapons in the game. All the weapons come with a different set of traits.

The main weapon types are pistol, SMG, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper, and LMG’s. You can equip a main weapon and a secondary weapon while in-game. A dagger will be also there as a third weapon. You can switch between these three weapons while playing. Assault rifles are the most commonly used weapons in the game.

In Valorant, you can also swap between the enemy weapons after killing them. You have to learn about which weapon to use in order for you to correctly select it while gaming.

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Don’t Forget to Use Shields

Shields can be purchased from the menu while at the start of each game in Valorant. Two types of shields are available for purchase. The light shield offers 25 extra hit points and the Heavy shield offers 50 extra hit points.

If you have a heavy shield equipped, the enemy has to deal 150 damage to kill you. If not being hit by an enemy, the shield can be carried over to the next round. So make sure you buy a shield before going to kill your enemies.

Always Communicate With Your Team

Communication is a vital factor in Valorant. You have to constantly keep in touch with your teammates in order to win the match by team play. While communicating, You can give instruction to your teammates about your battleplan. You can also share the enemy position while communicating.

Coordination is one of the important things that let you win any match. So always communicate with your team to share your plans and battle strategies that can help you. However, there are a lot of vile players nowadays, avoid them and don’t take the negativity with you.

These are some of the most important Valorant tips you have to keep in mind while playing the game. Keep spending more hours in the game trying new techniques. Constant practice and consistent gameplay will help you in improving yourself in the game.

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