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12 Best Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an online action shooter game that caught the attention of many gamers. The game comes with awesome online multiplayer combat. You have a variety of game modes to choose from. In Battlefront 2, you can play as your favorite characters from the Star Wars comic. The combat mechanics and shooter elements of the game are exciting and thrilling. Lightsabers, blasters, and superpowers have made the game very popular. However, the game may seem a little difficult to play for the first time.

Here we will discuss some of the Starwars Battlefront 2 tips and tricks that can greatly help you while playing the game.

Always Follow the Main Objective

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an action shooter game with a lot of enemies to kill. The game requires you to complete the main objective to win. Battlefront 2 concentrates on the objective than killing all the enemies.

But a lot of people forget the basic objective of the game and try to kill as many as enemies possible. This will not help. You have to push forward and try to complete the main objective in order to win the match. Always concentrate on the mission objective, you will have enough kills while doing so.

Use Third Person Perspective

Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes with a third-person perspective as well as a first-person perspective. You can set it in any way you desire. Having the view set to third-person view is a great Battlefront 2 tip that will increase your feild of view and better spotting of enemies.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 War

The third-person view can help you while shooting from the cover by giving you an overview of the field. In most cases, the Third-person perspective is more effective for shooting down enemies. Most shooter games come in a first-person perspective, so take time to adjust yourself if you are new to third-person gaming.

Always Push Ahead in the Battlefield

In most online shooter games, sniping and ranged attacks are very important. So players who are used to other online games will have a tendency to hold back and attack from a long-range. Sniping is not an advisable fighting method in battlefront 2. Moreover, you cannot win the game if you do not push yourself.

You need to push yourself ahead while playing as attackers as well as defenders. If you are defending and not pushing up, you are giving chance to attackers to push towards you. If you are playing as an attacker, you are not going to complete the mission objective as long you do not push yourself forward.

In both cases, close combat and pushing forward is an essential step for you to win the game.

Correctly Time Your Weapon Cooldown

The star wars battlefront 2 has a feature in which if you use your blaster too much for a long time, It will overheat and stops shooting. Before the weapon starts firing again, it takes a small amount of time for cooldown.

If you do not plan the cooldown time perfectly, your blaster will stop shooting in the midst of the battlefield and you will be exposed. To avoid this, you can cool down your weapon while dodging. If you practice this, you can manually cooldown your weapon while in the middle of a dodge.

There is a yellow bar in the cool down called super success state. If you correctly press the button while in that bar, you can shoot for a period of time without overheating your blaster. This is a tricky move but very effective.

Learn About Weapons and Traits

Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes with a wide variety of weapons. Assault rifles are the most commonly used weapons. All the weapons come with a different set of traits.

Most weapons have their strong point and weak points. For example, the CR 2, the most recommended assault rifle has a large rate of fire, but it has a very low range and damage. The weapon is mainly intended for close combat. If you use this weapon for long large, it is not going to perform well.

So you must know about the features of each weapon. You can go to the weapon menu to check this. Try using all the weapons and find the most suitable weapon for you.

Shoot Behind Vehicles to Take Them Down

Star wars battlefront has a lot of vehicles that are very hard to destroy. Vehicles like the ATST and AAT are very hard to destroy. But there is an easy way to destroy these vehicles. These vehicles will take more damage while shooting at its back. Bonus damage is given to shots at the back. It is like performing a head hit on an enemy. So next time when you coming across a vehicle, make sure to shoot it in its back.

Use Iron Shot Attachments

Iron shot equipment can be attached to weapons. If you are using a weapon that has an iron shot attachment, always try to use it. The iron shot attachment can take down shields, turrets, and vehicles much faster than the regular shots.

There will be a small damage drop while using this, But it is not quite noticeable. So it is always a good option to use the iron shot attachment.

Emperor Palpatine Can Do 2 Handed Attack

Emperor Palpatine is a hero character in battlefront 2. He is a unique hero that does not use a blaster or a lightsaber. Palpatine uses lighting as his base attack. He can electrocute his enemies using the lightning from his hand. The lightning attack is quite powerful and useful.

But the problem is that most of the players don’t know that Palpatine can attack using both his hands. Hold the attack and block button at the same time to do this. More stamina will be consumed while doing so. But the attack is way more powerful.

Be Careful While Spamming an Ability

In battlefront 2 you can spam abilities that can favor your gameplay. But spamming abilities can sometimes cause you even more trouble. In this game, if you activate the ability and press the same spam button again, it will cancel the ability. So there is no point in spamming the ability if you do not do it properly.

Buff Yourself Before Going to Battle

This is a small battlefront 2 tip that can make a big difference. Normally what the players do is that buff their health after a fight. The depleted health will regenerate while doing this.

Battlefront 2 Tips Third Person Perspective

But if you buff your health before going into the battle, you can add that extra health to your current health bar. It works in the same principle as a shield. The health will degenerate from the buffed bar while attacked by an enemy.

Use Smart Iron Grenades Against Vehicles and Turrets

Turrets and grenades are much harder to destroy, but the smart iron grenade comes in handy. The smart ion grenade comes with great power. It can be used against turrets very effectively. Vehicles like speeder bikes can be destroyed instantly using the smart iron grenade. You can also use the grenade against heavy shields to break them.

Play With the Settings Menu

There are a lot of settings that you can change according to your convenience in Star Wars Battlefront 2. In the settings menu, you can adjust the HUD settings, adjust your aim sensitivity and change your control mapping.

The alternate stick settings is a great adjustment. Adjusting this setting will make the rolling and dodging while in-game more convenient. This might be a little tricky to learn but is very effective when you get used to it.

Plan Your Shots According to the Movement of the Enemy

In Star wars battlefront 2, the game uses a realistic approach to the fired shots. The blaster bolts have a very low speed compared to the regular bullets. So you are likely to miss your shot if you do not plan accordingly.

This case even applies to the enemies in the medium range. For example, if an enemy is running in the left to right direction of the screen, you have to place the shot a little ahead of the enemy to the left side. Correctly placed shots can kill the enemies easily.

These are some of the main tips and tricks that can help you in star wars battlefront 2. Constant practice by spending more hours in the game can improve your aim and battle strategies. Hope these tips have helped you. Keep these tips in mind while gaming for a better experience.

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