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Best Rocket League Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Rocket League is one of the most popular games of 2020. It was initially released in 2015, but recently the game was given for free by the Epic Games store. This introduced many more players into this game. The game became so popular due to its distinctive vehicular soccer gameplay. Rocket League managed to become the favorite of lots of gamers all around the world.

Here we will discuss some of the main Rocket League tips that beginners should keep in mind while starting to play this game.

Never Skip the Tutorials 

If you are new to Rocket League, never skip the tutorial. Rocket League is a game in which you cannot use the information from any other game while starting as a beginner. You have to learn all the things in this game newly and develop your muscle memory to excel in this game.

Skipping the tutorial will create a negative impact on your gameplay. So make sure you do not skip the tutorials of the Rocket League. Completing the tutorial properly is the first tip that can be given to a beginner in Rocket League. This will help you with how to get better in the Rocket League.

Practice in Freeplay

Freeplay is a very helpful feature in Rocket League to improve yourself. You can choose your settings in free play and start a match. Try all the skills and methods while playing in Freeplay mode. While in Freeplay, You can test your abilities and skills and thereby improve yourself if you spend a lot of time in Free play.

In Rocket League, you can choose which game you want to play in Free play. While on free play, you can test all the movements and abilities without the fear of an opponent attacking you.

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Play 1 vs 1 Match to Improve Skills

Similar to Freeplay, playing one vs one matches in Rocket League can greatly improve your skills. While playing one versus one, the result of the match depends only on you. Only one opponent will be there for you to beat in the match. So while playing this match you can perform your best and co-ordinate your moves in order to win the match.

The factor that you are playing alone will force you to improve yourself and enhance your skills. In Rocket League, since you’re playing alone you can play as you like and be stress-free. You can practice all the abilities that you have learned earlier in this mode without the fear of your teammate complaining about your lack of skill.

Improve Flipping, Dodging, and Powersliding

In Rocket League, flipping and dodging are great ways to increase the speed of your car. It also helps to increase the power with which you hit the ball. Rather than just moving into the ball, flipping into the ball will induce more power. This will make your shot go much farther away.

Flipping in Rocket League

Three front flips in Rocket League will get you to your maximum speed. This is also called supersonic speed. You will notice this by observing the trail formed at the end of the car. You can also perform a correct flip to save a goal. Since flipping offers more speed compared to the regular movement there are great chances of You to save a goal.

Power sliding will help you turning angles smoothly without reducing speed. This can help you greatly while playing the game. Practice this in Free play and you can score some awesome goals using this movement. The correct usage of Flipping, Dodging, and power-sliding can greatly improve your gameplay.

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Don’t Play Goalie

One of the common mistakes that we make in Rocket League is trying to play goalie. If you are trying to play Goalie, you make a 2 vs 3 situations. You will eventually fail your teammates. To avoid this situation, Don’t back off yourself to play goalie. In Rocket League, most of the time Goalie is not an important part.

You have to stay with your teammates coordinating with them for scoring a goal. You have to stick with your team members rather than staying back. When you are in a 2 vs 3 situation, it is easier to beat your friends and score goal against you even while you are standing as the goalie.

Choosing the Right Car

Rather than the looks, the car you use in Rocket League has great importance in your gameplay. If you use the correct car to progress, it can make a significant change in your gameplay.

Octane and fennec are the best options for a beginner. These cars can help you more in improving your gaming rather than other beginner cars. Octane and fennec are easier to use and they will not cripple you while trying to perform a skill.

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Use Bumping For Your Advantage

Bumping is something that most of the players try to avoid in the Rocket League. But bumping will help a lot in this game. While playing, when you attain supersonic speed, you can directly hit a car and demolish it. You can see if you are going at supersonic speed by watching the trail on your back.

Bumping in Rocket League

If you have a trail on the back of your car, you have attained supersonic speed. While in supersonic speed, if you hit a car the car will demolish and will be out of the match for 2 to 3 seconds. This is a great advantage that will make the game into a 2 vs 3 situation. Your team can easily score a goal by utilizing this opportunity.

This trick can be used effectively while your team is facing a risk situation. You can easily score with this Rocket League tip. This is one of the tips that beginners should note while trying to improve in the Rocket League.

Disabling Camera Shake and Camera Settings

Camera settings and camera shake are two of the most important things that you have to look at while playing Rocket League. If you are a beginner and starting to play, you have to adjust your camera settings according to your perspective.

You can try the different settings and find which one is suitable. Whatever camera settings you choose, you have to disable the camera shake. Disabling the camera shake in Rocket League will very much help you with maintaining balance and stability in the game.

When the camera shake is disabled, the player will have a more stabilized view of the game while playing, which will help in improving the game very much. So make sure to turn off the camera shake while starting the game.

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Binding Keys to Your Advantage

Key bindings play an important role in the Rocket League. You can go with the default settings in the game or you can set your own customized key mapping. Setting up a custom keymap that suits your play style will greatly improve the gameplay.

If you play a little further into the game and then you wish to change the key mapping, your muscle memory will collapse and you have to work even harder to get used to the controls. So it is best for you to initially set up customized key mapping and start the game.

Many players recommend changing the default key assigned to Power Slide and Air Roll. Both these come with the X button by default. This can be changed to L1 or LB depending on your controller for better gameplay. This will greatly improve your control over your car and power slide. 

Don’t Become a Toxic Player in Rocket League

Rocket League is difficult to master. However good you are in other games, it takes time to master and Excel in this game. You have to play and spend a lot of time in this game to greatly improve and become a good player.

So when you become a good player and you play with beginners, don’t be toxic. Not everyone will be able to catch the pace easily. So if you find players who lack skills, try helping them out rather than asking them to quit.

Helping each other out is an important thing in the Rocket League, as this game is very tough and hard to understand. If you are a good player, help other players that play with you and help them to improve.

Teamwork Wins the Match

Teamwork is the most important thing while playing the Rocket League. In this game, you need to have great coordination with your team to win. You cannot win a match by yourself without coordination. If you start the game early on with your friends, you can improve together.

You need to have great coordination with your friends while playing to attempt a goal and finally win the match in the Rocket League. While you play, you can co-ordinate with your friends and discuss tactics. Always play in such a way that it is beneficial to the team rather than to yourself.

Help your team members for scoring a goal rather than scoring it by yourself alone. If you work with your team effectively, you can easily win the matches and improve yourself. In a game like rocket league, the best way to improve yourself is to help each other improve and learn yourself while doing this. This is the main tip that should be kept in mind by a Rocket League beginner player.

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Rocket League is one of the hardest games to master. So if you face any difficulty while playing this game just don’t quit. Progress further by playing it, again and again. Spend a lot of time in this game for you to master it. Never give up if you find any difficulty in playing this game.

Rocket League cannot be mastered in one day as it requires a lot of skills and muscle memory. You have to plan and coordinate with your teammates in order to score and win every match. Keep the beginner’s tips for Rocket League in mind while playing the game.

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