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Why is my Laptop Battery Plugged in but not Charging?

I recently had the popular problem of Windows 7 battery manager malfunctioning and not charging my battery when plugged in. The problem was my laptop battery is not charging.

My laptop is new, so the battery is a new one, the power supply was fine, and the motherboard was fine. When I remove my supply, I can see the laptop battery is discharging, and when I connect the power supply back, the battery is quitting from discharge.

I tried a couple of solutions before crackdown this problem. There are multiple solutions proposed, and here are the steps that fixed it for me. In this solution, we are uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and connecting the laptop back. Please follow the steps in the same order.

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  • Disconnect AC power from Laptop
  • Shutdown Your laptop
  • Remove the battery from the laptop.
  • Connect AC Power back without battery
  • Start up your Windows.
  • Right-click My Computer > Properties > Hardware
  • Click On Device Manager button
  • Click on Battery+ mark to expand it.
  • Under the Batteries category, right-click all of the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listings, and select Uninstall (it’s ok if you only have 1).
  • Shutdown your laptop again.
  • Disconnect AC Power
  • Insert battery to the laptop
  • Connect AC Power back
  • Start up your laptop.
Now you will be able to see your laptop battery is charging fine. Please comment if this fixes your problem so that others can solve their problem sooner.

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  1. Wrong answer mate. I think you will find that simply removing your battery and putting it back in is what makes it seem like its working again.(Normally for a day or so) The shutting down, removing AC, rebooting, reconnecting AC, removing BIOS, Shutting down again, Standing on your head and stroking a frog bit is just superstitious. Its a Vista problem with no fix yet.

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