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How to Solve WiFi HotSpot Login Page Loading Error on iPhone?

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When you connect public WiFi or a free WiFi hotspot, most of the time your iPhone will connect successfully, but you won’t be able to open any web page when you start the browser. To connect public WiFi hotspot successfully with your iPhone, you have to go through WiFi provider’s Authentication page (Captive Portal page). Sometime, you may be stuck on the authentication page and you won’t get any pop-up or load the captive page to proceed.

We have a workaround to solve Public WiFi Login Page (Captive Portal Page) Loading Error on iPhone or iPad.

Solve WiFi Login Error on iPhone

Most of the time, your phone will struggle to load this login or portal page properly. When you access a free public WiFi, there are two steps involved in the connection process. First, you have to select the Wi-Fi network with your phone to connect their router. Second, your iPhone has to load authentication page (Captive Portal Page) to authenticate and agree on terms and conditions to use providers free network. Most of the iOS-based devices like iPhone, iPad may fail in this second step to load the authentication page.

When you stuck on this second step, the best solution is to load this authentication page manually with your phone. We demonstrated this article with iPhone screenshots. This workaround is applicable for any public Wi-Fi with an iPhone or iPad. However, we selected “on Air” WiFi in this case. Recently airlines start to offer free Wi-Fi on air, but the passengers are failed to connect this free WiFi on air.

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Step1: Search and Connect Free Wi-Fi to your Phone

As usual, first open iPhone > Settings > Wi-Fi > Select Open Wi-Fi, tap on Wi-Fi to select the Wi-Fi to connect. Now your iPhone will connect to the network and supposed to load the login/authentication page automatically. Otherwise, you will see a checkmark near to connected Wi-Fi, but won’t be able to load any web pages.

open wifi login page error

When you open chrome or safari, your browser will try to load the authentication page, or you may see “can not open the page” message. You can try to open www.apple.com website on Safari.

Sometimes, this trick will bring up the WiFi authentication portal page. However, this may not work all the time and you are out of luck here, head over to next step below.

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Step 2: Get Router IP Address

At this point, try Step 2 to load the authentication page manually. To load the login page, you have to get the router gate IP. You can get router gateway IP address from WiFi details screen.

find iOS WiFi gateway IP
This IP Address is for demonstration purpose, use your own IP instead.

To get router IP, go to iPhone Settings > WiFi > tap on “i” of selected Wi-Fi network > Next Screen DHCP Tab > Router IP.

Step 3: Load the Authentication/Login Page Manually

Now copy this router IP Address and type into your browser address field and tap Enter to load the page.

type gateway IP
This IP Address is for demonstration purpose, use your own IP instead.

Your phone browser will load the Wi-Fi provider’s authentication portal page, fill out the necessary details on this page before submitting.

open wifi connected

Once you submit and the provider authenticates your connection, then you can start to enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

Alternative Solution to Load Login Page

You can try most common IP address manually before going and finding out the gateway IP addresses as described in step 2. Most of the routers have the gateway IP addresses like or, and you can try any one of these before going to Wi-Fi details page.

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Even though we demonstrated this workaround with iPhone, the same solution is applicable to the Android phone. This solution will work any public Wi-Fi that reluctant to load the authentication or login page on your smartphone.


    99% you have a WiFi finding or managing app like Boingo or in my case SpotWiFi app.
    These stpd apps don’t let login page to load. I deleted the SpotWiFi and immediately my issue was resolved.

  2. I am on an iPad, not phone but the os should basically be the same. I was getting a blank page when the login screen appeared with no way to sign on to the WiFi network. The trick I found was at the top, the screen says login, but underneath it has a website printed in small font. I connected to the WiFi in settings then used that website in my chrome browser and finally had a screen displayed to that allowed me to sign in. I don’t know if another browser would have worked. But I was using chrome at the time.

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