5 Best Android Apps to Detect WiFi Thieves and Block them.

Last Updated: February 23, 2017
Android Apps to Detect WiFi Thieves

Make sure nobody else is accessing your WiFi and protect your network from intruders with these Android apps. Your Android phone will help you to keep an eye on your home or office network with network monitoring apps.

Once they able to intrude into your network, they can steal your data and trace your transactions from any computer device that you use on the same network. They can monitor the websites you are opening, they can trace the credit card and bank account numbers you are using for online purchase and use it for themselves later.

The best solution protects your WiFi network with a password and keeps monitoring your network for any intruders or unknown users.

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Fing – Network Tools

Fing is a professional App for network analysis which allows you to find out which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Fing helps you to evaluate security levels, detect intruders and resolve network issues.


Using Fing, you can search any device on a network by IP, MAC, Name, Vendor and Notes and you will be able to see the history of all discovered networks. It can find hundreds of open ports in a few seconds and do ping and traceroute which helps to understand network performances.

Network Discovery

Network Discovery app can discover hosts and scan their ports in your Wifi network. This app can be used as TCP Port Scanner, check in NIC vendor database and od the service detection according to the service banner.

Network Discovery

This app can connect to known services (http, ssh, telnet) directly from the application results and do the scan in an adaptive scanning rate (slow start, then adaptive to network latency).

Net Scan

Network Scan is an android app that can do the network scanning and discovery along with the port scanner.

Net Scan

It can find holes and security flaws in your network and this app works without any pop-up add and clean interface.

Network Scanner

Network Scanner allows you to scan IP allocation and opened a port in local area network. It can verify suspicious vulnerabilities or security issues within the network and can assist in understanding the use of your network.

Network Scanner

With the help of these apps, at least you can monitor your network and see who else connected to your network and what is going on.

WiFi Inspector

Android WiFi Inspector is a tool to scan and report all the devices connected to a particular network. The list will include bothe wired and wireless devices connected to your network. This Android Network Analyser tool can report back with device IP address, MacAddress, device name, and manufacturer.

This Android WiFi Inspector could save the list of known device and alert you if any new device joined in the network so that you can always be alert to any presence of a new intruder into your network.

Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert

One more Android app to catch your Wi-Fi theif. This app displays the conncetd devices, Wi-Fi signal info, speed, etc. When somebody intruded into your network, then the app can diaply intruders IP addresses, MAC addresses, Vendor names, Wireless access points (WAP, AP) and you can Ping to the device, Scan the Port and even Block user from Wi-Fi.

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