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7 Free Android Apps Help You to Locate Your Parked Car & Parking Garages Near You


In today’s world of utter crowd and cramping of spaces, one finds it sheer difficult to reach on time at a place. Unbelievably, one has the hardest time to locate a ‘public parking space near me’ if they have to park their car at a convenient location.

With technology at its peak and the latest and greatest smartphone technology, however, that should not be a problem.

Applications that are quick to trace the free parking spots are available in Google play store and most of them are available free of cost.

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They have the biggest demand as a lot of time gets wasted looking for a suitable parking space for your vehicle and these applications help you do just that. Take a look at some of the most used parking space apps that are popular in the market:

My Car Locator Free

My Car Locator Free application is the easiest application to use free as far as looking for a car locator app in the Google Play Store is concerned.  It is suited with all essential information about parking and car locations which is displayed at all times. The app makes use of GPS to remember where you have parked your car simply with the push of just one button.

MyCar Locator Free

The app also guides you back to your car easily. Thus, this minimizes all your parking woes. Thus, if you are unable to find any parking spot, it could be simply great for remembering the location of your rented place, hotel, a camping spot, some trail head, railway station, bus stop or any other location you may like to get back to later. Thus, car locator is one of the most suited applications.

Best Parking – Find Parking

The name says it that it sure is the best park spacer finder app. The application of Best Parking lets your driver or your steer toward the cheapest and the most convenient parking garages available and lots in may be105 cities & 115 airports throughout North America.

Best Parking - Find Parking

Instead of wasting your fuel and time on looking up at places, one can simply make use of this app to get the thing done. Many reviewers and critics have rated this place quite good. The app really has the most accurate data of parking details near you. It even backs up its offer by letting you earn $5 Starbucks eGift if you report inaccurate information.

Parkopedia Parking


The name Parkopedia stands for an encyclopedia of parking. It sure is one of the best applications to be a park space finder with the features it has to offer. Parkopedia today covers over 38 million parking spaces in around 75 countries that are around the world.

Parkopedia Parking

This application lets you find your parking space by making use of your current location after you have entered your address.  It aids you in getting directions which are straight to the space or linked to an entrance. This parking space wizard also lets you see parking space availability in actual, real-time  and also quickly narrows down your parking choices with the choice of filters such as street parking , whether free or not, credit cards accepted, covered and much more.

Find My Car

With this app, all your efforts to locate the car your park are saved. This is a tiny but genius application which allows you to remember the GPS position of the car you have parked or your location where you are at. As it if well-fitted with Google navigation, your other friends are also able to see your current positions. It even allows you to take a picture of your given parking.

Find My Car

Find my Car, also has an emergency button that lets you send a pre-configured SMS fitted with your current position to a family member which would them about your whereabouts with just 2 clicks It is well-suited to be the most used car locator app.

Car Locator

Car Locator is a great app as far as understanding the locations of cars is concerned. It is an amazing app as far as saving your location is concerned when you park . It has features like reading a Radar/Map/Split-Screen view, or a Parking timer which allows you to beam your current or even your saved location to may be another phone/email.

Car Locator

It has the quick Home screen widget for quick save, it could also shake to save. There are options like a location history or manual co-ordinate entry which could be used. One is also able to view current and even car coordinates which can also aid you with some driving directions.

Find My Car – GPS Navigation

From the makers of Polaris Navigation GPS, Find My Car is a powerful find-your-way-back car-locator app that actually does not require maps or even a great network connection. You would be able to make use of your phone’s GPS capabilities which can allow you to navigate back to your used car or any other location that has been previously visited.

Find My Car - GPS Navigation

It is also fitted with the GPS Reflected Pseudoradar which can be kept at  the center of the radar screen. This is a great app to aid you on your whereabouts.

Spot Hero – Parking Deals

In the list of many other park space finder apps, there is Spot Hero. It helps you find parking, also compare rates and you are even able to book your parking spot with Spot Hero.

SpotHero - Parking Deals

When you  tend to reserve a parking space by making use of the Spot Hero parking app, you are able to save up to 50%.SpotHero offers features like daily parking, or even night & weekend parking deals and also affordable airport parking This is the app that makes parking simple and a convenient job.

Remember, it is always easy to find some free space and park your car but with these applications, not only finding an entrance to the parking becomes easy but also getting an easy exit. It is through these smart apps that one is able to say, “Hey, Now I can easily find a parking garage near me?” Try them!



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