Best Android Weather Station Apps to use with Android Tablet

Last Updated: March 3, 2018
android weather stations

There are beautiful weather stations readily available to buy from the market. We depend on these weather conditions every day as unexpected weather changes may spoil your entire day plan. It is nice to have a good weather station for your family hanging on the wall. Well, before you buy a dedicated weather station check for old Android tablets on your shelves. With some free Android weather station apps and old Android tablets, you can make an excellent weather station to hang on your wall.

We recommend the list of the best Android weather station apps from Google Play Store. Android tablets with weather station app can also bring you up few other features like background music, alarm clock.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app offers the best radar maps, local forecasts and weather news on your Android tablet. It can display forecast on hourly, 36-hours, and 10-days intervals. Fast, accurate, and localized radar maps offer the past and future radar information as well as severe weather alerts for an incoming storm tracking and tornado activity.

The Weather ChannelCurrent weather conditions give you the “feels like” temperature, sunrise time, sunset time, wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, and pressure. You can get alerts for severe weather and high pollen counts for any of your favorite location(s). This Android tablet weather station app provides a beautiful and easy-to-use interface with fantastic background photos match your area and current weather conditions.

Download from PlayStore: The Weather Channel

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WeatherPro app offers high-quality, detailed weather information, which includes 3-hourly forecasts for the week ahead including temperature, wind direction and speed, air pressure, precipitation amount and probability and relative humidity. You can view forecast as a graph and get Worldwide alerts and warning levels for extreme weather.

WeatherProThis weather station app for Android can connect to your to your weather stations like Netatmo, and the additional features include weather photo, weather news, weather reports for over 2 million locations worldwide and Hourly forecasts for two weeks ahead. High-resolution weather maps with multiple layers of advanced weather information including precipitation type radar in Europe, radar forecasts, heat maps, lightning strikes and cloud cover forecasts.

Download from PlayStore: WeatherPRO

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Weather XL Pro

Weather XL is the best Android weather station app with gorgeous and realistic animations of weather conditions. This compatible Android tablet weather app is updating continuously with accurate hourly forecasts for the next ten days. The detailed forecasts include rain, ice, snow, fog, wind, storm, dew point, UV index, humidity, pressure, etc.Weather XL

The additional features include the display of highest and lowest historical values, satellite and radar map animations, live wallpaper, etc.

Download from PlayStore: Weather XL Pro

Mobile Weather Station

WeatherSignal uses native device sensors to measure local atmospheric conditions, which are then displayed on our live-updating weather map. This tablet weather app features widgets for temperature, magnetic, light, humidity and pressure sensors, manual reports, and you can turn your device into a thermometer, barometer, light meter, and hygrometer depending on the sensors on your device.

Mobile Weather StationThe WeatherSignal app can measure pressure (specific devices only), temperature, light Intensity, humidity (Galaxy S4 only), Magnetic Flux and acceleration.

Download from PlayStore: Mobile Weather Station

Netatmo Weather Station

Netatmois the personal weather station for Android phones and its app. The Android app required a Netatmo Weather Station to work as a weather station. You can access Netatmo Station measurements including temperature, humidity, barometer. The app features algorithms telling you the felt-like temperature, CO2, and air quality directly from your Android device.Netatmo Weather Station

The best Android weather app can provide notifications for peak and variation events like CO2 concentration, extreme temperatures, low and high pressure, etc. Furthermore, the Netatmo Weather Station app can automatically log events in your timeline and can provide seven days of forecast.

Download from PlayStore: Netatmo Weather Station

Weather Station

Weather Station app supports both large screen HD tablets, and Phone displays and records data displays history graphs. It can show pressure, current conditions widget, forecast weather widget, rainfall, humidity, solar Radiation, Wind Speed, and direction, etc.Weather Station

This Android weather app can automatically update location by wifi or GPS. The Weather Station app adds a Talking Clock and Weather announcement feature to your personal space. The weather services work with the service providers like Weather Underground (PWS), BBC Backstage, Yahoo Weather, Weather Online, Open Weather Map and NOAA. Etc.

Download from PlayStore: Weather Station

This idea can bring a new life for an old Android Tablets that is still resting on your shelf. At the same time, you can enjoy a lot of features and excellent themes for these weather station apps that you can’t get from conventional weather station device. Well, there are thousands of weather and weather station apps available from Google Play Store. Enjoy your family weather station with your Android tablets. Now you and family members are worry-free from unexpected weather hits so you can plan and enjoy your weekends with Weather Station.

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