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Best Apps to Convert Old Android Tablet to Digital Photo Frame

Convert your old Android tablet into a  digital photo frame with free apps. If you have a slow old version of Android tablet, don’t throw it away. You can easily convert Android to Photo Frame that can stream family photos. Digital photo frames are expensive, but you can buy a cheaper Android tablet or use your old tablet as a digital photo frame with free Android Digital Frame App. These Digital Frames are easy to use, and stream photos from computer, flicker and other cloud accounts easily, Google Photos that make your Android Tables as a Smart Digital Photo Frame.

These Digital Frame Apps can connect to WiFi and directly share the photos from your computer to Android tablet and slideshow the photos as Android Picture Frame.

Google Photos

Google photos direct from Google that offer to save all your photos from Android and iOS devices direct to cloud storage. In addition to the free storage, Google Photos can organize your photos and view on any device that configured with the same Google Account.

Google Photos Android App

The great thing about Google Photos, this app starts to support Photo Slide Show direct from the app using your Android device. Just open the album on Google Photos App, click on a photo, and select Slideshow from the drop-down menu. The best thing that you can cast this to Chormecast, then you can cast this slideshow to your big screen TV. Now sit back, relax, and make everyone jealous with your amazing photos.

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Download from Play Store

Photo Slides (Photo Frame)

Photo Slides app can convert your Android device into a powerful photo frame with Photo Slides. The Photo Slides app uses all the most important capabilities of Android OS device to turn your Tablet or Smartphone into a high-quality photo frame. This Android picture frame app provides powerful performance and visual effects, screen quality and touchscreen controls on all Android devices.

Photo Slides (Photo Frame)

This app optimized for a large number of images, easy interface, Thumbnails view in pro version, supports G-sensor to track device orientation, groups images to match device orientation, slideshow mode or manual navigation, brightness control, eight slide effects etc.

Download from Play Store

Digital Photo Frame Slideshow

Turn your android device in a digital photo viewer showing a slideshow of local files, pictures from network shares (samba/smb) or pictures from a UPNP server using the app Digital Photo Frame Slideshow. This app showing a beautiful slideshow of all photos from the selected source.

Digital Photo Frame Slideshow

This app can play from local folders, full-screen view, four photos in the four corners, four regions of different sizes (1 half, 1 quarter and 2 one eight of the screen), offers a variety of several transitions, etc.

Download from Play Store

Photo Slideshow with Music

Create a fast and attractive slideshow of the photo with the music of your personal selection. Just select the photos from the gallery or capture photos from the camera. With the photos, add the music track and select stunning animations to make the perfect slideshow without any trouble over your Android device.

Apply the animation and create video fast with the help of a smooth interface of the slideshow app. You can see the preview of slideshow with before creating a video in order to ensure the perfect result. Share the created video to your friends over any social networking platform and add make your device a great digital photo frame Android.

Download from Play Store


Select multiple photos from your album to create the video slideshow from the photos. Change the order of the photos in the manner you want to make the slideshow better. Add text to the slideshow to make it more appealing and dedicated to the purpose.Photo2Video Photo Slideshow

Choose the start point of the music over the slideshow app for your Android photo slideshow. Capture video with real-time filter and background color to make the video more attractive. The text colors are also adjustable and place it on any corner of the slideshow.

Download from Play Store

Digital Photo Frame Slideshow

Convert your Android device into digital photo frame Android without any trouble. Select the manner in which they are laid on the screen and position the photo as well. Add four photos in four corners and randomly lay down the photos over the screen. The slideshow app randomly displays the photos in the folder and arranges them on the screen as per the layout.

Digital Photo Frame SlideshowIt also keeps a list of recently opened files to track it easily. The displayed photo is also easy to see in full screen and share it with others without any trouble. There are several transitions that do assist in making the slideshow better. Make the photos dissolve or fade in / out as well as slide left or right as per your preference.

Download from Play Store

Photo Slideshow With Music

Make the perfect slideshow with Music through the Android photo slideshow app. Photo Slideshow with Music allows the users to add and share photo, music, videos & stories. Add a photo that runs one by one with a theme along with the background music. Post the video story on WhatsApp as well as on other social networking apps.

Simply pick the images from the gallery and make the perfect slideshow from the slideshow app. Add the preferred sequence of all the added photos and funny frames to the video file and use the app in the form of a complete package.

Download from Play Store

Photo Slideshow

Create image slideshow in a manner like never before from your Android photo slideshow app in a matter of seconds. Make your video story through the help of several video features and customize it for the perfect use. Choose the photo from the gallery as well as albums from the device to make the perfect slideshow.Photo Slideshow

Edit the slideshow by cropping the image, adding text to it as well as adding orientation to each of them. Set the duration of each slide that allows you to create perfect sync between the photos along with giving you control over the photo movement. Test the video story with music and share it with your friends as well as family members.

Download from Play Store

Photo Slideshow with Music

Photo Slideshow with Music is one of the best slideshow apps that helps to create the fast and awesome slideshow. Start the slideshow making process instantly by selecting the photos from the gallery or capture them from the camera. Add your favorite music track and make the slideshow unique and appealing with less effort.

You can easily make videos on any occasion and make the celebration more attractive by sharing it with other people. Fast create the videos and add music from the list sound in the device. You do get the option to change the speed between the images to give them extra motion.

Download from Play Store

Social Frame (Photo Frame)

Social Frame is a digital photo frame app that automatically updates the new photos from Facebook & Twitter. Read the RSS feeds and Twitter posts when the slideshow of photos. Use your old Android device as a photo and relish your old memories in an intuitive manner without any trouble. The slideshow app shows photos in the slideshow with up to 50+ animations and HD photos are also supported by the app.Social Frame

The Android phone slideshow app automatically starts as soon as you plug in the power cable to charge the device. Along with the slideshow, you can easily get info about the weather forecast that ranges up to 5 days.

Download from Play Store


Use the photos from your gallery and cloud services like Google Photos, Dropbox as well as other services for turning your tablet into an elegant photo frame. Play the photos with the background music and add several photo display effects to make the animation appealing. There are more than one photo transitions effects present in the slideshow app to add the uniqueness to the slideshow.Fotoo

Make digital photo frame Android that displays weather and time with the slideshow app. Set the photos to start automatically the slideshow at the particular time. It is one of the best digital frame apps available for Android device to get the needed results without any trouble.

Download from Play Store

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Android Apps for Digital Frame

There are hundreds of Android tablets in Amazon prices under $50.00 smart enough to work as a digital photo frame. These Digital Frame Apps with Android Tablet combination brings more smart options with Wi-Fi connectivity and long battery life, compares to a conventional digital photo frame.

Don’t throw away your old tabs, extend the active life of your Android device and allow them to serve as a great photo frame and remind the perfect moments of your life.

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  1. Fotoo on android play store is pretty slick with good transitions and display effects with weather etc, and the option to pull pictures from a NAS

  2. Fotoo sucks. doesn’t recognize many photo files regardless they are .jpg format. also time (on/off) setting works on random base. mean sometimes works sometimes not. don’t loose your money isn’t worth…


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