Best iPhoen Camera Macro Wide Tele Lens

Best iPhone Camera Lens for Macro and Telephoto

One of the key selling points of iPhone is the powerful camera. The iPhone X launched with 12MP resolution and competing with the color...
iPhone Free Call Recorder

How to Record a Phone Call on iPhone for Free?

There is no built-in feature to record a phone call on iPhone. However, call recording apps are available on iTunes to record phone calls. All these...
Android Screen Sharing Apps

5 Best Android Screen Sharing Apps to Control Android from PC.

Remote desktop is familiar for Windows users; there are some occasions, you may be required to share Android screen via remote desktop. To control Android...
Setup Customize Google Assistant Android

How to Setup and Customize Google Assistant on Android?

Google Assistant is the new digital assistant for all Android smartphones. First introduced along with Google Allo, it has now rolled out to all...

Best Selfie App for iPhone to Enhance your Photos.

Even though you have a powerful camera on iPhone, the selfies may not come as perfect when you use the front camera. Here the...
Extend Oreo Battery Life

How to Stop Oreo Battery Draining and Extend Battery Life?

Android Oreo brought a lot of features that surely made headlines, but none of them got Android fans more delighted that the new battery...
Improve Speed of Face ID Unlock

How to Unlock Face ID Faster on iPhone X?

Apple's newest flagship, the iPhone X had to sacrifice the hugely successful Touch ID fingerprint scanner housed in the iconic home button to implement...
Best Android Emoji Apps

Best Android Emoji Apps to Express your Feeling

Emojis are great, work in full harmony and more comfortable to commune our feelings in any language without typing a word. You can say a...
iPhone Battery Life Test

iPhone Need a Battery Replacement, How to Check?

Are you experiencing a performance issue or slow speed on iPhone?  Apple confirmed that the iOS would throttle the performance of iPhones with an older...
Google Lite Apps for Android

Best Google Lite Apps for Low End Android Phones with Slow Internet.

First of all, an app is labeled "Lite" when the original version is stripped down of its resource-hungry components and made thoroughly basic. And...
How to FaceTime on Android

How to FaceTime from Android Phone and Tablet?

Here's the million dollar question: Can you FaceTime on Android? Technically the term "FaceTime for Android" is incorrect. FaceTime is the feature introduced on...

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