Android Hardware Test Tools

How to Make Sure Android Hardware is Working Properly?

A smartphone consists of a bunch of hardware and software that are embedded to give us a fully functional smartphone. For a device to...
Android Business Card Scanner Apps

Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Android.

Tired of keeping a stack of business cards? Never fumble a card again with business card scanner app for Android, which supports to manage...
Android Emergency (SOS) Screen

How to Enable SOS (ICE) on Android Oreo?

SOS feature on Android is an underappreciated feature and unknown to most of the Android users. When you talk about the customization on Android,...
Android Weather App Gadget

8 Best Android Weather App and Widgets for Smartphone.

Acknowledging every change in weather with the minute details is easy through Android Weather App. These Weather apps can display a lot of information...
Android Screen Recording Apps

The Best Screen Recording Apps for Android

Since the release of Android 5.0, Android Screen recording is comparatively easy to access. There are a bunch of Android screen recording apps and PC...
Get Stable Data Connection Android

How to Get Stable Data Connection on Android Phone?

The worst things that could ruin a perfect day is when you're forced to wait for a favorite online content to load. While you...
Best Skype Bot

Best Skype Bots to use with Android, iPhone and PC.

We use the chat applications all the time to communicate. What you think about integrating these chat apps with AI-based bots, that can help...
Plus Code Location Sharing

How to Share your Location without a Street Address or City?

There are many solutions we already discussed to share the location while you travel or for a meetup. You can do location sharing directly...
Best Android Offline Games

12 Best Offline Games for Android to Play without Internet

Most of the addictive games on Android demand internet connection to enjoy the game with full features. However, there are offline Android games to...
Best Drawing Apps for iPad

Best Drawing Apps for iPad to be More Creative and Artistic

iPad Pro is the ultimate means to draw and paint for artists and talented people. iPad Pro combined with the Apple Pencil works as...
Google Calendar on Alexa

How to Setup Google Calendar on Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a pretty smart device that can configure your Google Calendar to read calendar entries for you. Even for Echo Spot and...

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