How To Get A Free US Phone Number to Call US and Canada for Free?

Last Updated: May 13, 2016

If you moved to a different city or state and you want to get a Free US Local Phone number then Google Voice can help you. This article describes how to get a free local US Phone number in your area from Google Voice that allows you to call any US and UK numbers absolutely free.

You can use this number to make calls, receive calls from other phones and you can forward this Google Voice number to your cell phone without any fee, and that is the attractive feature about it.

Once you set your Google Voice number, please go through this post to forward calls from Google voice number to your cell phone. If you want to get some iPhone apps to use with Google Voice, please refer this post.

Go to Google Voice enter your Google credentials to login. Once you login, your will get the next windows as below. Please click on Get a Voice Number.

You will get two choices, one to get a new number and the second one is use to your own cell phone number.

Next window allows you to enter your local area code. You can enter your required area code, zip code or city name. In this screen shot, I entered a particular area code 321. The beauty is that you will get a list of available numbers to pick your own fancy number.

Once you select a number, you can continue to the next screen. Be careful while picking the number, you can’t change the Google Voice Number as free once you select one number.

The next step is to add the forwarding number. You need a US number for this verification. Enter your US Resident or Cell number and continue to get the verification code. Once you get the verification number, please enter the code in this screen.

As a last step, add your PIN number for the voice mail. You are done. Now if you go to your Google Voice account, you can see your free US number there.

This also useful for creating the local number for your business and you can hide your original cell phone number. You can forward all calls from Google Voice to your Cell Phone and still enjoy the voice message and all other features.

After obtaining your own local number from Google Voice, please go through this article to forward your Google US Phone numebr to your own cell or land phone number. You can also set your voice message and all other features like your cell phone number. If you want to get some iPhone apps to use with Google Voice, please refer Free iOS Apps to Make Calls Using Google Voice.


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