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How to Make Calls from Google Home to Google Contact Numbers

Google recently rolled out the feature to make free calls from Google home. You can make calls to any Google Contact numbers, or business office numbers. In addition to this, you can call direct to a number just saying the number “Call 777-666-5555”.

At this point, Canada and US users can call to almost all the numbers except the emergency services like 911. It is pretty easy to make calls and straightforward. However, if you want to make calls to any of your Google contacts, you have to do a couple of settings on Google Home App to connect Google Contacts and call those Google Contacts numbers.

Let us see How to Setup to Make Calls from Google Home to Google Contacts.

Sync Phone Contacts to Google

First, make sure your current account connected on Google Home connected with Google Contacts. For Android users, the contacts are already connected with Google Accounts. For iPhone users, please make sure to sync iPhone contacts to Google Contacts.

Permit Google Home to Contact List (Google)

To call Google contact number, you have to give Google Home permission to Google Contacts. To give permissions, you have to allow Google Home to read your private info such as shopping list, calendar, contacts etc.

Google Home Contact Permission Set

To set the permission, open Google Home App > Menu > More Settings > Select Google Home Device > Turn On Personal results.

Make Calls from Google Home

As we mentioned before, there are three different ways to call the US and Canada number from Google Home device. When you make calls, the recipient will receive call from “unknown” by default. But for Google Home owners can set Google Voice number as the default calling number. Please follow the guide to set Google Voice Number for Google Home.

Call to Business Number with Google Home

To make any business calls from Google home, just say the business name in the format. “OK Google, Call PizzaHut near me“. Google will check the home address that you set on Google Home. Google will search and give you the selection to call the PizzaHut near to the home zip code zip code.

Call Direct Number with Google Home

Instead of this, Google Home can place the calls direct. You can say Google “Call 7778889090” and Google will place the call directly.

Call Contact List with Google Home (Google Contacts)

Once you setup the Google contacts, you can call numbers from your Google contacts, just by saying “Call Mom” or “Call Steve“. If there have any multiple numbers saved on this name like Home Number or Mobile number, Google will ask you to confirm the number you want to dial.

You can stop call by voice command, “End Call or Hangup” or simply tap on top of Google Home Device to end the call. When you make calls, the recipient will see calls from an unknown number. But there is an option to change this unknown number and display Google Voice number.

For multiple Google Home users, Google can recognize users voice. This will let Google users call their own Google contact numbers. The calls from Google Home is absolutely free and you just need to connect Google Home to the internet for making free calls. You can call to US and Canada phone numbers for free with your Google Home.

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