5 Best iPhone Apps for Scanning Old Photos

Last Updated: October 8, 2017
scanning old photos iOS apps

The best solution for preserving old memories is by scanning old photos and save in hard drives. Yes, digitalizing your old pictures into computer memories to save for years. Digital photos are easy to organize, back up and save, the advantage of digitalizing old photos. Use your iPhone to scan old photos, to convert the pictures live again and just requires your phone’s camera. You can get back the treasured moments back and make them greater than ever.

Please see the list of best iOS apps for Scanning Old Photos that can do as your next weekend project.


One of the best iPhone app to scan and digitize Photos. The process of digitizing paper photos simply by turning the camera of the iOS device to a photo scanner. With the detection and precise correction technology, ensures that the scanning of photos is quick and come out in a beautiful way. It takes your geotagged photos to sort them out according to your trips to be available easily. For using the ShoeBox app, you have to create an account at the beginning.

ShoeboxPhotos scanned are private unless the user chooses to share them on social networking sites. You can fill the backstory by entering the people, dates as well as the locations to make it unique.

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Photo Scan

This excellent Google photos app to scan old photos with iPhone. This is a standalone photo scanning app allowing you to scan an old photo and convert into a digital one. The interface of the app is simple and not requires a login whenever opened. On scanning a picture, it recognizes the four corners of the photo, when the phone hovers over the dots. The phone is kept over the photo until the circle in the middle is completely full.

PhotoscanThe photo scanning app on its own does the cropping, rotation and color correction of a photo. After the capture of the photo, it backs up the photo online as well as added to your Google Photos database. With the editing feature in the app, you can make the photo unique.

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With Heirloom, you can the dust gathering photos live again with ease. This scanner app for photos app spontaneously detects the edge of the photo and functions more like Google’s PhotoScan. Find a photo, open Heirloom and click a snap of the photo. After the process, you are left with a similar copy of the photo. Every sort of distortion reduces on its own from the photo after scanning is done.

HeirloomThe high-resolution scans are available for download on the heirloom. You can also share the photos privately to friends and family in secure Heirloom groups. With this app, you will win any throwback memory challenge with ease.

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Pic Scanner

Pic Scanner is designed to scan old photos. This photo scan app is allowing you to scan up to four prints at the same time. Pic Scanner does not require the internet to work fluently. The app is fast and intuitive scanning your all photos in a matter of minutes. Pic Scanner detects, crops and saves different photos individually. Every user can manually adjust the rotation and trim of each picture as well as perform image enhancement.

PicScannerThe free version of the app comes with a limit. It allows you to a number of shares as well as to 12. For an unlimited number of scans and saves, one has to do in purchase for the full application version.

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Unfade is new photo scanning app giving you the feature of scanning old photos with iPhone’s camera. With the app, you can restore back the vibrant look and aesthetics of the old photo. Just put the image in the frame and leave remaining work to the application’s ‘Magic Color’ filter. The faded colors also revive in the photo through the app, and it is super easy to use.

UnfadeMany new features are also in the pipeline that includes some editing, image presentation, and sharing tools. After the selected images digitize, one can easily sort them into diverse albums.

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The photo scanning app comes with a built-in friendly guide to capturing the digital image of the real photographs quickly. Memories also tell how to achieve the best and perfect angle for your picture. One can quickly scan the photos in any format keeping the natural color and brightness of the photo intact.

MemoriesFor best results, one has to keep the iPhone at 45-degree angle over the photo. It is excellent in increasing the brightness of dull old pictures and allows you to make the images more clear. In every photo, there is a watermark of the app.

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This old photo scan app is the only photo scanning app in the list allowing the person to scan multiple photos at the same time. Scan the whole album page in a single shot as it detects multiple in a shot. The multiple photos are cropped and saved at the same moment. The app separates the photos from each other to give out a scan that is digitally similar to the photo. Just make sure all four corners come within the frame.

PhotomyneThis iPhone photo scan app comes with Discover, a feature more like Instagram giving you the visual feed of other users of the app. Create an unlimited number of albums through this app.

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Each house has a huge pile of albums full of photographs that have unique memories of past. They often see the sunlight or else tucked away in a closet. Each photo has own unique memory and consists a reasonable part of their life. These pictures remind us of the era when people took photos and not the ones like now, the real negative and printed copies.

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Take out your dusty photo albums and use the above photo scanning apps. Keep your legacy alive and show it to other people. Preserve your history for a longer period and get in a way more refined and great. These apps are available to help in the process of scanning the photos with ease.


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