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10 Best Outdoor Smart Plugs to Control Christmas Decorations

Turning your home into a smart home has never been so easy. With a Smart Plug, it acts as a building block towards modernizing your home. The outdoor smart plugs come in handy in this holiday season to control your outdoor Christmas lights.

There is no need to use mechanical timers or switches to control your light decorations. Just connect the outdoor lights to these smart plugs and control from Alexa, Google Home, or Smartphone. Do you want to set a schedule to turn on and off outdoor lights, you can use routines to control the lights automatically.

Well, we tried some of the best outdoor WiFi smart plugs, that is going to be perfect in this holiday to control your outdoor lights and decorations.

Etekcity Wireless Outdoor with Remote

Etekcity Wireless Outdoor

The Elekcity outdoor plug is waterproof comes with a 150ft Range Remote. The Etekcity outlets are water-resistant with IPX44 and the plug made with UV-proof materials. The outlet has short-circuit protection and overload protection to protect the devices connected to the outlet.

Key Features: Work with Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana | App Support | Weather Proof | Buy from Amazon: Etekcity Wireless Outdoor Remote Control Outlet

iClever Outdoor Smart Plug

iClever Outdoor Smart Plug

This iClever smart Plug is designed for outdoor use and works with WiFi. The sole difference from the one we mentioned above is that it is designed exclusively for outdoor purposes. Most of the features that we described in its former versions are there in this one.

This Outdoor Smart plug can work with the iPhone and Android through the dedicated App. Like other WiFi plugs, you can operate this smart plug with a timer to On/Off on a particular schedule.

In addition to the WiFi support, this outdoor WiFi plug will work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance. You can ask Alexa to turn on your sprinkler system, yard light, or decorative lamps that connected to this outdoor smart plug.

The main point to put out is that this iClever WiFi plug is tested to stand rigorous climatic conditions and harsh weather. It is equipped with surge protection and has timing settings that eliminate potential hazards like a power surge or an overvoltage. It’s also waterproof and shockproof and works in external conditions.

Key Features: Work with Alexa & Google Assistant | App Support | Weather Proof | Buy from Amazon: iClever Outdoor Smart Plug | Discount Coupon

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Meross Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug

Meross Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug

Merorss Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug is the perfect example of ruggedness and usage. It packs with IP44 weatherproof housing and an anti-electric shockproof body. It is compatible to work even at 0°C to 40°C, and it is super easy to set up. Meross Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug has two independent outlets and can be controlled via the companion Meross app individually.

The smart Outdoor outlet work with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The mobile app has scheduling capabilities to control the outlets. Its Routine feature adds another layer of automation to turns on and turns off the device when required.

Meross Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug lacks an energy consumption monitor, although it has a few other features to compensate it. The smart plug includes high-quality material, fire-retardant housing, and more.

Key Features: Compatible with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa | App Support | Timers and Routine support | Buy from Amazon: Meross Smart WiFi Outdoor Plug

TECKIN Outdoor WiFi Plug

TECKIN Outdoor WiFi Outlet

The Teckin Outdoor Wi-Fi Plug is one of the best outdoor smart plugs I have ever come across. It has a dual AC outlet at your disposal. Teckin is covered with a waterproof button cap design that keeps water, dirt, and other unwanted agents from entering into the plugs.

The smart outdoor plug and can be used anywhere, thanks to its IP44 rating with splash-proof, and fire-retardant housing. The LED light on the top keeps you notified about the status. The companion, Smart Life app, keeps you posted about the status of the smart plug.

The Teckin Outdoor Smart Plug offers a wide range of features, including timers that should keep the electricity bills in check. The outlet is RoHS and FCC certified. The body of the plug is resistant against impact, weather, wet conditions, and damp as well. The best thing is that it can be controlled via the app and via voice assistants, including Google Assistant and Alexa.

Key Features: Fire, Impact, Weatherproof | Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant | App Support, Weatherproof outlet cap design | Smart LED notifications | Buy from Amazon: Teckin Outdoor Wi-Fi Plug

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TONBUX Outdoor Smart Plug

TONBUX Outdoor Smart Plug

Next in the offering is the Outdoor Smart Plug by Tonbux, which works on 2.4G Wi-Fi. Tonbux has a dual-socket design that is covered with a waterproof button cap design. This keeps the receptacles splash-proof, free from dirt, or debris when not in use. With voice control, the Tonbux smart outdoor plug can control with the voice commands via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on both Android and iOS devices.

The smart plug adds two AC outlets with 15A/1875W max capacity for each. This WiFi outdoor plug comes with independent control via a dedicated app. This smart outlet allows both indoor and outdoor appliances to work, including yard decorations, garden lights, fountains, etc.

This outdoor plug has a schedule and timer feature that can tweak right from the app. It is FCC and ETL approved that makes Tonbux Smart outdoor Wi-Fi plug safe for use at any extreme temperatures.

Key Features: Easy to install | Voice controlled with Google Assistant and Alexa | Waterproof | FCC & ELT approved product | Buy from Amazon: Outdoor Smart Plug TONBUX

Acenx Outdoor WiFi Smart Plug

Acenx Outdoor Smart Plug

Yet another dual AC outlet smart plug from Acenx, this is easy to use the smart plug that comes with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant ready. It covers both indoor & outdoor appliances, including garden, pool, and porch lighting, etc.

You can set up a timer on a dedicated Smart Life app. The app will make the atmosphere cozy as you can turn on and turn off appliances with your phone. You can also use voice commands to control the outlet power. It will dynamically decrease the electrical bill that makes it a must-have.

Acenx works with WiFi 2.4GHz and has two AC outlets. The waterproof button cap design made to keep away debris and dust. The IP44 waterproof rated design will keep it protected against splashes, dirt, debris, wet and cold conditions as well.

Key Features: App Support | 2 AC Outlets with a protective covering | IP44 waterproof | Voice Controlled with Google Assistant & Alexa | Buy from Amazon: Outdoor Smart Plug Acenx WiFi

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Tonbux Outdoor Smart Outlet PlugTONBUX Outdoor Smart Outlet Plug

Another smart outlet plug for outdoor is from Tonbux. Tonbux has a huge notification LED with three AC outlets that work individually. The plugs are capable of delivering 15A or 1875W maximum. The outlets have a waterproof button cap design that prevents any debris or dirt from accumulating when not in use.

The outdoor smart plug from Tonbux is pretty much easy to control using a dedicated Smart Life app. The voice commands will work across all indoor and outdoor as long as the outlet connected to the same WiFi.

It is suitable for a wide range of appliances, including pumps, yard lighting, lamps, fountains. Furthermore, this smart plug is also compatible with landscape and garden lighting, washing machines, etc. as well.

It has a dedicated schedule feature along with a timer. This will save a bootload of electricity in case if you forget to turn off the plug. It’s FCC and ETL approved that makes Tonbux Smart outdoor WiFi plug safe and easy to use with easy setup.

Key Features: Easy to Set up | App Support | Voice Control | IP44 Waterproof | Timer | FCC & ELT approved | Buy from Amazon: Outdoor Smart Plug Tonbux

Dewenwils Outdoor Wireless Outlet Kit

DEWENWILS Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet

This is a heavy-duty smart plug that can be controlled via a dedicated remote. The paired remote allows users to turn off and on plugs. It has three AC outlets with protective cover. The Smart outlet has a capacity of 15A, 1875W resistive, 128 Volts, and 1000W Tungsten.

Dewenwils outdoor wireless remote control outlet kit is made to operate plenty of appliances. It includes fountains, pumps, decorative, and yard lights, among other applications. Dewenwils has a strong RF signal remote control that works up to 100ft. The three AC outlets make it easier for users to connect several appliances without piling up with other smart plugs.

It can last extreme weather. The smart outlet comes preloaded with watertight construction and resistance to moisture. The Dewenwils outdoor smart plug has FCC certification that makes it safer and convenient to use without any hassle.

Key Features: Strong RF Signal Remote Control up to 100ft, three heavy-duty AC outlets, waterproof with durable PPO shell | Buy from Amazon: Dewenwils Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Outlet Kit

Vavofo Outdoor Smart Plug

VAVOFO Outdoor Smart Plug

It looks much like Teckin, although it is useful in its senses. The Outdoor Smart Plug from Vavofo has a status LED light on the top. Vavofo is fire-retardant and can last an extreme temperature of 750°C. The smart WiFi plug has IP44 dust and waterproof rating with surge protection.

Vavodo Outdoor smart plug has two AC outlets to connect and control individually. The WiFi outdoor plug uses a voice command or the dedicated Smart Life app. Vavodo is easy to schedule, time, and set up routines that make it a great smart plug. The outdoor smart plug has 2 AC outlets with a waterproof button cap. This design prevents dirt, debris, and splashes of water from entering when not in use.

Vavodo outlet can support up to 15A/1875W max for each outlet. You can connect the AC outlet to a host of outdoor devices and appliances, including irrigation systems, outdoor string lights, pumps, lawnmowers, spa, etc.

Key Features: Easy to schedule | Surge Protection with IP44 water and dustproof | App Support | Buy from Amazon: Vavofo Outdoor Smart Plug

Powrui Smart Power Strip Outdoor Smart PlugPowrui Smart Power Strip Outdoor

If you need more than two receptacles, check out Smart Power Strip Outdoor Smart Plug from Powrui. You can independently control four AC outlets as well. The whole unit is IP44 waterproof and comes with up to 1080 joules surge protection feature.

Powrui has made its smart plug a reliable product, and it is super easy to set up. The plug can configure to work on WiFi 2.4GHz. The smart plug is easy to control with a dedicated app or tap on the Amazon echo.

The plug can use the command to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and it will automatically turn on the individual AC outlet. You can turn on and off appliances, both indoor and outdoor, without any hassle with Powrui.

Key Features: Splash & Fireproof | Voice control with Alexa & Google Assistant | Easy to set up | Surge Protector | App Support | Buy from Amazon: Powrui Smart Power Strip Outdoor Smart Plug

A smart plug would allow users to control electronics using a companion app or voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. These outlets can control a plethora of devices right from fans to yard lights to holiday lights to other small appliances.

Having a smart outdoor plug provides the convenience of controlling it via an app or voice. This saves a lot of electricity and converts your home into a state-of-the-art smart home. It can be used to turn on security systems directly from the app without any hindrance.

The outdoor plugs are made to use in extreme weather conditions with a waterproof design. It is convenient for users who want to automate things, control appliances remotely. Smart Plugs are cost-effective and are easy to set up. They last even in the extreme weather, making it light on the pockets, again.

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