iPhone Keeps a Record of Everywhere you Go & You can Delete

Last Updated: July 19, 2017
iOS Location History

It is not a surprise that smart phones are tracking your location all the time. Smartphone manufactures using this location coordinates to provide more accurate information while you use location based apps on your phone.

When you search for a local shop or gas station or current weather, your smartphone provides these results based on the information with the help of location tracking sensors. These location tracking is also using by your iPhone to share your location with your friends using Google and other Map apps.

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Instead of just tracking your movements, iPhone is saving a detailed history of the location you visited with time stamp. The scary thing that this information is not protected or hidden. Anybody can go and check this information on your iPhone if they can access iPhone settings. If you are concerned about your privacy, this location saving may not be a good news for you.

In iPhone settings, this location log history is named as ‘Frequent Locations’. Even though Apple saying this as frequent location history, the is not just frequent. You can see almost all of your visit history here. If you don’t remember exactly you were on a particular day, your best bet is this log history on your iPhone.

How to see visited location history on iPhone?

First let’s have a look at this history saved on your iPhone. Please go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > (scroll all the way down) System Services > Frequent Locations > HISTORY

ios location serviceYou can see all your recent visit history under HISTORY. This list displays the time stamps of each place you visited and time period for multiple visits.

How to see more details of visited place on iPhone?

You can simply tap one of the list from this history to see the detailed view of the places. You will be surprised to see that your iPhone was tracking each and every place you visited and counting number of visitors when you travel to the same place frequently. The map will display with blue bubbles to represent your visits.

ios map log date timeAre you interested to see the exact time instead of dates? Tap again one of the list until you see a big circle on map. You can see all visits with time stamp underneath this blue circled map.

How to remove location history from iPhone?

You can clear all your visited location history from your phone to protect your privacy. Please go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > (scroll all the way down) System Services > Frequent Locations > HISTORY > Clear History > Confirm to Clear History.

How to protect from tracking your locations?

It is going to be tough choice to disable the location. Once you disable the location history, your iPhone may fail to display the accurate information when you search some information, shops or using maps.

ios location clear offYou can go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > (scroll all the way down) System Services > Frequent Locations > Turn Off. Now you are safe from location tracking, your iPhone wont track you any more.

We recommend to clear the location history frequently if you are worried about your privacy instead of turning off the location tracking. This workaround will protect your privacy at the same time your iPhone will be able to give you more accurate information with location based apps.

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