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7 Best Personal Finance & Budget Apps for Mac & iPAD


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Management of money is one of the most important tasks that the business owner has to do in order to make sure that their business runs fluently and without any trouble.

For helping the business owners, there are many personal finance software and accounting software performing the financial functions like giving the record regarding how much money is in the credit and debit side, the savings made and how to invest the money in diverse ways in the coming future.

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You can get the personal finance software for Mac easily and the needed help in figuring a budget or strategy planning to be more specific in money management.


Here is a list of best personal finance software for Mac to get the centralization and overview of spending habits.

Banktivity 5 (MAC | iPAD)

Want to track your transactions and manage the personal finance better than a simple accounting software, then you can choose Banktivity 5. Formerly known as iBank 5, the app has now become the essence and strength of personal finance apps.

Banktivity 5

Connect to more banks than ever through the software and get enhanced investment support for bonds. It also offers dismissal of similar transactions from the bank data downloads. You can acknowledge your mistakes by comparing the past, current or projected projects.

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Through Banktivity cloud sync, you can sync your banktivity files on more than one device for free to get access to them whenever you want to. The app effortless manages your transactions, allowing control over the budgets, stock portfolios, etc.

MoneyWiz 2 – Personal Finance (MAC | iPAD)

MoneyWiz 2 allows you to efficiently control all your transactions, making it a top choice among all the personal finance software for Mac. It allows you to import the data from other apps and ensures a smooth run due to its sleek and sturdy interface.


It automatically monitors your financial transactions and assigns them in the needed budgets. Build custom reports based what you acknowledge regarding your money. MoneyWiz 2 is there to assist in online banking, downloading all your transactions and you can use any file on it from CSV, QIF, OFX, QFX to MT940 file.

Make your transaction entry to be fast with the software. The software is helpful in budget tracking and protects your data with a PIN which can be set for a particular time period. The PIN will auto-erase on 10 times wrong PIN for maximum security and comfort.

Debit & Credit – Personal Finance Manager (MAC | iPAD)

Looking for a personal finance software, that offers convenience and at the same time has the needed features, then Debit & Credit is the right choice for you. With the software, you can easily reconcile your accounts with the bank statements for eliminating any disparities and getting the extra help to keep the accounts in shape.


Create a new transaction in a matter of seconds and save the locations of the places where you go often, helping you to record the expenses easily. Get clean and crisp reports along with Split categories, pending transactions, transaction export, file attachments (with sync), transaction tags. Debit & Credit comes in eight color themes available for selection in the settings of the software allowing you to customize your experience.

Moneydance 2015  (MAC | iPAD)

Moneydance is one of the best personal finance software for Mac handling multiple currencies and doing any financial task virtually with ease. It has more reporting options than the majority of other software inherits; giving you centralized access to all the data related to your financial transactions.

Moneydance 2015

Follow your investments and focus more on your portfolio through the software. Never miss a payment by scheduling for single or recurring transactions. Send online payments easily and attach images, PDFs, and other such files to transactions. It learns how to automatically categorize the downloaded transactions. Create and control your budget like a breeze also ensures the inflow as well as the outflow of money through Moneydance.


Ms Finance (MAC)

Standing out from the crowd, Ms Finance is there to solve all the troubles encountered with the previous personal finance software. The app makes the tracking and paying of bills convenient by bringing them at a single place.

Ms Finance

It handles multiple accounts with the support for the transfers between same currency accounts. Create custom reports to show any financial data virtually through the report assistant. Forecast your financial requirements for the future through Ms Finance. Get accurate statements regarding the balances of your account to get the needed help. The developers of the software have tried to make the design and user interface to be intrusive and simple as possible to allow the user to access the features easily..

Quicken 2 (MAC | iPAD)

Giving a step up from the previous versions, the developers have updated the software. Last time, it was updated in 2007.

Quicken 2

It automatically generates bill reminders for you on the basis of previously paid bill information alerting you regarding the payment of bills and avoiding late fees. Get step by step guidance to know the functioning of the software.

Quicken 2 also offers a debt reduction planner as well as customizable portfolio view. You can get the free credit report of your accounts. Quicken 2 is a good and simple tool built from scratch, helping to acknowledge your personal and small scale business financial transactions.

iFinance 4 (MAC)

iFinance is a personal finance software inheriting some great features, making it worth a try. You can easily compare your investments to the rest of the market. It is a good program that can easily handle the transactions of varying forms.

iFinance 4

The software analyzes your finances and maintains its records through Cloud Sync or Wi-Fi. It gives the users easy to customize charts as well as reports; iFinance 4 clearly arranges the transaction lists of all your financial resources, group different types of expenses.

Know how the assets perform with the reports made by the tool. iFinance offers the user a broad range of easy to customize charts and reports giving you the precise reports on the source of money and the spending without any trouble.

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Through these personal finance software, you can best track your expenses and the balances of your account for better management of money. With efficient management of money, you can get early warnings regrading the upcoming financial problems.



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