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12 Best Racing Games for Android

Android games are getting better and better. Racing games are one of the most loved genres of Android games. They fill you up with adrenaline. It is also more convenient to compete against anyone. There is a massive selection of racing games available in the Play store. It is so big that you might find it difficult to choose one.

This list compiles the best racing games for Android for 2019. Let us get into the details of each game one by one.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is Gameloft’s best car racing game. It is the latest one in the Asphalt franchise. Stunning graphics, hours of gameplay, breathtaking cars makes this a must-play game. This Android car Racing game has over 800 weekly, monthly and PvP events. There are more than 50 cars and various upgrades to unlock.

Asphalt 9 Legends game

Moreover, Asphalt lets you customize your cars with decals, rims, and colors. The career mode lets you race your way up to become a legend. Asphalt 9 also features an online multiplayer mode.

The controls are easy with slick console quality graphics and tons of content. This game will make your time filled with fun with features like nitro pulse, speed boosts, etc.

What We Like: Graphics and loads of content make Asphalt 9 the best racing game for Android.

Download from Play Store: Asphalt 9

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Need For Speed: No Limits

Need For Speed: No limits is the best Android car racing game from EA. With stunning graphics and console-like details, makes this game one of the best racing games. This Racing Game for Android has a storyline where you have to defeat bosses at every step to become the best.

NFS No Limits

You also get to fight with cops, smash your way through roadblocks and other tons of features. It has tons of great supercars to choose from. You can customize them with almost 2.5 million custom combos. NFS No Limits will surely give you the feel of underground street racing culture. This game lets you break rules, drift, dodge police vehicles, use nitro, etc.

It is another one of those adrenaline pumping games. You have to buy coins to unlock premium experience.

What We Like: This best game for a short and thrilling experience.

Download from Play Store: NFS: No Limits

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Nitro Nation 6

If you are a fan of drag racing, then Nitro Nation 6 is your best bet. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for an energy refill, no delivery time for car upgrades. You get these premium features for free with Nitro Nation 6. Great quality gameplay, tons of cars to unlock makes it a worthy car racing game.

Nitro Nation 6 android game

Nitro Nation 6 also has a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends. It is easier to play than other drag racing games. This game gives you a fair share of fun and thrilling experience. Besides, you get to play with licensed cars.

What We Like: High quality and a fun game if you’re a drag racing fan.

Download from Play Store: Nitro Nation 6

Hot Wheels: Race Off

Hot Wheels: Race Off is a nice and fun physics-based android racing game. If you love games that involve stunts, then this one’s for you. You have to perform stunts to refill your gas to complete the race. This game also lets you play with others online.

Hot Wheels Race Off android game

The graphics are heavier on the cartoony side. Hot wheels do come with in-game ads. The catch of this Android game is that you have to upgrade your car at a certain level to proceed to the next level. Besides, you cannot unlock the next car until you fully upgrade your previous one.

What We Like: It is a fun free-to-play game more apt for kids.

Download from Play Store: Hot Wheels: Race Off

F1 Mobile Racing

F1 Mobile Racing is the official F1 racing game by Codemasters. This car race game for Android consists of all the official teams and tracks. You can customize your car and play online in Career mode. You can also select one of the official teams to play this game. Besides, with changes in the actual season, new content will be available via updates.

F1 Mobile Racing game

This Mobile Racing game features console quality graphics with smooth gameplay. You can play online duels. The tracks are short and keep you engaged. Besides, there is some bug with the AI as you can see a number of unusual crashes. Moreover, you can feel a bit lag with the controls.

What We Like: Official F1 teams and cars are good with more scope of improvement.

Download from Play Store: F1 Mobile Racing

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Mad Skills BMX 2

Even with great graphics, many games leave you bored. Mad Skills BMX 2 is just the opposite. You get a fun and intuitive gameplay environment with this bike racing game. You need to beat the AI opponent to progress to the next stage. Moreover, the difficulty level also gradually increases when the game progress with this Android Bike Race Game.

Mad Skills BMX 2

Less complicated controls make it a fun-to-play game. Besides, you can also play the previously completed track to set a new high score. There is a lot of customization like helmet, vehicles, clothing, etc.

You also get different tracks to play in. It becomes engaging, once you get a hang of this game.

What We Like: A fun and easy to play the game without overwhelming features.

Download from Play Store: Mad Skills BMX 2

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a real game as you can get. Racing 3 Android game is a bit old but still one of the best android racing games you can play. You can drive cars around beautifully created race tracks. Real Racing 3 comes with many game modes like time trials, multiplayer and single player mode.

Real Racing 3 android game

This game has great graphics and realistic gameplay. Moreover, even the race tracks feel so close to reality. You get over 2000 total events to play. The controls are easy but hard to master. The only downside we could come up with is the fact that it is a bit old. It receives lesser updates as compared to other games.

What We Like: A great racing simulator with high-end graphics and controls.

Download from Play Store: Real Racing 3

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CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is another android drag racing game. The racing 2 features great graphics and also gives you that underground street racing feel. If you love games with minimal controls then this is it. You just have to concentrate on starting well. Moreover, there is a multiplayer mode as well.

CSR Racing 2

You also get different customization options. It also gives you technical upgrades like tire pressure and brakes settings. Great timing and nitro boosts are all that you need to master this game. This is an Android free game and there are a lot of cars to unlock.

What We Like: One of the best great graphics drag racing game.

Download from Play Store: CSR 2

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is another racing game from the Asphalt series. This game is different from other games in the series. It is an offroad racing game for Android. You get a variety of tracks with a variety of vehicles. With every update, more features and cars will be added.

Asphalt Xtreme

Moreover, there is a total of 50 vehicles. This game features 8 players online multiplayer mode. Besides, it has over 800 events including career mode, challenges and time trials. Asphalt Xtreme is available offline and free game for Android users.

It offers great customizations for your vehicles. Moreover, it has HD graphics and easy to use controls. Asphalt Xtreme is a good game for rally racing lovers.

What We Like: Graphics is good and you will enjoy racing in the dirt.

Download from Play Store: Asphalt Xtreme

GT Racing 2

Gameloft is the master of android racing games. GT Racing 2 is another one of its titles. You get this good package in small size. GT Racing features 71 licensed cars with 13 tracks. You get a total of 1400 events including classic races, duels, knockout, etc.

GT Racing 2 game

Besides, you also get over 20 events weekly. It is enough to get you engaged. You get to race at different times of the day and weather. Moreover, it does not contain any repair or refueling costs within the game. It has HD graphics with good gameplay.

This Android racing online game also has an online multiplayer mode. The downside of this game is that it gets fewer updates.

What We Like: It offers good gameplay in a small package.

Download from Play Store: GT Racing 2

Red Bull Air Race 2

Red Bull Air Race 2 is one of a kind Android air racing game. It is a simulation of the real air races that Red Bull organizes around the world. You have to maneuver your plane to be the best air racer in the world. This game features a multiplayer mode, career and challenges mode.

Red Bull Air Race 2

The controls are great and you get to steer your plane in every possible way. Besides, Air Race 2 is also available offline. This Android Flight Racing game includes race locations like Abu Dhabi, San Diego, Budapest, Las Vegas and more. You have to hire and manage your crew to become the master.

What We Like: It is a good game with nice graphics which fuels the inner pilot in you.

Download from Play Store: Red Bull Air Race 2

NFS Most Wanted

No racing games list will be complete without mentioning NFS Most Wanted. NFS is “The Franchise” of racing games lovers. This game is old yet beats many newer generation games. Most Wanted features console-like graphics, great controls, tons of cars and more.

NFS Most wanted

This game has a straightforward story. You have to beat the top 10 bosses and race your way to the top. Moreover, you can unlock cars with in-game cash rewards. It gives you limited customization option for your vehicles. One thing worth mentioning is the soundtracks of the game. They are just amazing!

This Android racing game lacks a multiplayer mode. Besides, you will love playing the career mode so much, you won’t even feel the need for it.

What We Like: Everything from graphics, gameplay, and even soundtracks are great. You just have to purchase the game.

Download from Play Store: NFS Most Wanted

Best Android Racing Games

Here is our list of top Android racing games that are available for free in the Play Store. These racing games for Android are meant to take your adrenaline high. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite or id you have any other favorite racing game that you want us to feature in the list.

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